This could have been the beginning of what we now call employee engagement.  That was a long time ago – over 2,300 years ago! Shep Hyken is a customer service expert, professional speaker and New York Times  bestselling business author. These days, most companies are pretty staffed up, so hiring new people is not the solution for today. Your contributions to Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania not only provide financial assistance to girls but also assist Council in providing affordable programs, recruiting and training qualified leaders and advisors for girls, and helps maintain camp properties.
Matching Gifts: Your employer may have a program to match contributions to not-for-profit organizations, and GSEP may be eligible.
Take the Lead Events: We are excited to announce that we are preparing for our annual Take the Lead Awards Program in 2016. United Way Partners: Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania is a proud partner of United Way agencies across our nine-county region.
The GIRL SCOUTS name, mark, and all associated trademarks and logotypes, including the Trefoil Design, are owned by GSUSA. Pleasure in the job begins when the employer hires the right employee for the job.  For example, you probably shouldn’t hire an introverted personality to do an outside sales job – and vice-versa.

AND, the research shows that new employees are pretty much like the old employees after 6 months (Sirota) and that if you do not start things up differently with new hires, they will not give you what you want down the road. I liked that old concept a LOT and there used to be dozens of good programs using that anchor point.
If people feel a sense of active ownership and involvement, they will treat things differently.
The best performers are already doing things differently than the worst performers, so sharing those best practices is a no-brainer way to improve things. The letter includes customer service and experience articles, business tips and more from Shep's experiences as a customer service speaker.
More than this, when you give to Girl Scouts, you are investing in the lives of all the girls GSEP serves. To help send girls to Camp or provide Scholarship support follow this link to our secure online giving page. To support Take the Lead events or to find out more about a Take the Lead event in your community go here. For more information, contact the Individual Giving and Alumnae Coordinator at 215-564-2030.

Six SIgma seems to be today’s buzzword for it, but it really only occurs in manufacturing and production and not so much in areas where people have to respond differently so much, like customer service or other kinds of personalized work. When you can build that around your roadblock management, you are improving teamwork, improving skills and performance, and enabling more intrinsic motivation.
Shepard VT is an interactive online training solution that's the next best thing to in-person training with Shep! It’s been proven, Girl Scouts works—but we couldn’t do it without concerned supporters like you! Learn more here to find out why every gift matters and the benefits of joining the Giving Tree. Family Partnership provides these opportunities for all girls and by clicking here you are putting every girl that we serve at the top of your list and making their success a priority. Many individuals and families increase their contributions each year through matching gifts.

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