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A few weeks ago, at one of the local boat shows, I talked to the Porta-Bote representative. I know that there is a company that makes a boat carrier for the back of a truck that carries the boat right side up, with the motor attached.
It is easy to set up with the inflatable floor, and easy to move around with the flip up wheels.
Ok first off in Ca any thing over 10ft has to be registered and even more so if there is a motor. Porta bote will cost about the same as a good inflatable, look at the boat shows, usually they will give you promotional pricing and free shipping, thats how I got mine, I have a 14ft porta bota, overall I really like it. I have been leaning toward the zodiac brand MK 2C classic with a 25hp outboard, should go 30+mph and allow me to haul 3 people easily. I chose the Saturn because of the good things I heard about them from owners on the forums (iboats) and in one case, a guy who had already sold his on e-bay. 2008 Chevy 2500HD Duramax Diesel, Allison Transmission, 3.73 rear end, tow package, Prodigy Brake Controller, Equal-i-zer Hitch.
I still have to create a hinged metal door on the back that will fold down and be lockable.
I also have to remove the license plate to get to the boat, but once the license plate is out of the way, the entire boat just rolls out. I'm very interested but I think the motor is too heavy for me to lift out of the truck and secure to the transom by myself. If I was going solo I would get one of the newer 8' Portabotes, and track down an old JohnnyRude 6 hp that weighs 55 lbs. If we like it and end up using more than a couple of times, we'll look into the kind of setup jspringator has. This is a old post, but here are some pictures of how we carry our 12 foot porta bote on our 5er. This is the same view as above, but shows the porta bote roller bars, with the compartment opened, ready to receive the boat. This view shows the roller bar compartment on the ground, before mounting, bolted, to the bottom of the 5th wheel.
This view is a close up of the mounted aluminum roller bars, with just enough space to house the 12 foot boat below our two spare tires.
Same view as above, but this pictures shows the outside plastic enclosure protecting the boat.

My father redneck his on the side of his cougar with the $200 brackets and a metal brace on the inside, not really pretty- but it worked for him.
Little adequate to toss on top of a little vehicle but steady enough for two people to stand in!
Probably something nestable; although I have downloaded a few folding dinghy plans that look interesting. The wife and I pick up the overturned bow and I hold it while she backs the truck until the boat rest on the back of the rack. Float tubes when deflated will fit in a large duffel bag, pontoons will deflate and break down and will easily fit in the back of your truck. That you don't need to register a boat in California doesn't necessarily cover you elsewhere. I carry my 14' Bote beneath my trailer, but I use ratchet straps to secure Bote to the crossmembers. I have been to campsites where there is not 14' of rear clearance to slide Bote out using your ramp system. Up front, therea€™s a V shaped metal bracket, which will capture the front of the boat when we push it into the compartment.
The removable moulded plastic thwarts (seats) brace out the sides of the hull, and are also double-skinned to provide extra buoyancy. Unfortunately, anything involving boats, and in particular boat-building, even of very simple design, takes time.
Most pontoons you can add a small electric motor on the back but you will have to register it. The up-front V metal bracket, also prevents the boat from rolling forward when on the move. We carry the heavy porta bote bag and motor in the bed of the truck, but when were on a long haul, we put the bag in the toyhauler garage, next to the Motorcycle. I likewise made some other repair works and replaced a transom bracket with a sturdy piano hinge. I modified the trailer to be able to break it down so it will fit in the truck or I can tow a shorten part behind my TT in Indiana.
I was thinking of something along the lines of a Walker Bay dinghy, but my boat is pretty small, and stowing it on the fordeck would be troublesome. I have my concerns about being able to assemble it on the deck of Seeker; but I have high hopes it will all work out.

When moving about inside for example, most of the forces (that would normally start tipping a solid boat) are absorbed by flex in the hull. Kayak fishing is big and getting bigger down south and slowly working its way up the east coast. In a pinch I can use the truck to tow it to the water by using a ratchet strap attached to the fron of the boat and the roof rack bar. I think I will be able to assemble it, in any case, if a set it up athwartship, although I may have to drop the lifelines to do it. I've fishing in my yak around Savannah both in and off shore and I dont go camping anywhere without my yak.
You also definitely sit inside a Portabote (rather than on the sides), meaning that you tend to stay drier, and feel safer.PORTA-BOTE SPECIFICATIONSThere are four sizes of Portabote.
Amounts shown in italicised text are for items listed in currency other than Pounds Sterling and are approximate conversions to Pounds Sterling based upon. Adventure Portable Boats - Distributor of Porta-Botes for Saskatchewan and Manitoba folding, porta-bote, Ontario, Nissan, outboard, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, distributor Porta-Bote Folding foldable portable small fishing boat dinghy sailboat Folds flat known as Portabote Porta-Boat Baot Portaboat Portableboat bote Porta. We've decided to stick with the manufacturer's official names, as if we start selling them under different descriptions it will probably be even more confusing!Yacht owners tend to specify the 8 or 10 models as tenders, depending mainly on what length they can store on deck. The 14 is B-I-G, a bit of a handful on your own, but perfectly manageable for two or more.PORTABOTE PRICING Last year Porta-Bote announced the NEW "Alpha 1 series", which look much the same as the "Generation V" (and previous models) but incorporates several improvements, most notably a patented integrated folding transom (pictures below). We offer no obligation, on-water, demonstrations of Porta-botes, usually in Christchurch harbour (East Dorset), with petrol or electric motors.
We (in the UK) have also developed something similar for the 8 and 10 models - pictured right and below - as we think many customers who buy one of the smaller Portabotes as a yacht tender would like to add this feature.
This version doesn't need any stays, so it is relatively quick to set up.In all fairness you wouldn't (or shouldn't) buy a Portabote purely for sailing performance. However the stable, easily-driven hulls go surprisingly well and it's a very pleasant way to spend a summer's evening - making Porta-bote even more versatile. We can leave it anywhere, and its indestructability has been a blessing against the harsh concrete and rocks in India.

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