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Whenever you are bored and you are looking for something fun to do, you can choose to play a video game.
Since they are free, and since they are made with the flash technology, they dona€™t have such an advanced graphic and actually they are quite simple. Usually you have to press the down arrow key to accelerate, the up arrow key to brake and the left arrow key for neutral. When you activate the brake there will be a red icon with the B sign, and when the brake is pressed all the way down there will be the sign EB (emergency break). These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. Please note that these layouts need the registered game and sometimes one or more extension packs. There are many types of video gamesa€¦some of them are really complex these days, with a very advanced graphic and game play, and these kind of games usually come on CD-s or DVD-s and they need to be bought.
But this doesna€™t mean that they arena€™t fun to play and some of them can be really addictive.

Some games have many displays (such as time display, speed display, distance display and others) and you can turn the ones you want on or off.
While pressing the keys you will notice that one of the handles from the dashboard will move.
The objective of the game is simplea€¦you have to get from one station to the next one in the time limit. But be very careful when you approach the station, because you will have to break much earlier (especially if you have a big speed). Some of them are sports games, others are fighting games, other are driving games or puzzle games or card games and so on. So on the screen you will see the station where you start in, the station where you have to get to and the hour you have to be there.
You will also see the speed that you are going with, the time that you have left, and also the distance left to that station. In front of you (on the front window of the train) you will actually see a real movie filmed on the rail station.

So you can drive day to day cars, racing cars, boats, motor bikes, jet skis and so many other vehicles and you can even drive trains. Just click on one of the game images, and in the next page click on the big a€?Starta€? button. Even though it looks like a bad quality movie, the driving sensation will be quite nice and realistic.
So enjoy these great train simulator games from the site, and if you know some others that worth playing, tell us all about them.

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