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The Pet Loo Dog Potty is great for: Apartments, condos, balconies, patios, boats, trailers, the elderly, decks, motor homes, and more!
Relief for your dog when you are out longer than usual: Place your Pet-Loo inside when you are gone longer than usual to give your dog a place to relieve himself. Easy to clean!: The Pet Loo has a innovative gravity feed for in catching the urine in a jug which is easily emptied without risk of spilling. Pet Expertise Hint: Purchasing an additional piece of grass makes cleaning easier as you can hose the dirty off and allow it to dry and swap in the clean one. Please note that if you purchase additional items from the Pet Expertise Warehouse or other Supplier Direct items you may incur additional shipping charges which will be calculated at checkout. If youa€™ve come to learn dog training tips and techniques, youa€™ve come to the right place!
As dog lovers and owners, we believe dogs deserve an indoor dog potty similar to cats and other domesticated animals (including people). Not only does our indoor dog potty provide your puppy a safe, warm and comfortable environment, it also potty trains your puppy at the same time in a very humane way. Our indoor dog potty takes the MESSY out of paper training, the ODORS AND HASSLES out of artificial grass training, MISSING THE MARK out of potty pad training and HAVING TO HOLD IT out of crate training.
Our indoor dog potty has taken all the benefits of the most popular potty training methods and combined them into one magical device and potty training system.
When you purchase our indoor dog potty, you receive for FREE our 47-minute PTPA Instructional DVD. What should I do the first few minutes when introducing my puppy to their new indoor dog potty? What should I do with an older dog that has been potty trained in a different manner?
In addition, we offer excellent customer service 7-days-a-week if you ever have any questions.
There are numerous ways to train your pet and it all hangs on your own lifestyle, living condition and time spent during the proper dog training. This entry was posted in How to Potty Train Your Dog and tagged How to Potty Train Your Dog on September 21, 2011 by Flores.

One of the most common anxiety of housebreaking a dog requires the utilization of newspapers. This entry was posted in How to Potty Train Your Dog and tagged How to Potty Train Your Dog on July 28, 2011 by Flores. The Pet Loo is a hygienic, convenient and environmentally-friendly way to allow your pet to do its business without relying on you for an opportunity. Dog trainers recommend using a grass dog potty instead of pee pads for puppy housetraining since paper is not something you will want your dog to potty on in the future. If you have any trouble training your dog to use the potty after your purchase, contact our owner and professional trainer for free tips.
Now, we use one pad all week (with nightly rinsings) and switch them on the weekend so we can wash the dirty one and let it dry before putting it back on the unit.
In addition, veterinarians strongly recommend keeping your puppy indoors until they have all their vaccinations.
This indoor dog potty is the only type of dog crate in the world that includes our patent pending ADJUSTABLE ROOM DIVIDER™ which is the key element in making this indoor dog potty considered a potty training device. Once again, this is more than just a potty training device, it's a one-of-a-kind indoor dog potty training system! If you live inside a house with a backyard, then it’s simpler to perform housebreaking. To get this done, you could get a little fence where you can teach your pet to eliminate inside boundary.
Monitor his meals in order to get the idea of proper timing regarding when you need to take your pet to the potty area.
For that paper training approach to work, you need to confine your pet to a small area or use a crate for training. It is easy to use and easy to clean and the synthetic grass will ensure a long lasting product which will solve your animal problems time and time again.
It's really important for the pad to dry, otherwise you'll have a funky damp urine smell in the house (I should know!).
Switching back and forth between the two pads is the best solution to keep the potty area smelling nice in the house.

Our innovative society invented great devices, such as toilets for people and litter boxes for cats. Please view the video on our home page for more details on this groundbreaking one-of-a-kind indoor dog potty!
If you live in a high-rise building or apartment with no backyard, then you can make a small potty area with dog litter. Actually, it’s not hard to potty train your pet dog, knowing a few secrets would make the job easier for you. After 3 times repeating the command "go potty", (which he already knew), and cheese as a reward, he began choosing his "loo" over the backyard. My intention was for him to use it only to urinate on and take him on walks for the major stuff. We decided to invent the amazing indoor dog potty, called the Potty Training Puppy Apartment™ (PTPA), because dogs deserve the same potty option as cats and people. But sometimes, utilizing a newspaper can be a difficult as the dog will be distracted from the paper and may simply chew on it. This article reveal techniques to dog potty training that will enable you to get pointed in the right direction and also have your pet free of diapers very quickly. It only took our little dachshund about 5 days to fully transition from potty pads to the Pet Loo.
I am now settled in the condo and Ryder has not had one accident in the house, always ringing his bell at the patio door to get to his loo.
I have used this product for 6 mos now and find it easy to clean and now ready for a replacement piece of grass. The pet loo has saved me many cold, rainy, snowy, late nights running down stairs to get outside for relief.

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