In late 90s and beginning 2000’s those who bought domains are very wealthy in todays time. WordPress is made out for high performance websites, and if you start a blog you can make a lot of money out of it today.
Most developers need to know php,javascsript,css,html, and mysql to start to learn how to create wordpress theme. Now as I mentioned at the top the theme is what code goes into the making of your website its not just a color change. The problem is that you may be really confused about what works and what doesn’t work to make money online.
For example, when I made my first video course, I understood that ebooks were working for me, but video courses were much more effective in my case. With this post I want to share with you my experience and make you have a clear picture about what works perfectly, what works well and what doesn’t work.
All the following suggestions come from my experience (and a few of them from the experience of friends who shared their results with me). Because of these, a source of income that requires you just 5 minutes a day will rank higher than another that requires you 5 hours a day.
People need physical stuff more than they need online products or software (just think to food), and this is the main reason why this is the most effective way to make profits via web. If you (or someone who works for you) can make a great software, this will be a great chance to make money online. The more the online world evolves, the more online users need softwares, so this is an industry with a bright future. As training course I mean a course made by videos, audios and written content (pdfs, worksheets, articles, researches, ect…) all together to give you the best learning experience than you can get. Training courses are the best learning tools available online and this makes them really appealing.
A video course is a type of infoproduct that is just slightly under the level of a training course. Videos courses have quite high prices and are pretty appealing so they’ll make you more money than most of the other kinds of infoproducts. When I made my first video course I was impressed because I earned more selling it in a few days than I did selling my ebook in a whole month. Usually, after you make a video course, you can forget about it so it’s a passive income source.
When you’re a recognized expert you can offer your consulting and people will pay to get your advice. Of course, you need time to make people perceive your expertise, but once you reach this goal you can earn a lot: a consulting may be pretty expensive, especially when you are a renowned expert in your field. If you can write well, you’ll have the chance to work as a freelance and charge people to have your articles.
The more experience you acquire writing as a freelance, the more you can charge for your service. Like consulting, you can’t really scale the process because you have to spend time writing.
If you have some kinds of skill that people can find useful, you can offer them and make money online.
You don’t need to know internet marketing or web design to offer your online service.
This is a scalable way to make money online: even if you start offering your own service, growing you may hire people who will offer their service for you.
I haven’t written a Kindle, but I know a couple of people who are performing pretty well with them.
Notice that once you establish a good exposure on Amazon for your Kindles, you’ll have a passive income.
Generally ebooks have a low price, which means that you need a lot of traffic to make a decent income by them.
For example, if you sell your ebook at $19, you need to sell 52 ebooks a month to make $1,000.
Anyway, writing an ebook is pretty simple and it requires less time than recording a video course. It works, but don’t expect huge profits from it, and know that you have to get much more traffic to make a living from affiliate products than with your own products.
Notice that you’ll only get a percentage on the sales, so you have to sell many products to make a good amount of money. If you perceive a 30% commission on a $49 product, you’ll have to sell 3 products to make the same amount of money that you would make selling your own product at $49. The time that you spend inserting ads on your site is quite small compared to the time that you spend making a product. Nowadays, the percentage of people who click on ads is very small, and even if you earn $0,20 per click, you’ll need lots of clicks to earn a decent amount of money. Once a company contacted me to ask if I was interested in putting their ads on my old blog. Sometimes I receive an email in which someone asks to me if I want to make a solo ad for him.
Other than this ethic problem, I want to highlight the fact that running solo ads will completely ruin your reputation. This kind of advertising doesn’t really hurt your brand until you keep the number of your ads low. The problems are that you have to find the advertisers, which will cost you time, you need a crowded blog and you have to provide a good exposure to your banners. For starters affiliate marketing is how I make my living and I know it works with very little computer knowledge required, man,  if I can do it anyone can! I am going to give you a basic rundown on what affiliate marketing is just to keep things simple, by the way, that is the secret to affiliate marketing, don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be!
Affiliate marketing is essentially an online middleman, you are a go between the retailer and the buyer for a fee. There are many different techniques used in affiliate marketing but the most basic and consistent method is blogging.
Blogging is just one form of affiliate marketing, you can set up individual sales pages and write quick reviews on certain products that you are promoting.

