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The Down Syndrome Center in Cincinnati has developed an important IEP Toolkit to help parents become informed and collaborative members in the IEP process. Learn more about what Special Education offers your child by reading the Missouri Parent's Guide to Special Education. When you disagree with the school district's decision, or you can't agree on a decision with the school district regarding your child's educational plan.  What can you do?
Find additional details of each part at the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities and take a closer look at each compenent.
A new guide released Tuesday provides parents with a step-by-step look at how to obtain special education services from their school district. The 26-page download from Autism Speaks offers a broad overview of the legal rights of parents and students with disabilities and walks through the process of forming an individualized education program or IEP.
The guide was prepared by attorneys at Goodwin Procter for the autism advocacy group, but is written in layman’s terms, using bullet points and flow charts for clarity.
Though produced by Autism Speaks, most of the information included in the guide is applicable to all students that qualify for special education, irrespective of their diagnosis. Shortly after Bowden's story became national news, someone sent Polamalu a link to the Facebook page entitled "Let Brett Bowden Play ", an online forum where more than 65,000 Facebook users have pressed "like" and commented in an effort to add public pressure to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association, which first ruled that Bowden couldn't dress with his teammates. While it's impossible to know how many more "likes" or fans Polamalu's Tweet helped Bowden gain, the linebacker's brief online missive was re-Tweeted by more than 100 people itself, which would lead one to believe it was read a fair share of times.
That being said, it never hurts to have celebrities backing one's cause, particularly when they are of the caliber -- both in terms of achievement and likable personality -- as Polamalu. His family says they would do anything for him, even hiking up the tallest mountain in Africa.
The group hopes to use the trek as a fundraiser for Up With Downs, a Fargo-Moorhead-based organization co-facilitated by Tate’s mother, Liz St.
Up With Downs aims to improve the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and their families with education, support and activities. The idea to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro sprung from a discussion between John Amble, his aunt Jodi and his mother, Jane, while they were visiting him in London, where he now lives. John graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2004 and served for several years as an intelligence officer in the US Army. The Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia this fall will sponsor the first football league for individuals with special needs in the Northern Virginia area. DSANV created this league to give young people with a physical or intellectual disability the opportunity to participate in the popular American pastime.
The Rosser boys, Brendan, 7, and Brett, 4, turned a recent cloudy day in one full of sunshine. After much thought, the Rossers decided to have a lemonade stand to try to earn money to help the children. The 57-year-old attorney will participate in the Marathon des Sables, or Marathon of the Sands, and in doing so, hopes to raise money and awareness for The Up Side of Downs, an organization for families affected by Down syndrome.
Davies, a native of Wales, has two grandchildren, one by each of his daughters, with the disorder. Competitors run or power walk through some of the most remote sections of the Sahara while carrying a backpack with essential gear, food, sleeping bag and clothing for the week. According to the official regulations, there are six stages over seven days, with the first three daily stages set around 20-25 miles each. Participants get one flare in case they get lost in the sand, but if they use it, their race is over.
He plans to run in heavy clothing, work on his core and shoulder muscles and perhaps find a nearby college with a heat chamber. He will go to Morocco a few days ahead of the race to get acclimated to the nearly 120-degree heat.
Now his adventures revolve around orienteering, a navigation activity using a map and compass. Participants receive a detailed topographic map on which a variety of land features are circled as control points.

