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July was a busy month for us, with Eric’s birthday, some ridiculous heat, and the majority of Danny’s summer school. Bedtime was swiftly approaching, and Hobie’s diapers were still cycling through the dryer.
Before I get into my adorable daughter and our newest potty training update, I have to tell you something. Haeden’s daycare is short a few kids right now, and his teacher asked if it would be alright if she started working with him on potty training.
January 17, 2012 By Kathryn Sneed 16 Comments I have a confession to make… I am absolutely terrified to start potty training.
I’m wanting to ease Millie into it soon, because she is also showing signs, but I’m nervous too! For my oldest I started at 15 months it didn’t go as well as planned I tried everything even paying the little guy every time he went.
My name is Kathryn and I am a 20-something Christian military wife and stay-at-home mom to my two special needs kiddos.
At the end of it, however, we undertook our craziest part of this summer: potty training Danny.

After quite the week with serious school struggles between myself and a certain Ibis, and a Monday holiday and Tuesday spent mostly away from home, I was running a little behind on the laundry.
I mean, honestly changing diapers was FINE with me…but I knew we needed to do it eventually. I’ve gotten a few tips on how to start and what to do, but I am still really nervous. LOL Seriously though, I keep hearing that from more and more moms… Thanks so much for the tips.
Obviously, everyone figures it out, but it’s more intimidating than I thought it would be! Yes, I know that’s silly, but it does seem like it would be easier for my husband to help me.
I know one day I am going to look back on this and laugh, but until then I’m going to take it one day at a time and eventually I will figure this thing out! She had been interested in the big toilet a few months ago, wanting to flush it and put paper in it. I am a firm believer to let your kids tell you when they’re ready, but Lo is head strong and also not a fan of undies.

I knew how to do anything when it came to kids, I didn’t have to worry about not knowing how to change diapers or how to feed a baby a bottle, when Adam was born -piece of cake!
Glad it worked out for you during the deployment, I figure we only have a few months left so I might as well wait until daddy gets home! My youngest is 2 and a half we started on a Friday by Monday he was in underwear all day at home.
He has had success going out in underwear but more hiccups than success so I’m going to hold off on long trips. When I babysat or nannied most of the kids were either already potty trained or in the midst of potty training and already knew what to do.

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