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Earth Day is almost here and it’s a wonderful time to show everyone that your organization is dedicated to a sustainable business agenda.
Side note… what a great time to launch an employee recycling or energy conservation program in the workplace!
Regardless of which way you decide to go, you’re sure to put smiles on many faces by flying your eco-flag on April 22nd.
There are two types… the seeded paper version which is made by hand-rolling seeds into recycled paper that has been dyed naturally and is offered in every color under the rainbow AND the clay-mixture version which are also hand rolled and are called SeedBallz®. Today there is an abundance of choices for you eco-friendly marketing rock stars (or eco-branders as we like to call you) when it comes to eco friendly lanyards. Perhaps you’ve seen these little black and white markings popping up in your favorite magazines, etc.
When thinking about what eco promotional items might be made from recycled metal, one would probably jump to the idea of stainless steel or aluminum sport bottles, but no. The most common types of metal used are post-consumer recycled aluminum or recycled jeweler’s metal.
Hopefully these pearls of wisdom will be helpful next time you’re working feverishly to come up with that super fantastic eco friendly marketing idea for your organization. I hope this overview of these affordable, wonderful, plantable options just made your eco-friendly marketing efforts a little easier. There’s no doubt that water-based inks may make your logo look a little different than you’re used to, but since when is different a bad thing?  Check into it! I’m Sprucing Up the Porch of my Potting Shed and counting the down the days until Christmas with the help of my Birds of a Feather Advent Calendar! I started with the back porch, rather than the front of my Potting Shed, since ‘sprucing up the porch’ has been on my ‘to do’ list since her move, with her once hidden back door now visible and embarrassingly naked. A salvaged pair of tall chippy shutters to flank the back door, adding some quintessential red color and provide a place to hang or for a seasonal display.

A Birds of a Feather Advent Calendar is providing some inspiration and helping me wing my way through December for a little nesting fun in my Potting Shed!
Launching a marketing initiative that utilizes eco friendly merchandise is a very fun, and more importantly, memorable way to celebrate Earth Day with your employees, clients, and prospective customers. Seed packets are incredibly affordable and offer a great deal of advertising real estate for the price – flowers, veggies, and herbs available.
They seem to be popping up everywhere, and the promotional products industry is no exception. What I love most about the clay SeedBallz® brand is that they are hand-rolled by adults with developmental disabilities here in the USA – creating meaningful, therapeutic work for valuable members of our community. They are now available in at least three different fabrics… organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled PET (RPET). And while these lanyards are technically made out of plastic, the post-consumer recycled material is processed in such a way that it becomes soft and pliable, and makes a very nice fabric. QR codes (quick response) are in fact just starting to catch on, but the benefit of using them is huge for eco friendly marketing professionals.
Lapel pins are available in several different finishes, from basic economy epoxy dome, to higher-end die struck or laser etched. I started with an artificial wreath and added some fresh magnolia, cypress, cedar and fir to soften and add a natural element. Your clients and prospects will think you’re wonderful for giving them something so useful and enjoyable, and your brand will be represented wonderfully via the high quality of the product, as well as the high-impact custom printed, full-color labels that most formulas offer.
The primary difference is that it is not petroleum-based, but instead made with beeswax or any number of different plant oils.
There are many different seeds and seed mixes available for both types, including flowers, herbs, and veggies. Since basically any smartphone can download a free app to scan these, which in turn takes the user right to whatever web page is encoded in the QR graphic, there is the ability to reach millions of buyers easily.

What you will find though is an array of fabulous items like lapel pins, dog tag necklaces, key holders, awareness wrist bands, pet tags, etc.
The wreath is framing a decorative half bird cage and home to some pine cones for the season. In addition to many different types of natural formulas and flavors, there is also USDA Certified Organic options, as well as Vegan formulas! Promotional products and apparel are the perfect place to have your QR code imprinted, because as we all know, most of these products hang around for a long period of time. Dog tag necklaces made from recycled aluminum are fantastic for community events, and can even be printed with a bar code on the back to be used as admission tickets at an event, etc. So doesn’t it make sense that something so beloved and affordable would be a fantastic eco friendly marketing tool?
Some of our favorites include fusion flavors, coffee house balms , and Fair Trade formulas. There are more types of key holders than can be mentioned here, I recommend checking into them.
The list of tasty flavors is indeed a long one – that means there’s something for everyone! And let me just say, that I LOVE the bendy (is that a word?) aluminum wrist bands (pictured) – they’re super cool, and make great bookmarks after their life as a fashion accessory has ended!

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