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Potty training time can be quite the experience, and once you start potty training your son or daughter, you'll quickly find that it just isn't feasible to bring your home potty around when you travel. Whether you want a full-sized travel potty or just a fold-up seat, there are options available.
If you need a solution that will fit in your diaper bag, a folding potty seat is a great option.
It has handles built in, which makes it easier for kids to use, and makes them feel safer, and lets them use the toilet without holding onto the dirty toilet bowl.
If you're worried about the "dirty" factor, this travel potty seat has an impressive design. Given that this is made out of hard plastic by necessity, it's not the most comfortable seat to use, but it gets the job done and you're not going to be using it at home anyway; just during emergencies when you're out and about. Price Alert: As of Monday, Mar 7, 2016, Amazon has the PRIMO Folding Potty on sale with FREE returns. If you need a portable potty to use when camping, travelling or staying the night at someone else's house, you'll probably be more interested in a full-sized portable potty chair. While this isn't strictly a travel chair, we think it's the best option for parents who want one. What's also nice about this portable potty chair is that it can also work at home if need be.
The Lil Loo Potty comes in multiple colors, but as a warning, I'd recommend avoiding the white model, as it will stain over time.
Price Alert: As of Monday, Mar 7, 2016, Amazon has the Summer Infant Lil' Loo Potty on sale with FREE returns. In our marriage, there *may* be a slight role reversal in the traditional argument where the wife becomes exasperated with her husband for not putting the lid down. For the husband who hates the slamming of the toilet seat (when and if I remembered) there is now a gentle whisper close feature. And for the husband who hates the fact that his wife always forgets to put the lid down, because of the whisper close feature, our boys argue to be the one to put the lid down.
While some people believe that potty chairs are confusing and it is better to simply potty train on the full-sized toilet, there are reasons so many parents still use this three-step process to potty train their children.
Once your child shows interest in using the potty, allow them to help you pick out a chair. Little girls can use their potty chairs exclusively until they are ready to transition to a potty seat, but you may want to potty train boys to urinate into the full-size toilet right away. You can also make a potty poster and give your child stickers every time they use the chair. If you decide that a potty seat or chair is the best first step toward potty training for your little one, use these tips to make sure you select the perfect seat. The Potty Scotty Potty Seat II in Green is a unique potty seat because it fits under the toilet seat and gives the child a feeling of security.
This Potty Seat is a comfortable toilet trainer that helps your child feel safe and fits snuggly inside your existing toilet seat. Comments (0) ‹ prevnext ›1 of 16 Target Summer 3 Stage Potty TrainerThis potty for boys or girls features a convenient toilet paper dispenser and space to tuck moist wipes. Potty Training Concepts Lil Marc Potty Training Urinal for BoysShow your little boy how to stand and aim with this pint-size urinal that's perfect for potty training. Luckily, there are several travel potty chairs and seats available, most of which are inexpensive and very useful for those of us that travel with our kids. We'll tell you everything you need to know, and what we think is the best travel potty seat and chair.
These can sometimes be a little bit daunting for toilet-training kids, because they'll have to use a public toilet with the seat, but it's still a good and cheap option if you can pull it off. It also has a rubbery non-slip underside that grips the toilet seat, and it overhangs the front of the toilet to hold it in place. The part that comes into contact with the toilet is on the "inside" when the seat is folded up, so it won't make a mess of your diaper bag. These are more expensive than seats, but they're often much easier for children to use, and much less scary.

