Sage Robbins is the second wife of motivational speaker, book author, actor and finance instructor Tony Robbins, father of four including Jairek Robbins who like his famous dad is a self-help author and motivational speaker.
He definitely stole John’s wife, and we believe they began their affair in Hawaii,” alleged Gary Sir John Carlson III. But, we’re having a conversation with him basically, thought I’d get something out of “Date With Destiny,” something I never heard of. As I was getting on the airplane, I was kind of surprised that I was doing this, and obviously, I felt something pulling me there. Again, I was very unfamiliar with Tony Robbins, never had been to a seminar, and just decided to go for it. So, for a busy New Yorker to get on a plane and take six days out of his life and fly across the country and– I was surprised I was doing it, both from a practical standpoint because I’m busy and could I really take six days? So, on the first break, on the first day, like, two or three hours into it, I ran for the exits. And so, I fled from the room, and I called my wife, and I said, this was a mistake, and I got to get the hell out of here. And so, my wife, thank God, said why don’t you stick it out another day before you make your decision? It’s about 40 minutes in the seminar as opposed to the three minutes that you see it in the film. I just thought I wanted to share that experience with people and create a film that allows people to access that experience if they wanted.
But, if this film can be a vehicle for people to kind of think about their own lives for two hours and have it be more fulfilled and how to be more connected to other people, that was really the simple goal of this film, which is not how the documentary is often used.
I wanted to use documentary in a different, to have people think about their lives to be inspirational, hopefully, and to share those elements of Tony that I found to be the most compelling for me and to share that with other people. Christopher BuckChristopher Buck is the co-founder of Humanity Healing in 2007, which rippled out into the 501c3 public charity, Humanity Healing International, and its subsidiary, OMTimes Media. Hip-Hop Wired delivers daily hip-hop music news, videos and streaming tracks from your favorite rap artists, plus the latest political and fashion news—including the hottest sneakers to hit the street.

And they switched the location in 2014 to Boca Raton, Florida, which they’re now but, in 2012, these events, and in prior years, the events take place in Palm Springs, California.
And from an emotional, spiritual standpoint, I just didn’t think I was that kind of a person. I’m sure a lot of people will go into this film very cynically and come out the other side very cynically because that’s the way some people are.
Documentary today has very much become about, investigating the latest negative social ill and I’ve made lots of those films. And we’re talking about packed venues and private jets, but you both once lived in your cars. At the time, I just felt myself being pulled to go, even though I had a tremendous amount of skepticism as I was stepping on the plane. Hey, I was being invited, he was generously offering me to go there as his guest, and I thought that was generous, and I said, okay, maybe I’ll do it. But, how do I not offend Tony Robbins because I was an invited guest and I didn’t want to offend the guy. And I think there’ll be people who are very open to this and find it to be a very positive experience. Documentaries have become very much kind of take down pieces about problems in society and uncovering corruption.
In addition, Christopher serves as the Chairman of the Board of the Saint Lazarus Relief Fund, the 501c3 public charity for the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. I had to man up, and part of that was sleeping in my car, getting an apartment for a month, and getting evicted the next month. You see it in the film where you’re taken back to your earliest memory and Tony Robbins challenges you to remember something about that memory that you think you don’t remember; So, in other words, the memory before the earliest memory as a way of liberating you from the chains of that incident and it was profoundly moving. I would tell you that if you told me before I experienced that would I ever do something like that, I would’ve told you cynically no way. But, I’m interested in the people in the middle who were like me, who aren’t so cynical that that they can’t allow the experience to happen, but don’t really know what they’re going to think.

I might have a game plan of what I’m going to go for, but that game plan disappears the minute I feel the audience. And, truthfully, I didn’t know Tony Robbins, I only knew the most basic kind of almost cliches about Tony.
And the idea that I would take six days out of my life, and do something that I normally wouldn’t do, meaning I’m not a seminar guy. I just felt really uncomfortable because it was just sharing feelings with strangers, the hugs, the music, the dancing, but most importantly, the deep probing into your psyche, it just didn’t feel like something that I was comfortable doing. And then experience the film in a way that allows them to experience at least for two hours, it’s not my goal to have everyone run out and sign up for Tony Robbins’ seminar. Whenever people have trouble public speaking, it’s because they are just thinking about themselves. And I found myself deeply moved and a weight had lifted, and I thought to myself, oh, well, on the surface this may seem like it’s not for me, but maybe actually, it is.
I was 24 and had a 17-year-old son instantly, an 11-year-old daughter, a 5-year-old, and a child on the way. And we had an amazing conversation, and he’s incredibly charismatic, and I think Tony sensed I had some issues going on in my life at the time, which I did have. Now I take care of my mother, my father, and my entire family, as well as myself, my woman, and my team that I consider family. I found it to be extremely transformational for me, opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about my life and my connection to other people.
And I called Tony up afterward and thanked him for the gift of the experience and told him I wanted to make a film about it.
That the spirit that is in that room, the camaraderie, the breaking down of walls, there are people in that room who just like in any group of people, I wouldn’t necessarily in other circumstances connect with socially or feel like I had anything in common with those people, I just found the spirit in that room, the breaking down of barriers between people, people from all walks of life, connecting and caring about one another.

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