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You’re sitting in a restaurant waiting the prerequisite ten to fifteen minutes for your food to be served, chatting quietly with your spouse and two-year-old, when it happens, that dreaded moment that every parent fears…the sudden switch from table companion to meltdown mayhem when life as you and every patron, staff member, and passerby know it is turned inside out and upside down. Making a habit out of wearing your little one or letting them ride in a cart or stroller while in stores and keeping them happily occupied while secured in a highchair or on your lap when in restaurants are proactive steps that will help prevent issues with running around and getting into things.
Keeping your little person occupied is always a good place to start, but if yelling or screaming still become an issue, try responding with a whispered question or two. Actively work at avoiding confrontations and meltdowns by giving choices, staying engaged, listening to your child, and paying attention to triggers such as hunger, tiredness, sickness, etc.
Parenting is a tough job and raising children is challenging.There is no such University where you can get a degree for this job. No one tells you how tough it is to become a parent [Coping with stress of parenting child]. Parenting job has no description and you will not have any idea how difficult this job can be until you enter or involve into this job. If you become parent at younger age, you make less money, but you will have more energy and time to spend with your baby. There will be always an argument between two experts for answering parenting questions as each will have their own opinion.
It really hurts when you watch your child experience the emotional bumps and bruises of life and no one can tell you before only what emotional demands you have to meet when you become a parent. And sure enough, just when I thought myself to be a rational, reasonable guy, I can allow the most trivial nonsense to totally get me flustered.
Parenting is definitely shaping up to be a humbling experience – and I’m only 3 months in!! Remember, even though our toddlers are adorable, learning about consequences to our actions is an important lesson. To help you on your journey, we've put together a selection of articles on toddler behaviour and effective parenting strategies for parents of toddlers. That insignificant ten to fifteen minute waiting period for food to arrive is actually eons in toddler time, eons of hunger, eons of boredom, eons of stillness, eons of being expected to act like the adult that they are years and years (eons!) away from becoming.
In toddler time, an hour at the park is gone in the blink of an eye, and fun things like being strapped into car seats and baths and naps awaiting at home just add insult to injury. To keep their novelty value, only get them out when you go into a store or restaurant and let your little one play with one toy at a time until it’s time to go, saving one last special toy for the car ride home. Or brainstorm with your little one ahead of time to come up with a fun activity to do after the park like playing a favorite game together or stopping by the library to pick up a new book to read together. Humor is a powerful parenting tool, and car seats presented as rocket ships to the moon, shared naptimes (parents can always use the extra sleep!) on marshmallow planets, highchair-bound movie directors with mommy and daddy as the actors, and shopping carts cars that continually stall and need to be fixed by their little riders are all inventive ways of keeping little people too busy and happy to meltdown. When our parenting goals shift from meeting needs and guiding actions to controlling our children, they invariably rebel and the battle is on, not a happy circumstance at any time, but especially difficult to handle in public!
It was filed under babywearing, discipline, gentle discipline, gentle parenting, meltdown, play, positive discipline, positive parenting, preschooler, quiet bag, tantrum, toddler and was tagged with discipline, parenting, preschoolers, quiet bags, tantrum, toddlers. No job description for the job of parenting: Is there any job which has no job description, no training program, no performance review and no orientation program.
No such things like ‘perfect age’: There is no such thing like ‘perfect age’ to become a parent. If you become a parent at older age, you can have more money, experience, but less time to spend with your baby. Parenting in television can be easier, but not in real life: When you watch television shows, the issues related to parenting children are easily dealt in the shows. No predictions or linearity in parenting: No one can predict how your child will be after some years. There are no answers from experts: There are no answers for the problems of parenting from the experts.
Parenting can become a torture on your self-esteem: No can tell you how your child will behave at this moment and how he will be at the next moment. If your child is happy, secure and confident, you feel that you are doing something right. Parenting is a long term project: No one can tell that parenting children can complete in this period.
Children force you to deal with the stuff that you already tried to bury under the carpet: If you try to bury some stuff under the carpet, you can likely to slip and fall flat on the surface.

