When Bob Lundy started at Home Depot 25 years ago, he was a lot associate who pushed shopping carts around the parking lot.
Today, Lundy is the district manager of Boston South, an area that encompasses seven Home Depot locations in Avon, Dorchester, Quincy, Rockland, Watertown and West Roxbury.
Xiaoying Wu is the designer Perry spoke of, who will begin as a cashier and work her way up.
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No matter what your personal work style, an uncluttered and attractive workspace will improve the quality and efficiency of your work. Getting rid of paper, digitizing your business cards, minimizing your office supplies are just some of the measures you can take to declutter your workspace and redesign your work life.
Working in an aesthetically pleasing and minimalist workspace enhances your creativity and focus. The minimalist zen like work spaces that we’ve collected below can inspire you to create a clean design for your environment that meshes with the beautiful work  that you do online.
Compiled exclusively for WDD by Andy Johnson, a freelance designer and developer living in South England. WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development.
Join our 839,977 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! At Tekserve, Michael explained to me that the Mac Pro is designed around a workstation graphics model with dual GPUs, PCIe-based flash storage, 6 high-performance Thunderbolt 2 ports, new-generation Xeon processors, ultrafast memory, and it supports 4K video. I had the opportunity to take a deeper look behind this small, powerful and yes very quiet computer and found out that the new-generation Intel Xeon E5 Processor is available with 4, 6, 8, or 12 cores of processing power.
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Brighten your deck or patio with these spray painted planters in a new, summertime color by Rust-Oleum Stops Rust—Gloss Tuscan Sun. To show you just how easy it is to create, here’s how we transformed one of our planters—a wooden box planter—to get this summer-ready deck.
Always work in a well-ventilated area, and wear gloves and a mask while spray painting, especially if you’re spraying in a confined space like a garage. Next, shake your can of Stops Rust Protective Enamel in Gloss Tuscan Sun for one minute after the mixing ball starts to rattle. To complement your yellow planter, try spraying another planter with Stops Rust Textured Metallic spray in Silver.
To get this complete look, spray paint multiple planters, varying between Stops Rust Gloss Tuscan Sun and Stops Rust Textured Metallic Silver.
Learn how to paint like a pro with these helpful insider tips and tricks to make your project perfect. Give your home the simple and chic upgrade it needs with these DIY Craftsman outdoor shutters.
Gray is a popular color for exteriors, however, selecting the right gray can be overwhelming. Here’s how you can wake up your tired garage with a party-ready, gorgeous metallic-look floor that’s durable and drive-on ready in just one weekend.
See the difference stain and paint can make in the look and durability of items in your backyard. In this project, we gave a chateau cabinet a completely new, velvety-smooth look with Chalked Ultra Matte Paint.
With more diversity in the Boston area, the company looks for hard-working people eager to learn and who can comfortably interact with a complete stranger.
Wu moved to the United States in September 2012, after earning her degree in digital media art at the South China Normal University.

We have enough online distractions; shouldn’t we be limiting the physical ones as well?
He currently freelances via his web design studio Pixeno, and he’s also working on his web app called Authentic. Guyot Bernardo Arocho Jr from BJ’s Technology News Blog recently paid us a visit to check out the new Mac Pro in person, interview our own Michael Truskowski, and review the new workstation from Apple. The Mac Pro is engineered with a single and larger fan that pulls air upward through the bottom intake. With the help of a few coats of spray paint, we mixed and matched different sizes and shapes of planters to turn them into one vibrant look. Be sure to sand in the same direction as the wood grain, and don’t forget about the box’s edges and corners. This easy-to-use trigger grip will keep your finger from getting tired during continuous spraying.
We also used Stops Rust Textured Metallic in Silver to refinish a watering can and updated this deck with Restore 2X One Coat Solid Stain in Cape Cod Gray.
As air passes vertically through the center of the device, it absorbs heat and carries it out the top of the device. We have a significant increase in Asians shopping in our stores, who now have become homeowners and want to renovate their houses.
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