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If you enjoy picture-perfect home decor, perfectly prepared recipes, and perfectly behaved children, you've come to the wrong place. These 3 Day Potty Training tips are part of a sponsored post written by me as a member of Collective Bias and Cottonelle. Last Thursday, I officially started potty training Jaye and decided to use the 3 Day Potty Training Method because I figured it would be best to just go for it, like ripping off a band-aid.
Honestly, the scariest part of the potty training was the thought of being stuck at home and not able to go out for 3 days. Jaye, of course, didn’t own any underwear before this, so that was definitely I supply I needed to stock up on. Jaye doesn’t usually get a lot of juice or popsicles, but since we were potty training and needed lots of chances to practice that new skill, I stocked up on some extra delicious juices and even frozen juice popsicles. The part of the process that had me the most concerned was needing to stay at home for 3 days. Another thing that has been helping us stay fresh and clean is the Cottonelle Care Routine. To learn more about the Cottonelle Care Routine, you should check out a video segment on The Talk where Cottonelle was featured along with advice for couples living together and sharing a bathroom for the first time.
I love this, and I especially like that you decorated the dispenser for the Cottonelle wipes. I’m resisting the fact it is time to potty train for all those same reasons you talked about. I am so proud to say that, after about a week and a half, Emma Ramey is all but fully potty trained! I've been kind of a skeptic of the "3-day Potty Training" methods everybody posts on Pinterest.
I want to try to tell about our experience with potty training, while still keeping some things private and not blasted all over the internet. A couple of months before we planned on training, I bought a potty seat (see below) and we started talking about going to the potty. The night before we started potty training, I told Emmie that the Potty Fairy was coming to see her that night and bring her everything she needed to start using the potty. The first morning, we woke up went out to see what the potty fairy brought - treats (M&M's) and big girl underwear. We did this until nap time, when we put the diaper back on (sitting on the potty immediately before we put the diaper on).
If she had an accident (which is going to happen with any child), I didn't get angry - I just told her that we don't do that in our underwear, we do that in the potty. Well, we got home Sunday night, and her diaper was completely dry, after a few hours of wear!
If you're doing this, I'd really recommend setting a potty schedule and sticking to it for about a week. Once your child is doing really well with pottying on schedule for a few days, start pushing back the time between potty trips a little.
I know there is some debate over whether or not to reward your child for going to the potty - but for us, this part was essential. Each child is going to be different, so each child is going to have different cues as to when they need to use the potty. This is something I didn't really read much about, and has been a definite problem in our potty training.
So, we've kind of had to plan our outings around where to potty and if we could be home within a reasonable time. This is a small, compact potty that you can put in the car, in case your toddlers "feels the urge" and you're not near a bathroom. Since we started using the big potty from the beginning, we really needed this to give Emmie some independence when she needs to use the restroom.

