If you are new to Canada and are looking for a job in the construction industry, you will be pleased to know that Canada offers a wealth of opportunities waiting for you. The Canadian construction sector is currently facing a dry spell and the demand for highly skilled construction workers is high and on the increase. Barbara Bunting, manager of talent acquisition strategies at PCL Constructors Inc., the largest contracting organization in Canada, also recognizes the huge shortage of skilled construction workers and notes the potential talent pool new immigrants can bring to the Canadian workforce. Economists for the Construction Sector Council predict there will be 111,000 new construction jobs created by 2019. Current projects in particular need of new immigrants include resource-based projects in British Columbia, shipyard construction in Nova Scotia, mining and offshore developments in Newfoundland, potash production in Saskatchewan and utilities infrastructure investments in Ontario.
With new home building and renovation, you can have a rewarding career building and renovating houses and apartment buildings.
Heavy industrial construction gives you the opportunity to work outdoors operating large machines and working on big construction projects such as working on an oil rig.
With institutional and commercial construction, you will have the chance to work on commercial and institutional buildings and structures such as stadiums, schools, hospitals and swimming pools.
With civil engineering construction, you will be working on engineering projects such as dams, highways, water lines and bridges.
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At a recent conference I attended, the MC asked the audience to connect with someone who they didn’t know and talk about a toy that they remembered from childhood.
What was most intriguing to me about the summer programs highlighted in the article is their current state, with their focus on engagement, relevancy, applicability. In this time of tight school district budgets, it’s good to see that some districts are committing money, time, and personnel to summer learning opportunities. But why is it that summer school needs to be “different” from the regular school year, as the RAND report stated?
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In organizational risk management, people use mostly one generic type for mapping risks in one or the other slightly modified or elaborated versions. We call this the traditional risk map, which uses a table format with two axes, one represents the likelihood that a risk occurs, the other the impact of a risk. Based on the lack of tools, which allow to link actions to risks, and which can be used in group settings we developed our Risk Visualization Method and our tool the Visual Manager, which allows switching between this traditional map and a new inspiring interactive map. From the results from two dozen productive workshops, we can summarize that staff members who have no education in management or risk management like the intuitive interface with the visual metaphors, and the managers with such an education initially prefer the conservative mapping format but appreciate the interactive functionalities and metaphors once they started working with it.
In conclusion, the software Visual Manager adds these thoughts to the risk visualization discussion, namely adding actions to the risk map, and secondly to use visual metaphors to depict individual risks.

Specifically, the industry is “looking for permanent immigrant employees as the workforce retires,” says Michael Atkinson, president of the Canadian Construction Association.
The president of the national construction association estimates that 208,000 construction workers will retire creating an “unprecedented” demand on the labour workforce.  Half of the new workers are expected to be filled by new immigrants to Canada. In addition, working as a skilled construction worker, you could be helping to build new homes, offices, roads or factories. Often, these kinds of projects take years to complete offering numerous opportunities to advance to supervisory or management positions.
These projects offer you the opportunity to work on new construction or maintenance with chances of progressing to supervisory or management positions. And while it may not be true for all summer programs, those that are held up as high quality programs can engender deep learning in their participants.
After testing different metaphors, participants clearly preferred the Iceberg Metaphor (Fig.
And from this figure, 150,000 are private trades contractors with an additional 68,000 operating in residential construction.

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