Homemade Lavender Bath Salts Lavender smells so good and helps you relaxing while enjoying a nice bubble bath. Homemade Lemon Zest Soap Why spend lots of money on high priced soaps when you can make your own at home for half the cost. Homemade Lavender Bath Bombs The perfect way to treat yourself to a little pampering and also makes a great gift! This pineapple and coconut Hawaiian bubble bread (pull-apart bread, or monkey bread) is one of the easiest and best tasting recipes for breakfast, brunch, snack, or dessert! Some know this as Monkey Bread or Pull-Apart bread, but no matter what you happen to call it, it’s super delish.
The fresh sliced banana, coconut addition,  and pineapple-orange-banana juice provide tropical flavors in the glaze poured over the bread to give it that island flavor.  And if you like this, you might like the Tropical Orange Pineapple Banana Bread I made recently.  Check it out!
These are a few of my favorite things: cooking, baking, Broadway musicals, cruises, Disney World, Christmas, thunderstorms, 80's and country music, and my favorite pastime has ALWAYS been baseball. Brilliant twist on monkey bread Ashley – you have amped up the NOM factory with that OJ and pineapple!!! These are a few of my favorite things: cooking, baking, Broadway musicals, cruises, Disney World, Christmas, storms, 80's and country music, and my favorite pastime has always been baseball. Right before the semester break, CVS Caremark sent a letter with a one-time use card (just a piece of paper) that is needed by a pharmacist to update your insurance information in their system and allow them to process your script and charge you the co-pay only. You’ll be forgiven if you thought that piece of mail looked like junk mail and threw it out without opening it. You will get sent to a page with a Claims Reimbursement form and a FAQ page to help you fill it out, if needed.
It’s not entirely necessary, but is probably the easiest way to find information about your prescriptions, especially mail-order, as well as drug prices, pharmacy locations, etc. If you had any refills of prescriptions left from Express Scripts, they have been automatically transferred to CVS Caremark.

If you are still having issues with filling your prescriptions, contact CVS Caremark via NYSHIP at 1-877-7-NYSHIP (1-877-769-7447). CUNY DSC, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. One of the biggest trends in the past year or two has really turned the tables on work-to-play fashions. Did you know the modern bikini made its debut on July 5, 1946 at a poolside fashion show in Paris? The biggest thing to remember about dressing for fun during work hours is to remain conservative.
I was getting profoundly confused about all this stuff and I have no idea where that thing they mailed me’s got to—so all this info is hugely appreciated. All the fruits of your labor being used and spent on a good time is what makes that grind so bearable after all. A pencil skirt gets a little stifling so maybe opt for a chiffon or pleated midi on those hot days. From it's slimming silhouette to its easy breezy elegance, these pants are having a moment.
These tops are typically sleeved and flowy which makes them conservative when worn with a tank underneath and either style of bottom mentioned above. Most of the items I feature cost a pretty penny at the store but you can make them at home for a fraction of the cost.
Get something with an elastic waist and some flowy layers to make it easier for gallivanting in the sunset.
They blow with the breeze, they don’t stick to you in the heat, they look cute with a tank top and cardigan!
With less fabric than your typical dress pant, they are a cooler option when it comes to style and heat.

Layers are easy to take off when you’re in the sun and just as easy to put on when the air conditioning hits. Between beach days, amusement parks and roof deck parties, it’s important to make the most of your time and money before the cold ascends. And when casual Friday rolls around, put those jeans on for the daytime then cuff them up for happy hour on the patio. And always have a blanket, sunscreen, and frisbee in the trunk of your car or office cubicle. One easy solution will have you always be prepared for whatever summer adventure comes your way: wear clothes that can be dressed up then dressed down! Coat a large bowl with cooking spray and place the kneaded dough in it, flipping the dough on each side to coat to coat it with the spray. Cover bowl with a damp cloth and let dough rise in a warm place for about 1½ hours or until the dough has doubled in size.
Once it is doubled, punch the dough down once last time and place it on a lightly floured surface and let it rest for 5 additional minutes. Pull away pieces of dough and form them into balls about 1½ inches in size (about 30 balls). In a bowl stir together the cream of coconut and 4 tablespoons of pineapple-orange-banana juice.
Stir the powdered sugar into the remaining juice mixture and drizzle it over the top of the warm bread right before serving (the bread will soak up too much glaze if you do it too far in advance).
Cut the bread into slices or put it in the middle of the table and use the "pull apart" method.

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