Feedback: There was a gorgeous day at La Salle Park on Monday, August 1st, during the Joseph Brant Festival. The entire atmosphere was great, and the fantastic (check for a video sample!)  Burlington Teen Tour Band was present with all its fun, color and glory!
We also thank to our yogi volunteers instructors that were kept busy offering meditation experiences and explanations to visitors all day long: Peter, Mohinder, Shulin, Ioana, Sandra and Navdeep.
So COME , Join us for an amazing Community Event — look for our Sahaja Yoga Meditation booth there!
Shri Mataji passed away but her deep appreciation for the qualities of this land, and especially for the specific role that America has in the world had ignited in all Canadian sahaja yogis a maple sweet like love for our country and fellow Canadians.

Our booth had many visitors, wonderful seekers, some of them were really young but they knew what they wanted that day: to learn how to meditate!
We are all so proud of our community in Burlington and we thank organizers and volunteers from our city for another year of great Civic Day Celebration. But try to develop your depth by meditation and by collective sitting down and talking to each other.
Especially that it collects people and traditions from everywhere, truly making so easy to feel that we are all citizens of the world — children of Mother Earth. Luckily we had the Cool Kids corner assembled so we offered several sessions of intro to  spontaneous meditation, for children, parents and ..

Also Shri Mataji initiated  in Toronto and Vancouver national seminars with collective meditations and prayers for Canada and Canadian people, so we, sahaja yogis from Canada learnt to express our love and desire for protection and spiritual evolution for the entire country not only for ourselves.
Whenever we speak of ‘Swatantra’ it invariably should be understood that it is the tantra-of the Self. One should first know his ‘own self’ in order to understand this deep rooted meaning of ‘belonging to a nation’.” Explaining ‘Swaraj’, she emphasized that we must understand and be proud to be privilege citizen by our inner owning-ness of the land where we belong.

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