His command of the compass, he said, will come in handy should he get lost in a sand storm in the Sahara Desert.
His loved ones at home, including his wife, Billie, can watch his progress online because he will be wearing a GPS system on his ankle. Troyer remembers when Ryan was born, she and her husband, Mark, were given a video that presented the most somber view of their future with Ryan. What transpired was her new career path as a counselor and advocate for people who find themselves in her situation. Her father hopes his walk across the Sahara will bring money and awareness to an organization that has been there for his daughters.
When Gretchen Coon walks to the bus stop every morning, the 6-year-old is already famous, waving at everybody in sight and yelling their names. She stepped off the bus at Linton Elementary School on Monday morning and began greeting her public, shaking hands and hugging the many parents, teachers and students who approached her as if she were a celebrity as she walked to her kindergarten classroom with confidence and pride. But unlike some special needs students, Gretchen started school in a traditional classroom Monday, a decision her parents, Trentman and Jeffrey Coon, said was crucial to her development.
For her parents, Gretchen’s first day of school was a milestone they have prepared for since she was born.
She waited patiently as she sat in her classroom for the first time, learning how to sign up for lunch, hang up her backpack and sing the morning song. Gretchen ran out to the playground, beaming in anticipation, and headed straight to the jungle gym. With a small smile, she slid down into the arms of a family that loved and appreciated her for being just who she is.
Sarah Cronk watched her older brother Charlie struggle to fit in during high school because of his disabilities. asked Sarah how she got started with her project and what advice she has for other young people. How did you feel when you first learned of the problem you are addressing? Sarah Cronk: When I first began to see that most high school students with disabilities are excluded from high school sports (and the accompanying social benefits), I felt disheartened.
When children with Down syndrome turn 3 years old, the law entitles them to start school in a designated program for youth with special needs. But IEPs function to give children the tools they need to feel comfortable and safe. Accommodations for Children With Down SyndromeSpecial education services for children with Down syndrome include transportation with adaptation to their special needs, weight and size.
Finally, teachers who instruct the student in a mainstream classroom may also belong to the team.IEPs may feel overwhelming to parents, but such a reaction is normal.
Well, now the young athlete's cause has gained a celebrity football backer: Steelers All-Pro linebacker Troy Polamalu. That's not to mention the nearly 250,000 followers of Polamalu's personal account who would have seen the Tweet in their own Twitter feed as it went live. The junior continues to attend Hobbton practices and games, even though he can't dress out in the team's full uniform. Once we all decided to do it, we thought that it would be a great opportunity to raise money for an important cause, and doing so for Up With Downs would make the trip so much more meaningful,” John Amble said.
Louis said the adventure with a good cause was not a surprising proposition coming from John. The friendly games will be played in a non-contact, modified flag football style in order to encourage team work and inclusivity. When the Springfield boys learned their father sponsored a hole for a golf tournament for Down Syndrome, they asked many questions about Down Syndrome and then decided they wanted to help.
After making a couple of calls, Brendan and Brett set up business at the Acme on Baltimore Pike. The boys made $89 and served each customer with a smile, explaining why they were selling lemonade. Water (generally nine liters per day) is provided and rationed, along with a two-sided Berber tent each night for sleeping.

The fourth stage is around 50 miles, the fifth stage is always a full marathon of 26.2 miles, and the sixth and last stage is from 9 to 13 miles. When air fare, at about $2,000, is added in, along with equipment costs, it may leave you scratching your head.
He said he even traveled alone across the Atlantic on the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth when he was an elementary student. Gretchen has been a familiar face to the Linton family since her sister, Brigid, 7, stepped through the school’s doors.
As for Gretchen, going to school for the first time meant only one thing: making new friends at recess. She marched up the stairs without the slightest hint of trepidation as a group of about 10 students gathered at the bottom to cheer her on.
My older brother Charlie was born with a disability that prevents him from fully understanding social cues, yet Charlie is very socially motivated and one of the kindest people I know. I have seen first-hand the willingness teens have to accept and include their peers with disabilities.
Parents and a transition team place children in the proper location based on their academic and physical special needs.Early Intervention and Individualized Education PlansThe Local Early Intervention Program outlines a plan, known as the IFSP or Individualized Family Service Plan, for special needs children and their families. The school bus comes with an assistant who will help children to buckle up and remain seated and safe during the trip to school and back home. The child’s designated teacher should be a well-trained professional with a degree in special education. Instead school should be viewed as a tool to initiate children’s approach to learning and to reinforce their basic abilities of independence, such as communication, potty training and self-care.
It’s not easy to understand how special education works and what to expect from the services children will receive. He will allegedly going to be able to participate in touchdown drills after the team's games during the forthcoming season, with the stipulation that those plays will have to be run after all competition has been completed. The girls’ mother, Linda Trentman, volunteered for the school and often brought Gretchen along. The program is also responsible for transitioning children with Down syndrome and other special needs into the school system. The right teacher has the proper experience and techniques to support the child’s development and to help parents understand how to empower their child's education at home. Basic skills such as learning to use school materials and to follow routines help children prepare for the upcoming years.At this stage, children may also receive therapies offered at school as part of the IEP.
Therapists assigned to the child may also make up the child's IEP team as well as children themselves once they grow old enough to provide input. The IEP team is available to answer questions from parents and work together for the child's wellbeing. The proceeds raised from this event allow DSANV to continue offering programs that promote understanding and acceptance of people with Down syndrome. Inspired by Charlie, Sarah co-founded the first high school-based inclusive cheerleading squad in the nation. Adults, no matter how well meaning, simply cannot provide the social acceptance that every teen wants.
The program arranges formal meetings for parents and educators to discuss a child’s development and to set preschool goals for the youth. When children with Down syndrome age into grade school, educators and parents devise an Individualized Education Plan for them.
The ultimate goal is for children to feel appreciated because of their unique strengths and to feel respected as an individual without a label.
Today, The Sparkle Effect has generated 26 squads in 15 states and South Africa, encouraging a culture of acceptance in every community.
The swimmers accepted Charlie into their social group and gave Charlie a place where he belonged.
Many parents worry about this step because they fear their children aren't ready for school.

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