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Potty training your child is a challenging but rewarding experience, and the best potty chair can complement that experience. This potty comes in an assortment of six colors to match the interior of any nursery or bathroom: blue, silver, green, pink, red and white.
This potty chair, the design of which brings back to mind a host of Sesame Street characters, resembles a real toilet complete with flush handles to help your child transition to an adult toilet. According to many parents, this potty chair is very user-friendly for children and kids love it. Nothing beats the fun factor when it comes to something as prosaic as potty training, so kids will really like the Sesame Street Elmo Adventure Potty Chair. SAHM with my little princess since April '08, and my two sons April 2010 and February 2013. The Fisher Price potty that looks like a frog worked just fine for my ODS.  The front is raised a bit but you will still need to teach him to hold his penis down. I really want him to use the seat we have that you set on the toilet (its a cars cushiony one with a rubbery spash guard.) But then I really can't leave him to do his business because I'm afraid he'll fall off.
DD also had the little princess fisher price one, I just didn't like the sound effects and removed the batteries but it was pretty comfortable and the backrest made it feel like a chair to her so she would sit and "read" easier. My DS wanted to use the big potty, so we got one of those lids that has the mini seat built in.
I am sure that Potty Training In One Week is a fantastic resource but IA know that children would enjoy their potty training much more with a fun book like Pirate Pete’s Potty.
If you have a water source nearby (like a garden hose), you might want to consider the Porch Potty Premium. After 1 minute of rinsing, the water soaks the entire grass area with 1 inch of water getting every square inch. The ergonomically designed chair features rounded styling and lots of leg room so your toddler can get comfortably close to the seat.

The seat adapter removes easily to attach to most adult toilet, so this product works both as a stand-alone and as an attached seat. With the engaging design and high functionality, it should be less challenging to potty train your child. I did buy two baby potties (one for upstairs and one down), but he was more excited to be a big boy. After picking up any solids, just turn on the water and watch the two water jets pop up and spray the grass clean with over 3 gallons of fresh water.
The drain then goes to work and empties the water and urine down the 14 foot drain hose during the second minute. The water timer connects to your hose bib, and turns the water on and off every other day for exactly one minute. It’s so small and lightweight that you can bring it around on trips, while its kid size makes it less intimidating for your toddler. It also features high back support for taller toddlers and armrests so your child can sit steadily without wriggling around. To assist you in teaching your child healthy toilet habits, the flush handle comes with encouraging Elmo phrases and flush sounds.
It was the right size for most children and the removable bowl was easy to clean, with some children expressing the wish to do so themselves.
The best potty chair is one which children will want to use of their own accord, making your task easier in training them to use the toilet independently. DS seems like it barely bothers him unless his diaper is crazy full, so if I just try to change him he gets mad like theres nothing wrong with the pee filled diaper he has on. Also, my kids are more motivated by their potty sticker charts than they ever were by a cool potty or seat. To make quoting a shipping price as easy as possible, we offer a fixed shipping cost of $25 to any of the 48 contiguous states.

Moreover, since your child’s legs won’t dangle over it, he or she can wait comfortably and get used to sitting on a real potty. The splashguard prevents unnecessary messes by ensuring that all messes are redirected into the inner potty.
The non-slip rubber feet beneath it are added for safety, so that it grips the floor surface. On the other hand, some children have gotten stuck to the potty when they try to get up, leaving a mess. The high back will provide support for the child's back and the splash guard in front will prevent messes. The included Synthetic Grass covers 8 square feet of grass area (2’x4’) to accommodate all dogs from 5 lbs to 120 lbs.
In under two minutes the Porch Potty has cleaned and rinsed itself to leave a fresh odor free grass area for your dog. To avoid the drop ship fee and the individual shipping cost, consider buying a pack of 5 shipped to your warehouse or store, and potential volume discounts.
To complete the look, there is an aquarium lenticular label inside the tank for a fun 3D effect.
The rubber bottom edge of this potty keeps the chair in place so it won’t move around while your child is seated.
Last but not least, many children found the potty to be comfortable and trained quickly with it. A few parents complained that when their children sat on it, they injured themselves sitting on the splash guard, which is made of hard plastic.

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