The kitchen island will be meaningful if the design and function is fulfilling the kitchen’s needs. Custom kitchen island with seating is commonly designed as the area for breakfast and family gathering in non-formal situation. You can make large custom kitchen islands in ranges of shape such as rectangular, square, L-shape or even another shape to fit the available space.
Overall, custom kitchen islands should be made in the proper size and shape so it makes the functions well to prepare some foods in your kitchen.
Self-educated painter, having exhibitions in Austria, Germany, France and Hungary, is willing to share his inner world. For homeowners, a kitchen island can become an additional space for storage, the work space to prepare the meals, as well as favorite place of the family for gathering.
So you should make sure that the kitchen island is having the features and functions in order to increase and improve your work flow inside the kitchen.
For the higher height of kitchen island rather than common dining table, the seating is made higher too like bar stools.

To make a large kitchen island, you should make sure you have the space to apply it in the kitchen. But not Brian Oltrogge. He takes an old BEKVAM kitchen cart which he was using as a computer stand and hacks it into a beautiful workbench, or VORKBENSH as he calls it. Kitchen island can be made in different kinds of shape based on the needs and also the available space in the kitchen. Furthermore, the kitchen will be more inviting and nice for every family member and everyone.
It is another idea of non-formal dining table that is commonly used for enjoying breakfast. Applying a large kitchen island is also an effective way to create large feeling in the kitchen so it feels more welcoming and cozier.
The rack can be best alternative for storing any stuffs, including book collections, small decorative pieces, picture frames, and many others. About the size, you can make it based on the available space and don’t forget to consider about the walkways.

Besides, you can have plenty space for preparing foods including having storage underneath the kitchen islands.
Kids’ toys storage boxes, floating bathroom shelves, side tables, drawer systems, wall-mounted racks, wine racks, and linen storage boxes are other cool and creative works constructed from vintage wine crates. About the materials, you can make it same with the other counter-tops so it looks matching and create the balance look. In this turn, we are going to share some inspiring and creative wine racks taken from different sources. Trundle beds with storage, for instance, answer people’s demands about extra storage they need.

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