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Being the Gomer Pyle of this generation doesn’t seem to bother actor, comedian Jack McBrayer. Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem? The Shepherd?s beaked whales sighted off Victoria?s west coast, showing the distinctive pigmentation patterns, unique head shape and beak that are diagnostic for this species. David Donnelly was among three whale observers working for Antarctic Division scientists studying blue whales off the coast of Portland, Victoria, when they detected a group of 12 beaked whales. The team made detailed observations and took still photographs and high resolution video footage of the whales as they surfaced over about 20 minutes.
In the past, Shepherd’s beaked whales (which remained undiscovered until 1937) were difficult to identify because their physical appearance was primarily documented from stranded animals, whose distinctive pigmentation patterns deteriorate soon after death. David, Paul and Natalie say their documentation of this unique sighting will add greatly to what cetacean biologists know about Shepherd’s beaked whales, with good descriptions of their physical appearance, pod composition and surfacing behaviour.
The sighting was just one of many exciting encounters with whales that the team experienced during the three-week voyage.
Blue whales found off the coast of Victoria grow to a massive 24 m in length but are smaller than the blue whales found in Antarctica, which can be up to 31 m long. Mike says the blue whale project in Victorian waters is an important step in devising a way to maximise the chances of encountering Antarctic blue whales in the vast Southern Ocean.

In the first of two three-week voyages (the next one will start on 12 March), the sonobuoys were deployed as needed in a 500 km study area south of Portland, Victoria. The team estimated that the ship had approached the singing whale to within about two kilometres.
The team continued this process of deploying sonobuoys to triangulate bearings and get within range of whales to make visual sightings, with good success.
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At-sea and aerial sightings were, and still are rare (with only five unconfirmed sightings prior to 2006), as the animals are believed to be low in abundance and to frequent deeper, circumpolar waters, ranging from the latitudes of South Australia to the sub-Antarctic – a region little-visited by research vessels.
Because blue whales sing, they are potentially trackable using acoustic equipment that can detect and transmit their low frequency calls. This flagship project of the Southern Ocean Research Partnership aims to estimate the abundance of blue whales in the Southern Ocean, 50 years after whalers killed some 350 000 individuals, as well as examine their distribution, population structure and migration routes. Australian Antarctic Division acoustician, Dr Brian Miller, said the first 10 sonobuoys detected nothing but ship and wave noise, as they traversed an area apparently devoid of blue whales but it was not long before the ship moved to another region and finally struck gold. At day-break the observer team then visually detected the animal and directed the ship to approach the whale during several surfacing bouts, before it surfaced some 50 m from the vessel, allowing them to take photographs for individual identification. I then went back to the UK for a couple of years and decided to come back to the Middle East as there was just so much going on here, and the region had come out of the other side of a downturn.

We are gearing up to be ready for a high level of site supervision over the next few years. Came To here For Holiday, airhostes house wifes working company, stage dancer doing buisness and local. Plus I have worked with so many oddball characters in the past anyway, [laughs] human or otherwise.
This lack of information led to differences in the published accounts of the whales’ colour patterning.
It co-ordinates major multi-billion dollar transport and infrastructure projects in Qatar with the country’s Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning (MMUP).
I did plays in high school, and I usually got cast in the comic role, which I really enjoyed. A lot of times the two of us will go on a talk show and it’s just everybody hold on for your life. However, in 1994, fresh, stranded specimens of adults and juveniles were discovered in New Zealand, allowing scientists to accurately describe the whales’ distinctive pigmentation and to document that the pattern was constant from juvenile to adult. We do not have any additional contact information for the advertisers beyond what is printed in the ads and we cannot forward emails. He has pages and pages of alt lines, but me and old June Squibb, we have to know everything by heart.
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