This is the sweet part of being an affiliate marketer, your cost to be an affiliate marketer is next to nothing. So as you can see there isn’t much cost to consider when you are thinking about affiliate marketing as a way to make money online. Here is an important note, never, never, purchase a training program that offers a set price for affiliate marketing training.
You are going to hear from every scam artist on the Net as well as programs that just can’t deliver the goods, and there are many! All inclusive training platform: There are only a few affiliate training programs that I have found over the years that offer a platform where what you see is what you get, no hidden fees. The training provider should offer everything you need to run your online business with one fee.
Use an established affiliate training provider, one that has a track record, check them out with the BBC for peace of mind.
I actually have 10 times as many approved programs on this site as there are poor or scammy products. Hi Mike Sir, I like to appreciate your well written article and it will very helpful for me because i want to start online marketing. Hi Vicky, I think it is admirable that you are trying to start a blog on your own but to be honest why don’t you start at Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn how to blog for free and also get hosting and two free websites thrown in. Affiliate marketing sounds good but I have very little computer skills is it still an option for me?
Hi Euginia, when I first started I had almost very little exposure to computers but the program I found after a few failed attempts basically took me by the hand and walked me through it. I have opened a new blogging website and for those who have followed me know that my old one was filled with how to tutorials and some basic seo tips. WordPress’s publishing system has become very very popular and it does live up to what it offers.
Most sites that blog every day to acouple of times a week make an average of 2k to 30k a month.
There is an endless list of software companies that have their blog and sell their product online. People would buy a training course priced at $600, but the they won’t never buy an audio course at the same price. Videos are great to teach people so they’ll help customers to learn well the information that you provide.
When you’re just starting, your fee will be less than it will be after a couple of years of experience.
With a 5% conversion rate, it means that you need to send 1,040 people per month to your landing page. Once you insert the ads on your blog, you have a passive income – except that you need to keep driving traffic to your blog. They offered 0,15€ per click (about $0,20 at the time), and I was opened to try so I accepted. Who will ever subscribe to your email list knowing that you’ll use him just as a way to make money?
So here I am writing a blog post with the hopes it will find someones eye and they too can experience the life that affiliate marketing has given our family. You enter into an agreement with a retailer to sell their product and in return they agree to pay you a fee. Blogging is when you set up a website and write about products and services or just general interest stuff. Where can you go out and potentially make 100’s of thousands of dollars and put out less than a hundred dollars a month to operate a business, honestly,  none come to my mind!
Affiliate marketing is the real deal and offers a great way to make honest and great money online risk free.
Like I stated earlier you do not need to spend big bucks on training, if you spend more than $60 bucks a month then you are getting ripped off, you are paying for for tools or manufactured courses that you don’t need.
These companies have no interest in support once you have paid their entrance fee and usually the material that I see is of really poor quality. You will need this, you will need that, your head will spin and you will be scratching your head wondering what the hell you will really need to make a living online. You will need a community environment where members help each other learn from their mistakes and success. Most training platforms upsell the crap out of you, they offer a low monthly membership fee and make their money off upsells that they say you need. You don’t need to buy into systems or gimmicks just keep it simple and you will be well on your way to making great money online with very minimal overhead.
Over the years I have been scammed numerous times by products and services that have claimed to help me build something real online.
It’s always important that your affiliate campaign uses positive language when promoting a product. You are absolutely right that a person should be positive and as affiliate case studies demonstrate that being positive makes people feel positive which puts them in a spending mood, good for affiliates. I only have one product at this moment that I fully endorse because it has the most check marks by the requirements I feel will benefit my readers. You will have access to the best training and not only create a professional looking blog but learn how to have it rank where people will see it.
I have applied some of the info you have provided in your articles with great success, thank you Blake. I started making money online with their help and I am still a member because I benefit from their support and updated training.
This time Id like to push things further and introduce you all to the truth and relate it with what you’re really interested in when you thing about the internet. If you start blogging very uniquley and put even more work to creating more blogs, then you can make 40k to-500k a month. The theme isn’s created by a group,team,company,ect and has maybe only 2 developments in it . All you will need as an affiliate marketer is a website and a registered domain name, I always like to keep my marketing skills up to date with all the new marketing techniques that come down the line so I would also recommend a platform that offers the most current marketing techniques.
You don’t have to worry about hidden costs with the right program and you are in control of who you sell for and how you run your online business.

