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To enroll in these free contests, all that’s required is your email address and other simple contact information.  A small investment of your time considering the winning potential!
The fact is: companies are willing to give away awesome prizes in an effort to increase brand awareness. Instant win sweepstakes can make your day with 5 simple words…You Are An Instant Winner! The tremendous popularity of Instant win sweepstakes has produced an influx of these types of sweepstakes on the internet.
Instant win sweepstakes can be found in many places such as magazines, newspapers, TV, and the internet.
Sweepstakes are free to enter and do not require a purchase of a product or service to gain entry. Instant win sweepstakes prizes range from cash, vacations, luxury vehicles, and boats to smaller items such as gift cards, hats, jackets, and other promotional items. So you’ve decided to take steps in making your dreams come true by entering online sweepstakes and contests. Consistency is key when it comes to winning sweepstakes; you need to accumulate a large number of entries over time to increase your probability of winning prizes. This may seem like an obvious tip, but even if you are playing sweepstakes and contests for the thrill of the game, you should only enter the ones you want to win prizes in. The influx of online sweepstakes and contests has created a market for programs that expedite entry form filling. Like all things worthwhile in life, winning online sweepstakes and contests takes time and patience.
More car sweepstakes let you earn bonus entries by “liking” a contest on Facebook or Tweeting about it!
Entering any sweepstakes or contests from this site will not increase your chances of winning.

Travel Channel - $10,000 Cash for an Epic Summer SweepstakesEnter to win $10,000 that you can use to explore America or however else you choose. And we’re going to let you in on 5 legitimate win-a-car sweepstakes where you have every opportunity to become a winner. You provide your email address and other basic contact information, and in cases like these, they give away vehicles valued at over $30,000 with no strings attached!
In addition to winning the truck, the grand prize winner will also receive the trip of a lifetime complete with a TV personality.  Even more incredible is that you get to choose the trip you go on!  Pick an elk hunt with Fred Eichler, shark fishing with Conway Bowman, deer hunting with Huntley Ritter, or wild boar hunting with Haley Heath.
Instant Win Sweepstakes are popular for good reason, they notify you immediately if you’ve won! On the internet, they are often located on a company’s website under promotions and sweepstakes or on a company’s social networking site. Sweepstakes winners are determined in random drawings so the odds of winning are equal for all contestants.
To enter, the contestant is usually required to enter select contact information and play a game such as spinning a prize wheel, scratching a game piece, or clicking on a link.
Pick a time you know you will have free each day and devote that time to entering online sweepstakes and contests. Programs like Roboform save important entry information like your name, phone number, and e-mail address and then fill forms with one-click.
You enter a contest to win a car online, you give yourself the opportunity to win, and you just might be the lucky winner of a new car—all for free. Pictures, displays, or other representations of any prizes used in this site are not depictions or promises of the actual prizes which may differ substantially. Bic - Fight for Your Write ContestAsk your kid what he or she would do if they were principal for a day.
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! In addition to the grand prize, there’s an August, September, and October prize that includes a wild pig hunt, Florida fishing trip, and Steelhead fishing trip, respectively. First prize is a 2014 Harley-Davidson motorcycle and second prize is a 3D 55″ LED TV. This provides excitement, immediate gratification, and endless winning potential to hopeful contestants. However, if more than one sweepstakes entry is allowed, an entrant may increase their odds of winning by accumulating a large number of entries into a particular sweepstakes.
Whether you are looking to enter instant cash sweepstakes or sweepstakes with material prizes like a car, house, or vacation, there are techniques that can increase your chances of winning.

Or if your free time is limited, enter sweepstakes while you’re watching tv, during your morning cup of coffee, or right before bedtime. It makes sense to spend your valuable time entering sweepstakes with prizes you find most desirable.
Instead, focus on giveaways by manufacturers with a tinier share of the market – like Subaru with 2% or Kia with 4%.
These sweepstakes offer a wide variety of prizes, from instant cash sweepstakes to luxury cars and tropical vacations.  They are a great way for companies to promote their products or services while offering consumers a chance to win large prizes with minimal time investment and effort. All sweepstakes winners must pay taxes on items such as large cash winnings, cars, boats, and trips. However, it is important to always read sweepstakes and contest rules carefully to understand eligibility and other entry requirements. Even if you win an instant win sweepstakes online, receiving your first big prize may take a couple of months. Santa Margherita - She Shed GiveawayEnter weekly for your chance to win home prizes or a grand prize of $5,000 in cash and home furnishings. Companies will often award a cash prize along with large prizes, such as vehicles or houses, to help offset taxes. While you’re waiting for your big win, take advantage of that time to enter other free online contests.
Be sure to read the official sweepstakes rules before entering to understand eligibility and other entry requirements. From large sums of cash to fancy homes and extravagant cars, head online today and take a shot at winning!
National Fluid Milk Processors - Raise a Glass SweepstakesEnter to win a $10,000 trip to the U.S.
Winner’s choice of a $10 Virtual Visa Gift Card awarded digitally or a check for $10. Gray Line - Bucket Life Nomination Contest & SweepstakesNominate a deserving friend and he or she could win a $10,000 dream vacation. So to win the Instant win cash giveaway,next time your doing your groceries, think mmmmmmmmcookies and you could be the winner!

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