I think a big part of potty training a toddler is letting them have fun with the experience. Subscribe to our email list to receive post updates and exclusive access to some of the most popular printables on Lamberts Lately! After dozens of diaper rashes, hundreds of kicks to the face and precisely four poop stains on the carpet, my wife and I were more than ready to potty train our 2.5-year-old.
Our daughter had a (typical) relapse with both pee and poop about two weeks in -- a series of late-night bed-wettings and mid-day poops in the pants. Something special and out of the norm makes the 3 day potty training process fun and exciting for the little ones instead of stressful. Raid the dollar store for new crafts and games to keep you entertained during 3 day potty training.
Or, if your little one is interested in movies or TV, potty training might be a good time to allow a little bit of extra screen time. I went shopping before we started potty training and bought some Cottonelle toilet paper and Cottonelle flushable moist wipes. You can also follow Cottonelle on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest deals, like the one running now where you can get a FREE Clean Care dispenser if you buy the 24 pack of Cottonelle Fresh Care toilet paper. We friend-sourced suggestions for strategy, and an overwhelming number of confidantes suggested "3 Day Potty Training," by Lora Jensen.
Training begins promptly when my wife, Nikki, and my toddler (we'll call her "L") return from the kid's weekly play group. Random thought: If Jensen, the author of this potty program, had $1 for every time my wife and I said, "Remember, if you have to go pee-pee or poopy, you tell Mommy and Daddy," she would have cleared $100 by now.
Five minutes of dancing and wriggling in the kitchen leads to another successful pee in the potty.
Without warning, in the middle of an episode of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" on TV, L pops off the couch and runs to the bathroom. Then she went through a phase where it took her 20 minutes of grunting and groaning to poop. I received monetary compensation for my time and work, but was happy to use Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes while potty training!
Right now, Jaye has Mother’s Day Out on Monday and Wednesday, so I decided to start on Thursday so we would have 4 full days before she headed back to school. But the container was so plain and white that I decided to use some washi tape to spice it up!
We usually have an outing planned for every morning, but since we were potty training we had to stay at home close to the potty.
Jaye definitely watched some extra “puppet shows” (aka Baby Einstein videos) this week! You may have seen it on Facebook, but on Saturday (the 3rd day), Jaye wore one pair of panties and kept them dry and clean all day long! We’ve loved using the wipes to make sure a certain little butt is clean after using the potty (or more importantly, after almost using the potty). The three of us gather in L's room, where (per instructions in the book) we have L throw all of her diapers into a big garbage bag.
Before I go, I set out an emergency preparedness kit for the night: two sheets, two waterproof mattress pads, two pairs of pajamas and two pairs of undies.
I don't want to jinx anything, but it truly seems like she's starting to get the hang of this.
If this were a video game, an omniscient voice would utter something like, "She's on fire!" or "She's unstoppable!" L is "feeling it" herself; between the way she yanks off those undies and angles her body to keep her pee in the bowl, her confidence is clearly growing. I grow increasingly nervous with each dash into the bathroom, since I know I've got to feed the baby at 9 am. Sure, the subsequent poop was a struggle, but in the end, she waited it out on the potty for 20 minutes, then unleashed an effort worthy of that text message to friends.

Perhaps you remember my desperate scream of frustration that I tried to pass off as humor when I was potty training Samuel (if you don’t, you can find it here). Washi tape is great for this project because you can change it up easily if you get bored, and there are so many different designs and styles that anyone will find one they love. So I headed to the dollar store and bought some new fun craft supplies to help keep Jaye busy.
I'm upstairs writing in my office when this occurs, but can decipher what's happening from the screams. I google "Urinary Tract Infection." Then I do a search for the world record in pee-holding (and can't find an answer). I'm so relieved excited that I burn one of her most coveted prizes: a Winnie the Pooh puzzle. Buoyed by her ability to time it right, L leans over to marvel at the urine coming out of her vagina.
Quickly, I debate my options: Get her back to sleep or strip her, strip the bed and risk exhaustion later in the day. Two drops hit the floor; the rest -- and trust me, there is a lot -- lands safely in the potty.
Since then, she's nixed the groaning and the long waits on the poops, and has managed to figure out how to do the whole pee thing entirely by herself (climbing up on step-stool for potty and everything). The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product.
But by the end of the day, we had some totally successful trips to the potty and even a #2 that ended up entirely in the toilet! Inside, however, I'm longing for her to make a tremendous poop so I can photograph it and text the picture to my guy friends.
This, of course, sends pee shooting all over my new sneakers, and all over the bathroom floor. I am relieved, especially since Nikki heads back to work today and I'll be watching L and her baby sister solo for most of the morning. I'm not an expert on female urination, but my wife tells me it looks like the kid has been doing it for years. She also has established a routine: Regular pees throughout the day (about 3 hours apart) and a poop between dinner and bedtime.
I made pee-pee in the potty!" Nikki and I are so happy we reward her with a package of glow-in-the-dark bracelets.
Once everything is clean, once everyone is calm, L and I talk about how "icky" it felt to have poop in her undies.
I bought washable markers because coloring with markers is kind of an exciting treat for Jaye (usually we just have crayons).
We know we're not out of the woods yet -- I wouldn't be surprised if we had four or five accidents before the week is out.
L is so focused on getting to the potty at this point that she doesn't even see the poop in front of her. But with great pride and incredible gratitude, I can assert confidently that the worst appears to be behind us.
Overall, I’d say the 3 Day method was a raging success even though Day 4 has not been entirely accident free. I wait patiently until the baby finishes her bottle, set her in the bassinette, and return to the bathroom to tend to L.

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