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We have partnered with Pull-Ups® to bring you the signs that let you know your child is ready to start potty training. No matter the environment, if your child doesn't think twice about pulling down his pants when the need to pee hits or deftly removes a soiled diaper all on his own, he's probably ready to start sitting on the potty. Just when you thought you might be able to use the bathroom without the door open, your tot starts getting really interested in what's happening in there.
If you find your child is sporting a dry diaper after nap time, especially a few days in a row, it's time to take a deep breath and jump right in. If you're noticing a higher level of independence in your child and increased positivity toward herself ("Mom, look what I can do!"), she's ready to give potty training a try. If the signs above sound familiar, then you and your child are ready to climb aboard the potty train! Possible Challenge #1No signs of being ready to potty train nor aware of when they need to go or have gone. Sensory Explanation:The ability for the body to make the connection with the brain that it is time to go to the bathroom, requires a properly working connection between the interoceptors in the bladder and bowels and the brain.
Ideas to Help!Assess the bathroom environment and watch closely for your child's sensory signals. Sensory Explanation:As you can see by the challenges listed on this page, there are MANY possible sensory factors involved with going to the bathroom and being able to go. Ideas to Help!Encourage deep breathing while in the bathroom, this can help calm the nervous system.Assess the bathroom environment and watch closely for your child's sensory signals. Sensory Explanation:Public restroom are one of the most over-stimulating and sensory unfriendly places, and they just keep getting worse.
Sensory Explanation:Sleep challenges and difficulties go hand in hand with sensory kids, and this includes the very heavy sleepers. Ideas to Help!Please respect this as a true sensory challenge, do not get upset or angry with the child. Miss Manners received a question yesterday from someone who wanted to know how appropriate it was to comment about the way that others potty train their children. Time has become somewhat of a rarity for us over the past years, and we attempt to have a semi-monthly get-together for a few hours, where we eat, chat and hang out. No thank you to that one, I think I will pass on watching another persons child wee and poo in front of me unless I am actually there as a baby sitter (at which point helping the kid with toileting would be kind of part of why I was there).
We’ve got a potty in our living room (tucked away from general view in a corner) and 98% of the time my 3 year old is running around with a naked butt, and using said potty. Subjecting guests in your house to watch your child use the potty or go around naked is not acceptable social behavior, agree.
I kind of want to cry thinking about someone having to hear shrieking children while they bury their grandma, so I’m gonna sit this one out.
I absolutely wouldn’t do it, but there was a time when cemeteries were used regularly as places to picnic and have recreation. I doubt you live in this city (because the world isn’t really that small), but one of the cities I once lived in was severely lacking in safe green space.
That said, if it were a group of relative strangers who asked me, or if I didn’t know that about that particular cemetery, I probably would have noped right out of that play date. And idk, I guess I can’t speak to your specific circumstances, but I still find it pretty rude to take children to play in a place that is designed to be a peaceful, quiet place to visit and bury loved ones.
My after school day care would take the older kids to a nearby cemetery to play so we didn’t bother the little kids on the swings at the daycare. This gif may be the sole redeeming factor from that absolutely awful remake of the Pink Panther movies!
Letting your kid run around at home bottomless for a week is pretty much the most effective way to train. Eh, I’m of the opinion that as long as you eventually teach kids to change their own diapers, it’s all good! My main rule of life is no walking around bare bottom naked and going to the washroom in the same places that other people might be eating or just visiting your house. Personally, while I use this method of potty training, it stops if there are people visiting, even family members, so I understand the distaste of both the letter-writer and the others who have commented. Potty in the living room is a temporary phase, and yes, you keep it there all the time, and you WASH THAT THING THE SECOND IT GETS USED. Of course the goal of all this is to teach kid to go use the bathroom on their own and not involve anyone else in the process.
I kept our potty in the living room because we live in a town house and the only bathroom is upstairs. We’ve been potty training our youngest, and most days now he runs around the house with no pants, but always a pull-up or underwear.

