Because I recently wanted to do a behind the scenes video I wanted to use a teleprompter only to find out that cheap ones would at least take two weeks for shipping and the professional grade ones came in 400€+.
The principle of a teleprompter is simple so that the main parts I needed were two picture frames and hinges. I connected both picture frames with hinges, then screwed the wooden board to the bottom for better stability. I screwed cable clamps to the board so that the teleprompter could slide onto my camera rig.
If you are all style conscious then here you are to find here pallet-made furniture set that is having artful look and has specially been made for kids!

Pack the remaining slats also for matching chair having artistic backrest and you can really build a little robust wooden stool or ottoman like shape first! This pallet made desk and stool set is an exceptional working spot for the kids to perform their home work and assignment tasks quite feasibly and conveniently. The desk has a very interesting triangle shape with a large size drawer to hold loads of work related items in it and a little raised stool with a back would let you have a comfort seat on it. Only the pallet slats of custom size have been cut and packed together to install this pallet desk and the stool and a gorgeous staining session would give it a very promising look. See the genius combination of pallets that results into this DIY pallet kids sectional desk and chair, will them the toddlers to study well and also to their assignments!

Paint this entire sitting set for a custom theme and also for a personal visual the gift it to your kids!
Two art style wooden panels have been fabricated with a genius cluster of pallet slats that are serving as sides of the desk, a thicker wooden triangle has been made hanged between the sides for a beautiful output of sectional desk, will live for years if your kids handle it with care!

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