Garland had been staying at a hotel as part of his bail conditions but had been asked to leave, CTV reported. Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson told CTV that he believes a property owner or a hiker will see something to help the case.'We will be relentless on this,' he said. Alvin Likness was in business with the man who is accused of killing him, Douglas Garland, reports The National Post. One of Liknes’ companies, Winter Petroleum, was located in this strip mall in Calgary.
The National Post report into Liknes business dealings states that on the week of his disappearance, Liknes had cleared out his office in a Calgary strip mall. The Calgary Herald reports that Likness and Garland were in business together some years back. According to the National Post, in 1994 Alvin Likness declared bankruptcy, in 2012, Kathryn Liknes did similar. In addition to his role with Winter Petroleum, Liknes also worked with a Nevada-based company called Blue Sky Oil and Gas Corp. I read in the Metro News he committed bankruptcy a second time 5 days before disappearing. E-book readers Since reading is a favorite pastime for most people, these gadgets are in great demand today.
Police have probed a farm north of Calgary since Saturday, and on Wednesday expanded the search to the Spyhill Landfill northwest of the city. The Likneses, both of whom had previously declared bankruptcy, have a long history in real estate and the junior oil and gas industry in Calgary: the Post has found Alvin Liknes is linked to at least four separate companies. The State of Nevada’s last file on Blue Sky dates to 2010, and the company’s business licence has since been revoked. Title documents show their home was sold to a Calgary lawyer at the end of last year for $705,000. Both Alvin and Kathryn Liknes had declared bankruptcy in the past; Alvin in 1994, and Kathryn in 2012.
Kathryn Liknes was a licensed real estate agent in Calgary, although the Real Estate Council of Alberta said she had not been practising as a realtor for two years. Numerous Facebook pages and online profiles list the grandmother as a social media marketer who offered Search Engine Optimization services, and website templates for businesses. Calgary Police spokeswoman Emma Poole said seven officers were going through the Spyhill Landfill, routine in such missing persons cases and it’s expected officers will be checking other landfills in the area as well. Detectives have interviewed former staffers of a freshly bankrupt gas exploration company founded and managed by missing Calgary man Alvin Liknes, Metro has learned. Police have declined to delve into specifics on Liknes' business dealings and how they pertain to their investigation into the mysterious triple abduction case involving the businessman, his wife and five-year-old grandson Nathan Oa€™Brien. Little has been made public about the familya€™s past, but Kozera said the elder Liknes headed up the cash-strapped junior petroleum firm. The company had its equipment seized by a rural Alberta county that it owed roughly $800,000 to in property taxes and late penalties, according to the companya€™s ex-chief operating officer.

The Liknes couple and young Nathan were first reported missing from a home in Calgary's Parkhill neighbourhood June 30.
Over the weekend, an army of Calgary police and RCMP members converged on an acreage north of Airdrie after a vehicle similar to one caught on CCTV footage in Parkhill was seen on the property. Senior police spokesperson Kevin Brookwell said "a number of items" had been seized from the property since search efforts kicked into high gear Saturday. Garland, whose parents own the acreage property being searched, was questioned over the weekend and later released. He described Winter Petroleum's dealings with the county officials in the northwest Alberta area as being "unreasonablea€? and a€?totally wrong," claiming county officials taxed the company out of business. Five-year-old Nathan O'Brien and his grandparents Kathryn and Alvin Liknes were last seen June 29, 2014. Sponsored content is written by Global News' editorial staff without any editorial influence by the sponsor. Sponsored content is written by Global News' without any editorial influence by the sponsor.
Nathan O’Brien and his grandmother Kathy Liknes are shown in a Calgary Police Service handout photo.
His last encounter with the law was a traffic offence in 2009.It was believed that he was driving a green Ford F-150 pickup seen near the Liknes family home on the night they disappeared. When Nathan’s mother, Jennifer, never heard from either Liknes or his wife on June 30, she raised the alarm.
The property manager told the newspaper that Likness was a nice man who always paid his rent on time. The last company that Douglas Garland was affiliated with was a chemical company called P2 Solutions.
She previously worked as a real estate agent but since 2012, according to her Facebook page, she has worked in online marketing. Liknes disappeared from his home, along with his wife, Kathryn, and five-year-old grandson, Nathan O’Brien, according to the property manager. Investigators are delving into the Likneses’ business dealings as they try to disentangle the mystery of the trio’s disappearance.
One man, Douglas Garland, remains in custody, although he has not been charged with the disappearance.
Liknes was not listed as a director for Winter Petroleum, an employee told Calgary Metro that the oil and gas entrepreneur led Winter prior to its recent declaration of bankruptcy. Security and Exchange Commission filings, in 2008, Blue Sky was in merger discussions with a Florida company called Whitemark Homes Inc. Carson said Vecto was working on a type of pump that could keep water out of oil and gas wells, allowing them to be productive for longer stretches of time; however, Mr. She also engaged in direct marketing for a company that sold skincare products called Nucerity. Garland made a court appearance in Calgary on Wednesday to face charges of possessing an ID stolen from a 14-year-old boy who died in a car crash in 1980.

Garland possessed an older model green truck similar to one seen driving around the Liknes home on the night of the disappearance. Police have said a a€?violent crimea€? occurred inside the home and the trio did not leave voluntarily. Garrett Woolsey said the grid being surveyed spanned several square kilometres and his tactical team was taking its cue from Calgary police investigators. He does have past federal criminal charges for drug trafficking and evaded police for seven years using a name stolen from the victim of a 1980s Alberta car crash.
Hundreds gathered Thursday night for a candlelight vigil for missing Nathan O'Brien, 5, and his grandparents, Alvin and Kathy Liknes, of Calgary. The young boy had been staying with his grandparents just prior to their retirement move to Mexico. In 1992, Garland was arrested for making meth on his parents land, he managed to abscond but was rearrested in 1999. That company later merged with Whitemark Homes, a Florida-based company that diversified following the housing crash in 2008. Liknes around the building: he was a good man, she said, and the company always paid its rent on time. Liknes’s colleagues remain skeptical that his business has any connection to the disappearance.
He had used the same ID to evade police capture for seven years in the ’90s after he was charged with producing drugs on his parents’ farm — the very one police search this week. He first needs to provide a new address for where he would be staying, with the search ongoing at the farm where he had been living. He was the same age as me; he had a place down in Mexico and was going to spend six months up there, six months up here. One of Liknes’ business associates, Bruce Carson, told The National Post, that Liknes was a golf enthusiast who was ready to move to Mexico for six months and then spend six months living in Edmonton. Garland, a person of interest in the Calgary missing persons case, has been arrested July 14.
Garland is also linked to the Liknes family as his sister is in a relationship with Alvin’s son, Al.
He told The National Post “He’s just a great guy to work with, whether things worked or didn’t work, he was giving his best efforts.
Everything about them was kind of average, really, as far as I know they sure weren’t wealthy. I don’t understand why this happened at all.”Kathryn Liknes, 53, was reportedly a licensed real estate agent in Calgary but had not been a practicing real estate agent for two years, according to the Real Estate Council of Alberta. Ross said he has had very little contact with his client and is only retained by Garland on the charges currently before the court (identity theft and credit card charges).

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