Serious, slightly OT question: I have no interest in using one of those little potties (are these like a new thing? We got a little potty for my oldest when she showed interest a little before 2 but only sat her on it at bath time. I agree… I have watched so many of my friends buy these and let them walk around or play with them on their head.
Potty training is a big milestone — and potentially one of the most challenging and bizarre experiences you will partake in with your child. Now is a good time to encourage your child to head to the bathroom before stripping down and sitting on the potty when he's feeling the urge to go. It's tempting to follow the lead of your tot's best friend, but if he's not talking about needing to pee or wanting to go poo-poo on his own, he might not be ready to take the next step. You can probably predict by now when your child needs to use the bathroom, so start by having her sit on the potty based on that schedule. Make it a big occasion by decorating the potty chair together, introducing a progress sticker chart, and switching to Pull-Ups® training pants, which help your child learn how to pull up and down as they start the journey to becoming a "Big Kid." Click here for more great tips and resources from Pull-Ups®, plus connect to a community of parents sharing their experiences.
And there are a variety of sensory triggers, sensory explanations, developmental and psychological aspects, all which can play a part in success with potty training. Interoceptors are similar to proprioceptors and children who under-register proprioception and sensory input overall, tend to have difficulty with interoception as well. This will help the sensory systems overall and helping the body and brain make the connection.Give the child time. Sensory kids like sameness and predictability, and they have worn a diaper since day one, so simply the act of change and something new can be a big factor. There are many sensory friendly options out there!Use a "potty chair" first, this is often less scary for the child.Have the child squat over the potty chair instead. Sometimes children feel like they are "losing a body part" when they have a BM on the toilet, as could be the reason for holding it as long as possible. From the extremely loud and unpredictable flushing automatic toilets and hand dryers, to the very strong air freshener smells. But now they have begun potty training their son, and while I am over, they will allow him to run around the house wearing only a shirt, and encourage him to bring his potty into the living room with us, and pee or poo when necessary.
I don’t ask much of my friends, but I think not being forced to watch a child relieve herself over a potty in the middle of dinner is a fair request. I get that potty training is important and that disrupting it can set you back a bit but tough luck, when visitors are round you should not turn your living room into a toilet.
Our first floor bathroom has some lead paint issues, which is why the potty isn’t in there full stop, at least until we better contain the lead. A factory jacked up the river, and most of the parks were on the water when the city was originally planned. I remember going on a class trip to an historical cemetery in middle school, but we were old enough by then to know we should be quiet and respectful.
I read this yesterday while catching up on a few days’ worth of Dear Abbys, Miss Manners, Dear Prudence, etc. Unless your doing sexy shennigans in private you shouldn’t be just hanging out bare assed much less with a portable toilet at your side filled with pee and poop. I know for my best friend, she has a son around the same age as my kids and I don’t think either of us would alter our potty training methods if the other were coming for a visit.
I tried it in the bathroom but the first mid-stair accident I put a trash bag down and the potty on top of it. I understand its a toddler and I wouldn’t care all that much but its really rude to just have them over and go with it.
I have never seen them until relatively recently and I find them mystifying and gross) and would rather use one of those covers you attach to your regular toilet for tiny bottoms and a step stool but reading through here I might be the ONLY one planning to do this. From having to sing the same song every time the urge hits to completely stripping naked before sitting on the throne, every child has a different technique, providing a little levity to this endeavor. While training, stash extra underwear and clothes in your bathroom cabinet so you always have dry items on hand. Sure, some of the language might be a tad embarrassing, but it's important to talk about it.
Encourage your little one's efforts with lots of positive praise to show you're proud of her too.
I will break it down in to the most common areas with a possible sensory explanation as well as some ideas to help. Secondly, some children feel like they are "losing a body part" when they have a BM on the toilet, and when they go in a diaper instead, it does not have this same sensation. Another reason could be that the child does not register the sensation and feeling of needing to go until the sensation is so strong and urgent that they must go.

This can be triggered by the pressure placed on the child to succeed or other sensory components of using the bathroom. This included allowing her daughter to remain naked from the waist down and carry a potty around the house with her. If you feel that you simply can’t stand it, wait for a few weeks to see these friends again. The bathroom is pretty boring, or at least more boring than the living room, so I can’t blame them. My parents, on occasion, will ask my daughter to show them how she uses the potty, and she’s happy to oblige, but we have a close relationship with them, and they never ask for a demo during dinner. The cemetery was basically a gorgeous sculpture park, and it wasn’t unusual to find people having picnics or playing there because there were wide open fields with no actual graves. There’s a few acres of statues, flowers, and fields, then an iron fence, then the crematorium and cremains garden, which is probably half an acre, then a stone fence, then the mausoleums and graves.
The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product. So take a deep breath, stash your favorite cleaning products close to the potty, and keep an eye out for these signs that your child is ready to ditch the diaper for good.
Head to the store with your tot, and pick up the perfect potty seat or mini throne so she feels special while mastering the skill. So if things don't work out at first, don't worry about it — and don't add extra stress on your child by forcing it!
This is also how my book Understanding Your Child's Sensory Signals is formatted and set up with 210 sensory signals and sensory challenges!
Third, if there has been pressure placed on the child to be successful and not have accidents, at least in a diaper they will not be scolded for an accident on the couch or in their clothing.
Mom brain is a reactive state wherein you respond to things in a way that only someone with a child would. Then, once they are a bit more reliable with the potty and it becomes routine to use it, it stays in the bathroom. I know my grandmother would have been the first to say that the sound of children’s laughter would be most welcome from the grave.
The cemetery was originally planned to be an outdoor excursion space that also happened to house dead people. It was seriously designed as a park during that creppy spoopy phase that teenage goth America went through. I know I would certainly let them know EXACTLY what was going down at my house before I made any plans.
If you have a little observer, make sure to model good bathroom etiquette — especially the hand-washing part. The bathroom itself may be a scary and unpredictable place, and then you add in the expectations and factors of actual toileting.
This includes but isn’t limited to regarding things that are unacceptable to those without kids as totally normal. Plus seriously, I can’t imagine anyone, even a parent wants to watch a kid pee or poop. I took a class on the cemetery (religion major for heathens ftw), and there were people there almost every time I went.
People were really only ever in the first half acre or so, so there wasn’t much risk of the noise carrying even to the crematorium. I would also make it crystal clear that they were not expected to come and that there wouldn’t be any hard feelings if we had to skip it until potty training were over. Now if they were doing this with no guests over just the parents or siblings I could just forget it because hey its just their family and its their house.
If the brain does not get this message, the child simply is unaware of the sensation and need to pass the BM. Mom brain has definitely taken over at times but it’s never led me to believe something like potty training is appropriate while entertaining friends.
That being said, I didn’t know that carrying a potty around the house to poop and pee at will was a potty training thing. If anyone other than myself, my husband, and my littlest one is in the house, naked time is over. Plus how the kid going to learn that you use the potty in the bathroom if they always have the potty everywhere including the dining room and kitchen?

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