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There are some great potty training books aimed at Toddlers to introduce them to using the potty, wearing pants and growing up, start reading them before you go for potty training so that the concepts of using the potty, doing wees and poos and wearing pants are familiar to them before hand. As the Zoo is one of our favourite places to visit, when I saw Zoo Poo at the Library it was perfect for us. I want my Potty by Tony Ross is another really nicely illustrated book and I love the way that it finishes which I hope will help J to realise that accidents do happen but it’s not a problem.
Do you have any Potty Training Book recommendations that I could add to my list for the future? I am a toddler twos lead teacher and my toddler and twos friends love the book Duck goes Potty!
The best potty training book we used was Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle by Axel Scheffler (published by Nosy Crow). On Your Potty, Little Rabbit— Another great story in which Anna, a toddler explains to her toy rabbit how to use the potty. This classic book from 1975 helpen me train, helped my son train, and now my daughter won’t let it go. Welcome to Rainy Day Mum, I'm Cerys, a mum, a teacher, a marine biologist and now a writer.
Here is a video, yes, a potty video, but its so cute, all Aunties and Grandma’s will love it! I have been off the grid for a bit in potty training world with my little guy but I can happily report that it is going well so far. About a month ago, whenever we asked Charlie if he would like to say bye-bye to diapers and go on the potty, he would give us an adamant No! We then let him pick out underwear and a potty seat (Cars theme, of course!) so he could look at them and get used to the idea of the potty. If you are new to Pin Me or Pin Me Not, we would love to stay connected with you.  We test out Pinterest pins for you and give you the results and ratings.
Then summer came; while on holiday at the seaside I sometimes left him without the nappy on our way home from the beach.
I then decided that we were going to give it a go in late September; he would be older and we would be still far away from the birth of his sister (an event that is universally recognised to be the worst moment for the onset of training). The thing is, I borrowed Courtney’s Gina Ford book the other week when we visited her in London. The good news is, they will all be without nappies in the end – I’ve never seen a 10-year-old still wearing nappies! Now I would like to think that she is potty trained even though when she is occupied in playing or laughing a lot she has still little accidents. I used bribes to potty train my now 3 year old son… we got a clear piggy bank and he got to put money in it when he went on the potty.
One way you can help is by letting yor child understand what to expect and what's expected. Millions have benefited from Vicki Lansky's bestselling parenting books and her Practical Parenting series. I hosted my very own potty training party and I’ve got lots of fun ideas and free printables that you can use for your potty training party too!
One tip that we discussed was to encourage your child to drink LOTS of fluids while potty training.

One thing that really helped potty train my kids was to provide a reward for them each time they had a successful trip to the potty.
We set up a fun photo booth for the kids and they all got to pick phrases to write on their thought bubbles! It’s great to use an older sibling who is already potty trained to help motivate and guide the younger sibling. We also gave each of our guests their own Pampers Easy Ups to take home for their potty training journey.
You can get the free printable potty training party signs by clicking the link or the photo. Our party was a big success and everyone left feeling motivated to begin or continue on in their potty training journey! Related PostsHow To Potty Train Your 2 Year Old In A Week & Keep Your SanityDIY Mess-Free Toddler Sensory Bags!
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It goes through in rhymes that all Animals do poos from a Giraffe to a Chimpanzee and then finishes with what we do by going on the Loo (it’s very English in that respect).
It’s written in rhyme and again uses Animals and the various things that they could be doing that would be taking them so long. I seem to have a large collection of books about pants – it seems pants are trending in the kid-lit world! His mom models how parents can be supportive of their children as they learn to use the potty. There are other great stories about Anna and her rabbit about learning to brush teeth, swim, and taking baths. Come and join us as I share ideas for kids, family from those to support learning and bring books alive, to family travel in the UK and further afield as well as wholesome home cooked recipes and much more.
I have tried to procrastinate as much as possible (not that I enjoyed changing my 2?-year-old– it was just that it never seemed like the right time to abandon the nappy)! The difference between changing my older son and his newborn sister could not have been bigger: I could lift both her legs with one hand, while I needed a crane just to put him on the changing table (on which he hardly fit).
Since then he has done well during the day at the nursery, but he always wanted to wear a nappy at home. It’s an awful, awful week (month) especially when you have a baby as well who needs your full attention. We started potty training Arianna (now 4) when she was 2 ? encouraged by the nursery but I think she was not ready.
The amazing thing is that when we are on holidays she NEVER has an accident and her night nappy is always dry. Toilet training is part of an over all urge toward self-reliance that is natural for every child. You can purchase it seperately or for a better value, you can purchase the Koko Bear Potty Training Kit which includes both the doll and the book. For parent, each page contains proven tips for toilet training, following your toddler's successes and setback with reassuring and effective advice. This will get them going potty more often and will make the process easier to reinforce with them.

Perfect for motivating your child to start potty training and also doubles as a great book to read while they sit on the potty! Adding a sticker to their very own potty chart each time they go potty is a great way to reinforce positive behavior and reward them. Younger siblings want to be like their big brother or sister and they look up to them so use that to your advantage! I find these invaluable, especially at night, to save me from the middle of the night bedding changes. When potty training you can dilute the juice with half water so that they aren’t getting as much sugar. Each guest got a fun swag bag filled with Pampers Easy Ups, a potty training book, potty rewards treats and a lego soap! Be Prepared For Your Next Sick Day!How To Keep Toddlers Cool & Hydrated This SummerToddler Friendly Recipes The Whole Family Can Enjoy + Bite Sizers Giveaway with 3 Winners!
I would have loved to throw one of the parties when we first began potty training our children. We are not quite to that stage yet but a number of my friends and I had babies within a couple of months of each other so this could be a lot of fun!
Aware that forcing potty-training on a child who is not ready can cause problems and disrupt any subsequent attempt, I started to gently ask him if he wanted to go on the potty around his second birthday. He can call any time, day or night, saying that he needs to go potty … what can we say?? I only wish I had waited a little bit longer before I literally forced her to go to the toilet. How can you explain to a little girl that you have to go to work instead of staying home with her to play all day? In this wonderfully illustrated potty training book, you can share KoKo's progress in learning to use a new potty chair. I just cut them out with a paper punch and attached them to the lid before screwing the ring on.
The kids got to take these home too, but with the stipulation that they had to go on the potty to get a treat! They have an underwear like design that also fades when wet to help your child recognize when they are going potty. It’s a great motivator to help remind the kids to wash their hands each time they use the potty! They pick up on the attitude that you emanate towards potty training so rather than gripe about it or get frustrated, why not throw a party instead? Not only does it help motivate your kids but you and the other parents at your party will pick up tips from each other and make the road to underwear and easier one!

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