It's very lightweight, compact and simple in design, which makes it perfect for a travel potty.
It's solid enough that it can function as your primary potty, but it's also portable enough that you can take it for a weekend at grandma's.
Potty training can be a stressful time for both parents and kids alike, and sometimes they might just not want to use their potty when out and about, or you might not be able to bring it with you. In our union, it is *quite probable* that the husband puts the lid down more than the wife *cough* (I’m talking about the top lid here). The marriage counselor actually was shaped like a brand new toilet seat and came right to our house, sat on the john, and has not left since.
A small potty chair is introduced so the child becomes familiar with the idea of going potty without encountering the full-sized toilet that is filled with water and has a noisy flush.
A child-sized seat is installed on top of the full-size toilet seat so the child can transition from the potty chair to a potty seat on the actual potty. The child-sized potty seat is eventually removed, and the child starts to use the bathroom like a big boy or girl.
Children feel their potty seat is something exclusively theirs, and it is much easier for a child to read and play on a smaller chair than on a real toilet. Since there is no water involved, parents can allow their child to play with the seat and get comfortable sitting on it without hovering over them the entire time. Consider allowing them to decorate the potty with stickers they pick out, or you can personalize the chair with foal stick-on letters to spell their name. They will be unable to comfortably urinate into a smaller chair and will end up making big messes.
Limit confusion by encouraging your child to pull down their pants and use the potty chair as they see you using the big potty. Consider adaptable potty chairs that turn into potty seats for the toilet when your child is ready. Urine deflectors help eliminate some potential messes, but they also have the potential to pinch as your child sits. Portable potties designed for adult use while camping are a great alternative for children too big to sit on a child-sized chair.
If your child seems completely uninterested in using a potty chair but is enthused by the real toilet, then you may want to explore other methods.
This potty seat has a large splash guard, high back rest and is designed for toddler boys potty training. The support stand makes it easy to position next to the adult toilet, or remove the attachment and hook the urinal to the back of a bathroom door.
Also, if you get enough practice, you can unfold the seat without ever even touching the bottom side.
It has a very simple design which is a plus, and the high back seat makes it easier for kids to use. You might want to use pull-ups just for the assurance that there aren't going to be any accidents; there's no need to feel ashamed if you need to!
And when I DO remember to close the lid, it *may* just happen to be more of a slam which adds to the irritation of my very patient husband. It will be a permanent fixture for quite some time and let me tell you, our marriage has never been better!
The child is often encouraged to watch others use the full-sized toilet, flush the toilet and do other things that will ease them into the next step. Children feel more secure, since their feet are safely on the ground and they are not elevated from the floor. This transition from playing on the potty to actually using the potty only to potty will eliminate confusion that may come when you discourage playing on the actual toilet. Models that require you to tip the pot for removal create a bigger mess than you want to deal with.
That is enough to scare a child away from using the potty, so go with a chair that doesn’t have the deflector or that has a removable deflector.
For instance, your boy may want to use a potty with a race car design if it makes race car noises as he poops.

If you have more money to spend, look for different materials, such as wood, and fun designs that may go up to $100 or more. The Potty Scotty brand is known for having durable, PVC-free plastics that are recyclable, and this potty seat is no exception. Other fun features on the market right now are flush handles that make flushing noises and pictures that turn colors after the pan is urinated in. It is meant to go under the toilet seat so it will be secure, so if it doesn't fit, it would just sit on top & slide all around. So, maybe it would be a slight exaggeration to say that a toilet seat SAVED my marriage, but only a wee bit.
These fun features will get your child interested in the potty, but the novelty will wear off with time.
You also could invest in a $10 potty training seat cover that travels well and can be brought along on any outing.If you can answer the question: What is the best potty training seat?
And may I at least share that several areas of our longstanding toilet contention have been resolved by a simple toilet seat?
Please leave a comment!Personally, I think having a potty chair is a key to potty training success. This portable potty makes music and triggers flashing lights every time the child goes potty and presses the flushing handle. It’s also super easy to take the little bucket out, and soak in clorox or hose down.Kids can choose what color they want! This was such a big deal to my children — also, they are solid colors that can look nice with your bathroom. The surface is also nice that your child can decorate the back with cute stickers if wanted.It works for children of all different sizes! This princess option will show your little girl that everyone—even princesses—use the potty. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and my daughter has tons of electronic gadgets, but potty chairs should not double as toys. Simply tell your child to aim at the colorful dinosaurs, and you're well on your way to toilet training success! When I got it home my 16-month-old daughter immediately knew what it was and wanted to sit on it. When it's time to try going to the potty (30, 60 or 90 minute settings), the watch will beep and lights will flash to remind the child it's time to trying going to the bathroom. At the same time, many reviewers state that they bought more than one potty seat before realizing the BabyBjorn Potty Chair was the one that worked for their family!After my own experiences potty training two toddlers, I have to say I agree with the advice. I can also say that the Baby Bjorn Smart Potty (from $14.99) was a great potty seat for my daughter when we were potty training at 18 months! Add these training pants to the mix for when they're starting to get the hang of using the potty. This was before my son was in potty training mode, but thought it would be nice to have in the house for him to get used to the idea of using the toilet one day.
About a year and a half later when it came time to really potty train him, I found that he wasn’t sitting as comfortable on the toilet.
I read online reviews how the Baby Bjorn was great for bigger kids and they were not wrong.
Try hanging a chart on the wall that contains colorful stickers and a game-like approach that allows the child to win a prize at the end, like ice cream or a new toy! The curved seat is made out of PVC-, BPA- and phthalates-free plastic and has a built-in handle for easy hanging when it's not in use. The top and base are covered with an anti-slip material so your tot has a secure place to step up and reach the toilet or sink.
Contain messes with this waterproof seat liner designed to fit comfortably in car seats and strollers.

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