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Along with observing and doing, Bandura combined the cognitive and operant view of learning to formulate a four-step pattern seen in observational learning.
Attention – something is noticed within the environment and the individual is attentive to it. Motivation – the environment provides a consequence that changes the chances the behavior is repeated through either positive or negative praise or punishment.
The mirror neuron theory along with observational learning encourages an individual’s desire to sympathize and also respond similarly when behavior happens. Observational learning takes place automatically, and begins at birth, which means it is a powerful learning tool and way to shape a young child’s mind.
When a child is in a situation where a peer or an adult exposes her to a new behavior, she is attentive to what is new and often tries the behavior for herself – sometimes with not such positive results.
Modeling behavior is the first step in observational learning and sometimes it is hard to remember to follow your own rules and regulations, whether in the home or the classroom. Along with holding attention while modeling behavior, following with proper motivation is key. As adults, we can take the time to model behaviors we desire from children and young adults, which benefits all. This entry was posted in Child Development, Learning styles and tagged child development, learning style. Funderstanding is a resource for teachers, parents, and students to stay up to date on education-related issues. Funderstanding is also an ebook publishing partner company, focused on education-related content, which provides complete epublishing services as well as an expertise in ebook marketing and author branding. I don't think anything's wrong with letting kids play with makeup, but be careful with the cheap "kiddie" kind.
Oh, I remember being a young girl, very frustrated for not being allowed to wear nail polish!
If I had a daughter instead of letting her play with kiddie makeup I would get her things that are more productive and helpful in shaping her personality.

If I had a daughter, I think I would be fine with letting her play with faux makeup at home, but I don't think you should wear makeup outside the house until you are older. As one might guess, the children copied the modeled behavior, and aggressively hit and kicked the bobo dolls.
Mirror neurons are a collection of brain cells that fire when an individual observes someone making the same movements as her own, causing a reaction. A parent is the first model to a child, and in later years, friends and other adults offer the child models for establishing learning and behavior.
As adults, it is our role to jump in and model the behavior desired to assist with promoting appropriate outcomes. If you ask a child not to eat in her room, but she sees you enjoying a snack in bed, she is getting mixed messages. Setting realistic expectations for children, as well as explaining them in detail, offers the ability for the child to feel she can succeed along with building self-esteem.
Along with modeling positive behaviors for youngsters, spending time communicating clearly and defining consequences creates a comfortable environment for observational learning. The company focuses on innovative and progressive approaches to inspire learning in classrooms as well as homes. A grade-school friend of mine got a piece of glitter from a toy store eyeshadow embedded in her eye and had to get it removed at the hospital.
I had tons of make up kits when I was a child, and I grew out of it just fine, and I decided on my own when to wear makeup.
With the child’s internal motivation to learn and accomplish new things, observational learning is the first way of exploring her abilities.
For example, when observing someone folding a sheet of paper and receiving a paper cut, one often flinches in sympathy. And, observational learning can be one of the most powerful strategies for modifying or shaping behavior. Often, an adult becomes frustrated when a child misbehaves but forgets to look at his or her own actions.

A child often benefits from observing others perform tasks successfully, encouraging her own behaviors and decision-making. Moms are often the ones who are conflicted on the issue, but recently a dad has also weighed in. I think the problem comes from parents who don't take the time to tell their children that you don't need makeup to look good, and that they should only wear makeup if they want to.
I want her to understand that playing with it at home is just for fun, just like playing pretend house, or doctor, etc., but it's only for pretend. If the adult models yelling when angry, and then punishes the child when she yells in anger, the adult is not taking into consideration observational learning theory.
Aiding a child in accomplishing a challenging task, like tying her shoes by modeling how it is done, is an example. It's interesting to get a male point of view about the issue, because the dad seems entirely uncomfortable with all makeup — even kiddie "beauty" kits. I want to make sure that my kids will be free to express themselves and their creativity in every way.. She likes to sit beside me and play with my make-up brushes and the bottles as I'm putting on my real make-up, but it will be a while until she wears the real thing! Just as a child learns from observing others, her brain is ready to respond in ways from observing other’s responses from actions. It is beneficial for the child to be exposed to several models, which helps break stereotypes and preconceptions. Observational learning allows the brain to tap into its inner need to excel and advance at the most basic level – watching and doing. Also, mirror neurons are fired when making faces in response to others, such as smiling when someone else smiles, or frowning in disapproval as someone else does.

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