No one can prepare you for the love you feel for your child: Although, other people whom you trust, tell about parenting children, no one can prepare you for the love you feel for your child ultimately. Physical demands are easy but not emotional demands: You will try to provide all the necessary things required for your child. The joy of watching your baby's personality evolve as he or she grows can sometimes be outweighed by the power struggles that result as he or she learns to assert their independence.
If you thought your baby boy kept you busy, then you ain't seen nothing yet!Toddlers can be challenging for sure! The idea is to involve your toddler in the planning so they feel like they have some control over their lives and also to have something fun to look forward to that will help them through transitions (which are always hard for little ones). Certain behaviors of your toddler can return after some years that is when your child enters into teen age. At times, your home will be a disaster and your child will be cranky, not listening to you.
The emotions of a parent will be strong and intense that you cannot imagine or feel until you experience them for yourself. Just listen to moms talking about their toddlers to get a glimpse of the challenges ahead: "He never stops! We only allow him to bring one, but maybe we should start thinking about having a special one for him, and getting him used to bringing that one.
The truth that the parenting issue can be solved in thirty minutes only adds an insult to injury when you watch them. The whining and temper tantrums you notice in toddler stage can be felt in the teenage of your child. You will get the ultimate reward when you raise a happy and healthy child to adulthood and it takes many years.
Children also teach that you are not the calm, nice, clear thinking, competent and highly evolved person you considered to be before you became a parent.
But, when it comes to emotional things, you may not be always present in that situation to protect your child. You can handle your child’s stomach ache, earache or fever, but you find it difficult to watch your child’ innocence that is watered down by the society. They are also very active and searching autonomy but it is usually better perceived by parents than the later phase.Yes, parenting toddlers is challenging some days, but the way you react to your boy's search for autonomy and high level of activity is very important!Research has shown that boys are more active than girls and are usually behind in terms of language development. They also tend to get frustrated more easily than girls, probably because of their less developed language abilities.
Boys still need their mom as much as girls do, it's just less obvious.The challenge in parenting toddler boys is finding the right balance between allowing them to assert their independence and being present to support them emotionally. They are parenting toddler boys differently from the way they are parenting toddler girls.In babies, gender doesn't seem to be important for the level of activity. Who said parenting toddlers was easy?!What you need to understand is that boys this age have their own agenda.
Trust me, there is no specialist at parenting toddlers, they make sure to keep us on our toes! The idea came to me one day when I realized how much Ryan loves his stuffed Cookie Monster toy. I thought it would be so sweet to dress him up as a cookie so he could carry around his cookie monster on Halloween night!"Jessica, North Carolina "My daughter Piper will turn two just a few days after Halloween so we've been talking a lot about birthdays and her party and what it means to be a year older.
Of course the part she's most excited about is the cake, so we decided to make this costume out of a plastic laundry basket with the bottom cut out, wrapped in fabric and stuffing, with a glittered tp roll on top for a candle. This difference between genders will increase between 1 and 2 and keep doing so until school age. If only they didn't have to grow up so fast!!"Sarah, Maryland "Irelyn, 15 months, absolutely loves to brush her teeth.
At that stage, the majority of boys are more active than girls, regardless of their temperament. By 18 months most boys will be able to walk without support and will be focusing on improving their balance. It was the first body part she recognized so I thought it was only appropriate to create a toothbrush costume for her for Halloween. One important thing you need to keep in mind when parenting toddler boys: they do not understand the link between cause and effect.

She wants to remind everyone to brush their teeth after eating those yummy sweet Halloween treats!"Lisa, Pennsylvania "This is Ryan Scarlett!"Laura, Virginia "Brooke, 2—my Fly Girl."Brett, Illinois Mollie, Maryland "Mia and Maycie were ice cream cones. So much so that they love to throw themselves in their parents arms or jump from the stairs unto them.
They love ice cream, even though they only get it on special occasions and insisted on wearing their hats most of the day. Overall, a very fun costume to make and for the kids to wear."Carolyn, New Jersey "This is our son Max, 3.
We thought it would be fun if he dressed as Max from Where the Wild Things Are since they share the same name and he really loves the book."Stacey, California "Makenzie is 1 year old!"Alicia, Georgia "Here is a picture of my good little witch! Who says witches can't wear sparkles and glitter?"Andrea, Minnesota "This is the little Raven bird, Zhen. Just make sure to not make it a power struggle.By age 3, arm and leg coordination is greatly improved. We are orginally from Maryland and love the Baltimore Ravens and Edgar Allen Poe, so we decided to make a raven costume for our 2-year-old daughter. I cut and hand sewed all of the feathers."Erin, Pennsylvania "This picture is my 5-year-old son, dressed as Elvis. They are very attracted to other children (girls and boys), which is good to develop their language skills, but are not very good at playing with them.
His desire to dress this way comes from a lot of years of me listening to Elvis around the house. It is always important to keep age appropriate behaviors in mind when parenting toddler boys. This is because 2-year olds are just starting to develop empathy and do not understand the concept of taking turn. For these reasons, keep in mind that toddlers playing together should always be closely supervised as situations can deteriorate very quickly!You might think that your toddler doesn't need "friends" as he seems to be indifferent to them. But he really does like being with them even if it's not obvious and, by the time he is 3, he will start to refer to them by name and seem to be quite eager to meet them. When handed candy he would say, 'Thank you, Thank you very much!'"Natalie, Kentucky "These are my one-year-old twins Zachary and Alexandra, in the 'Dr. Her costume lights up the night as she flies around collecting everyone's missing teeth and leaving behind coins for them to find under there pillows in the morning, from her wand and crown.She carries with her extra tooth brushes, and has buttons of dental floss to promote good dental hygiene to everyone she meets. Her costume is made from feather boas, clay teeth, dental floss, tooth brushes and real money. Always remember to slip your teeth under your pillow at night so this twinkling Tooth Fairy can fly by and leave you a surprise!!"Arizona "This is Zuri. She's 13 months old and she is a Little Green Monster!"Nattika, Wisconsin "Owen the Moose!
Once Halloween is over we will snip the stitches and it will go back to just being his snowsuit. The costume fits my little guy perfectly—at 11 months, he is already 22lbs—only 4lbs less than his 2 year old sister!"Cindy, Ohio "My son Karder, 3, wanted to be 'Franklin,' which is a cartoon and is a turtle. He cried and it broke my heart so even with no sewing experience, I was determined to make this happen for my baby. He now wears it daily and just LOVES being Franklin!"Nicole, Texas "My 2-year-old son, Kelan, is OBSESSED with trash trucks, so we decided to make an exact replica of the one that comes to our house every friday morning—the HIGHLIGHT of his week. It is made from cardboard and actually beeps when the front-loading part is lifted up."Jennifer, California "This is my daughter Ahtum is the one wearing the 'Litter Bug' costume. My mother made a similar costume for me and we thought that it would be cute to have her become one too."Nikki, Washington "My youngest sister is a student at Kansas State majoring in Engineering. She is super creative and made this 'funky fairy' costume for my 3-year-old, and she also made the same thing for my 11-month-old!

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