January 14, 2014 By Mike Cernovich 55 Comments Jordan Belfort, whose life story was adopted in The Wolf of Wall Street (read the book here), did not accidentally get rich. Belfort starts getting going around 11 minutes in, and it gets really good at 15 minutes in. Belfort would constantly remove the limiting beliefs from his employees’ heads by holding two meetings a day.
The more crap from your life that you survived, the more likely that you will become great. You will find so much power, passion, and internal fortitude from your past if you look at all the horrible things that have happened to you as training for what you must become now. To become wildly successful, you must raise your standards. You will no settle for less than what your standards are. Which leads me to believe that my blog is being excluded due to someone’s petty personal vendetta against me.
What comes to my mind is you might be hosting your website on the same server where some other guy has gambling porn or phishing website. I noticed that you started to put in more pics since the beginning of year, kinda what Chris over at GLL does. I only bring this up cause it’s obvious you put in time and effort to make this site look good as possible, those small pics give amateurish look. If you start separating the message from the messenger you’ll probably achieve more success in life and be a happier person. The interviewer was annoying me so much, kept interrupting to tell his life story like it was his interview.
Thanks for sharing and summarising the important points in your post – truly a fantastic and worthwhile video and just what I needed after a shitty and demotivating day.
Add real value to others (such as leaving an actual good comment) before trying to extract value (free links) from them. Read previous post:How to Break Bad Habits and How to Stop Watching PornLike most people, I am prone to developing filthy habits.
It’s amazing how, so many successful companies can create just about anything-except an effective website. Design is not everything in a website, but if you fall below a certain standard of design quality, your potential customers won’t take you seriously. The business your run has a lot of processes of production, packaging and other steps until the finished product is delivered. Not all visitors are customers and not everyone who is visiting your website is ready to make a purchase. Coming from a South Asian family it started off by thinking in terms of exams and qualifications.
Then there is the constant allure of measuring success by money and the things that money can buy – vividly described as bright shiny objects.
The other side of that is it is so easy to then become successful at those things that in the end don’t really matter – which is really failure!
Or more famously, “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world yet forfeit his soul? Yes playing the comparison game is very dangerous as there will always be people ahead of you in some way, as well as those who are less fortunate.
I agree with Sunil, and looking at how we have improved is a great way to bring contentment.
So you combine contentment with how far you have come with a hunger to grow and develop further in your life.

Get updates from the blog delivered directly to your inbox and receive your free copy of Hope in the Darkness: Strategies to combat negative thinking in today’s world. DisclaimerThis information is for educational purposes only, and is in no way intended to be personal medical advice. His success was the result of his views of himself and the world around him. In a nearly one-hour interview (available at the bottom of the post), Jordan Belfort shares his 4 keys for life success. The interviewer also distracted from Belfort’s inspirational message by asking for war stories like some groupie. You’ve given clarity to his story, and this post has arrived at just the right moment.
Belfort is a honey-tongued sociopath who used to sell worthless stocks and now sells himself.
Do you reckon his conscience would stop him from using the scammiest of self-help industry sales and marketing techniques? Weren’t you going to send something on your body transformation out or did I miss the boat on that one? Just listened to the podcast on lifting with your fitness model friend, lots of great info to help me. 2, I would like to ask for good financial advice for a recent college grad starting his first job. Styles apart you can learn all that from much more honest and competitive people, from all the old shool type as dale carnegie to post-modern James altucher and many others.
If your website looks like it was made in a basement, people will assume you’re small and unprofessional regardless of how big and successful you really are .
The best thing is to have a SEO specialist looking over your site and making it discoverable via a search engine.
That is why you have to have some sections for the visitors to fill out their contact data. The fact is that in this digital age, more and more advertising is done online and more and more companies are making use of these two social giants Facebook and Twitter for promoting their products and services.
It got me thinking and made me realise how much my understanding of what success is has evolved and changed over the years. Surely, it seemed at the time, the better the exam results meant that the more successful you were and even more so if you got into a respectable profession like medicine! Advertising and the media keep on trying to tell us that if only you had that car or those clothes or that highly prized real estate then you would know you are successful. Wanting more is certainly not the answer and yet that is what is so often what is presented to us in society and through the media.
You might say you mean your contentment assumes that the people around you are also content but that can’t last for long.
Unfortunately it is much easier to focus on those who have more than we do than those who have less. Please ask your physician about any health guidelines seen in this blog, as everyone is different in his or her medical needs.
If you make a million dollars (a goal), how will your mother’s or father’s medical care improve (the vision)? It’s energy that comes from a greater sense of well being and overall feeling of vitality.
Also, Jordan has this product for sale for $2000 called THE STRAIGHT LINE PERSUASION SYSTEM on his website. I’m 23, my father passed at 12 so I never had anyone to steer me in certain directions.

He kept itching to tell his stupid story and was obsessed with say, “NLP is like a knife. A well-designed website will inspire confidence in your firm and the main image will be one of success and not failure. Offer them reasons to return to the site like product informations, specifications and operating manuals, professional tips, recipes and tutorials. But even if you can’t afford such a specialist there are some things you can do to maximize your chances of being found. Your image as an efficient company will suffer if your customers find on your site outdated offers, announcements for last year’s trade shows. With some e-mail addresses you can transform a visitor into a customer with newsletters containing industry information, product announcements and tips.
Beside the promoting on social networks you can also take on a blog, filling it with industry based information, news and offers, discounts, services, new products and many as such for your customers and visitors to follow. Take the time and care to make it bright, attractive, informative, easy to navigate, and easy to find. In hindsight I got there by playing the system so as to get top grades in subjects I knew I was best at to be accepted into medical school.
The opportunity to interact deeply with patients and their carers in a holistic way at times of deep need I began to find enormously satisfying. The challenge, as I see it, is to have worthy goals and ambitions while at the same time being content with how far you have come.
Contentment is important I guess it’s a question of the things we find our contentment in.
It stops you from charging forward when you should move forward, and it causes you to move backwards when you should be moving forward. What has this guy done to prove is advert is worthed other than being famous from rapacious schemes? A good design does not have to be expensive, it’s enough to be made by a designer that knows what he is doing.
Customers should be able to glance at your home page and see exactly where they need to go.
First and most important is to have some keywords and key information in your website as a selectable text that can be read by search engines. Make sure your website has a user-friendly content management system so you can update frequently and easily. However, I quickly became unstuck as I found myself struggling to keep up with the work and failing most of my exams! Fast forward another 10 years or so to become a consultant and there is the realisation that lasting success, whatever, that was, appeared somewhat elusive.
And no matter what you get, there will always be somebody who has more or something better than what you have got. Media like photographs and videos are a very efficient way to present and demonstrate your products. Consider offering your products or services catalog in a download-able section with a link from main page or better yet, you can include your catalog in your website and customers can search it online.

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