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Each sheet has games for your guests to enter their guesses so you'll also need a pencil or pen. The winner is the person or team that gets the most correct answers and has the neatest sheet! You do not want your guests to leave with a bad impression of you as the hostess or of the mother-to-be but you still have to stick to a budget. Consequently, fun baby shower games to print should be carefully and properly prepared with instructions, but cheap and easy to obtain. Printable free baby shower games are a great “ice-breaker”, for your guests to get to know each other, and can strengthen the mother-to-be’s friendship support network when baby comes. Our co-ordinated range of free unique baby shower game printouts are easy to use, easy to print, and of course they are free to download! You are also offered the $2 Premium Range of the same games where the Free Printable Baby Shower Games logo has been removed. If you are planning to have an owl themed baby shower then you are must be seeking baby shower games that match your theme. I have made a bing game with owl, baby song game, word scramble and many other games for an owl themed baby shower party and these are absolutely free for personal use. Click on the image on the left to save the printable version of this baby shower bingo game.
Here is another game in which everyone has to write names of the babies that come in different TV shows like in flintstones and simpsons.
This is another owl themed baby shower stationery design and your party guests will have to write as many baby items name as they can in an assigned time limit to win this game.
This is another very interesting free printable game for baby shower that wont effect your budget and will be entertaining for your baby shower party guests, so feel free to download this free printable baby shower nursery rhyme game in color of your choice from this page. How to Play: Distribute nursery rhyme game worksheets among your baby shower party guests along with a pen or pencil for each guest. If you are having a girl baby shower then you would like to use this free printable for baby shower nursery rhyme game given in pink color. If you do not know gender of the baby yet or do not want to disclose it then you would love to use this brown color for this game or green color that is given below. Hostesses make sure to set a stop watch!If you really want more of this game download this free copy we made just for your entertainment pleasure.

Guess how many in the jar Jul 13, 15 11:48 PMGuess how many in the jar baby shower game, Guess how many m&ms, jellybeans or candy in the baby bottle.
Babies around 18 weeks of age need to put everything in their mouth if they are to understand what it is: it is therefore important to give the baby things to touch and hold which are safe and relatively clean, with no sharp edges. By playing with your baby in this way you are helping her to exercise muscles she cannot use unaided, as well as providing entertainment  for her – and enjoyment for yourself at the same time. Lie on your back on the floor with your knees raised and the baby sitting on your stomach, resting against your knees.
Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out and the baby lying with her head towards your toes, looking up at you.
Baby Name Race is another thrilling and exciting game for baby shower party and I have prepared free and cute printables for this game for both boy and girl baby shower parties. How to Play: Distribute printed Baby Name Race game cards among your baby shower party guests along with a pen or pencil. Save this adorable free printable game graphic if you want to play this game on girl baby shower by click on the small image given on the left side.
Save this image in blue color for a boy baby shower by clicking on the smaller image and then right clicking and saving the larger image.
Unfortunately so many free printable baby shower games are poor quality, an afterthought, or a simple marketing device to attract you and your credit card. Our popular free baby shower printable games include baby shower word games, easy baby shower guessing games, baby shower funny games, free printable baby shower games for girls, baby shower games for men, funny baby shower games, simple baby shower games, baby boy shower games printable, and even coed baby shower games free & printable. That is why I have created these free printable baby shower games for your owl themed party that you can play and enjoy. To save this game click on the image given on the left and save the larger image in your computer. These gender neutral colors will go with any baby shower party theme and your guests will enjoy playing this game decorated with these beautifully made graphics. Players that comes in a close 2nd or 3rd can also get a prize if you like.Click to view and Print. Then why not have your guests play this fun free printable baby shower animal match game called baby animal kingdom. Many babies enjoy standing on the floor and bouncing on their legs, testing out taking their weight, but they need to be held firmly while you bounce them.

A bigger image will open up, just right click on that image and save that in your computer. Here you can printout baby shower games freeThis Free Printable Baby Shower Games site wants to help you!
They have to guess the names of the items that mom-to-be is going to receive and write in the boxes. You can print this game on card stock paper instead of using ordinary printer paper to completely change the look and feel of this game. I am sure you will find at least a couple games that you just have to take with you to that upcoming party you are planning. Its just right to get everyone in the mood to chat and see whats next.To play simply just hand out game sheets and let everyone race to unscramble the list of words provided. Guests will have to write name of girls if it is a girl baby shower and name of boys if it is a boy baby shower. Print this game on ordinary A4 size paper or hard card stock paper according to your choice and the budget that you have assigned for the preparations of your baby shower party. When mother opens the gifts they have to cute names of the items one by one and if any of them gets five in a row, it's a bingo and she wins. We made it good by have a few easy games you can use as ice breakers and even the left right game to get you moving and laughing at the same time.Our Printable games are a welcome distraction for guests while waiting for others to arrive. The first person to do so successfully wins.If you want to get things really loud use a chalkboard, whiteboard or whatever you have instead and as you write the scrambled word on the board the first person to call out the correct answer gets a point. The person who has written names with most of the alphabets within the assigned time will be the winner.
The person with the most points win.Let your guests race to unscramble these baby related words with this free copy of baby shower scramble.

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