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So happy we spring for the ocean front room at The Beach House for our little weekend away.
Most days I wear my jammies all day and the kids run around in diapers and underpants until we leave the house.
Easy like Sunday morning ?????? One of my favorite lazy Sunday activities is helping style amazing ladies from the comfort of my own home.
So when it comes to helping you with your journey towards a nappy-free life, we are here with all of the potty training support you will need!

Giving them a roadmap and tools they need to create a business that works for THEM has added so much meaning to my life.
Doing my first round of packing for this weekend and I'm so glad I have this new Getaway Bag to carry with me.
When I get together with this #ladytribe I'm always reminded of how truly incredible the Stella & Dot opportunity is. Selling jewelry is just a fun perk; seeing women live lives without deadlines, bosses, quotas, cubicles, time clocks and thriving beyond measure makes me want to jump on top of this table and dance it out!

Seriously, I'm so freaking obsessed with how awesome my job is and I can't wait to share it with everyone! If you're a girl (or guy) in need of a fun new exciting and totally profitable adventure, check out the link in my profile or shoot me a message!

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