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This all comes down to insufficient training and bad lifting practices, which are ENTIRELY AVOIDABLE – train your staff, minimise the risks and don’t forget, when lifting to use your head!
Manual Handling activities are covered by law in the Safety, Health and Welfare (General Applications) Regulations of 2007. Manual Handling in addition to slips, trips and falls is the no.1 cause of injuries in the workplace. To provide the user with the information necessary to be competent in safe Manual Handling in order to avoid injury to themselves and to others.
If you work in the care industry or are a nurse or doctor, you will of course be trained in how to effectively move people in and out of beds or wheelchairs. When it comes to moving and handling people train the trainer courses, Alistair Bromhead Ltd leads the way right across the UK.

Rather than cutting corners and using a cheap alternative that will not go into any depth or make the course fun and enjoyable, take a look at some of the high profile clients that have left our moving and handling courses for trainers as satisfied customers a€“ Autoglass, British Gas and many local councils throughout the country, to name but a few. For more information on the course outline and prices; call or email TODAY for more information.
Almost one third of all reported accidents in the workplace result from Manual Handling issues.
Apart from the safety risk, it globally sets back the aviation industry about 10 billion (!) USD per year.Handling of aircraft on ground is often quite a hectic process.
Whilst some courses can be very expensive, Alistair Bromheada€™s moving and handling courses for trainers are reasonably priced considering the tutorial expertise all participants will benefit from. Frequently operated by relatively inexperienced staff.In 2008 NLR-ATSI performed a hazard analysis for Amsterdam's Airport Schiphol Safety Platform which was used to establish risk scenarios.

NLR-ATSI research focuses on these main risks in the ground handling process, as well as safety culture and the effectiveness of presently used regulatory processes.Human factors is also a special focus area for the ground handling working group of ECAST, a working group in which NLR-ATSI participates.
Ongoing research in ground handling is performed in cooperation with DGLM (Directorate-General for Civil Aviation and Maritime Affairs) and IVW (Dutch Civil Aviation Authority). All this must result in management, personnel and authorities becoming even more aware that attention for human factors and upgrading safety culture to a higher level and maintaining it, is of the utmost importance.

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