Then there’s the flip side, while reviewing Internet marketing programs you walk the fine line of going overboard or going to cheap.
A Keyword tool is a must in the affiliate marketing business and this should also be included in your monthly membership fee. You cannot speak in any negative context whatsoever, and that includes speaking badly of the competition! On a review site on the other hand such as this that’s not always possible when reviewing certain products.
What separates this site from many review sites is that this site is very impartial and objective.
Check out my #1 program for affiliate marketing training, they offer a free starter course no strings attached, good luck Mike. Get a hosting, do a quick install, save your pass info, and you’re ready to move on to the next step. A development can be anything from changing what the site does in the functions file or just changing a color shade.
Some companies are less worried about how you sell their products but the real profitable merchants have strict guidelines. My program of choice offers free hosting and as many website templates as I can handle so my online business has no limitations as it grows, and it will grow. The cheap programs give you no support, inferior training delivery, crappy videos, basically you will not get the quality of training that you need to be successful. Like any new endeavor affiliate marketing has a certain evolution that needs to take place and it all has to happen in a certain sequence for things to make sense and end in an online sale.
The only thing that you will need to outsource is a domain name registry for your website name. Use this chart to compare it to any program that you are thinking about as a training platform.
People need to hear that your product is the best on the market, but they don’t want to hear you attack the other product. There are many scams on the market and they deserve to be raked over the coals so to speak and called out for what they are and at times this can come off quite negative but it is what it is!
There are many good programs and products which I approve ( incentive free) and some that I am on the fence over because they lack certain components that may hurt your chances depending on your skill level, then there are the scams that I bash, rightfully so, cheers Mike. I will tell you know in this blog and my future blogs the best way to make money, methods, whats in, and the latest SEO tips. Now blogs are the same thing, blogs have gotten popular this year as consumers read blogs, but if you start a blog in todays time it will start becoming very valuable now and even more later on.
Additionally I need access to the most current Internet Marketing training available at my beckoning call.
I love waking up in the morning to see how much money I made while I was sleeping, people are literally shopping around the clock, no closed signs on Internet retailers doors.
There is a sweet spot when searching for quality training programs that start at roughly $39 and end at $60 a month if you are paying more or less than that range I have found you are not getting the value for your money and are setting yourself up for failure. Most people start affiliate marketing like I did, part time,  so when they sit down to work on their online business after work or on a day off they need answers to problems that arise now, not tomorrow, this is where live chat pays big dividends.
I don’t want to scare you off because it really isn’t that hard, but you do need someone to hold your hand to get the maximum benefit from your training, the program that I use gives that to you! Most people now don’t focus on top website for their feeds, they like going on sites like stumble upon and reading random blogs because there is really good stuff out there today if you think about it. The more Attractive your website is the more Viewers coming back and bookmarks you will get on your website.
The best part is the only thing you need for this is hosting,good built website with wordpress, and time to invest in this project every day to acouple of times a week. Once the customer leaves your sight they bring with them an affiliate link or cookie that behind the scenes identifies them as one of your clients and when a purchase is made you will get a commission.
If your website is built very well then you will have a better chance at ranking higher up in seo as it will meet both wordpress and google standards.
Sometimes quality is better than quantity,but whatever is more comfortable for you to do is the best one to go with.
Number 2:The number 2 thing to stay away from is themes that may be know as replicate theme online. Remember you are actually an affiliate to all the items that are being reviewed so you are always in a win, win situation. If lets say the developer wanted to add something to the menu with html, he or she would have to do it for EACH blog post created and webpage on the side. They are very un secure and will have many places that spammers can inject their code into your theme and do a lot of damage. Now lets talk about where you can get themes and the right way to chose the theme and what opinion while doing research just now on what the best theme is out there. Imagine getting a client that wants to place an add on your site and pays you and you would have to update it one by one.
If you look at your themes dashboard inside your wordpress you will see some free themes on there. Theme marketplaces are not company themes, any single unlicensed author can sign up and place their theme on the market place. They made only 1 file and included or pulled in that 1 file with a single line on each page.
The best wordpress developers work with companies, so trusting a single freelance developer to hold the base of your future isn’t something that cuts it for me. The other thing that I notices is that all marketplace themes take up database and server space,the sites are usually very slow, and there is no form of protection on those sites at all. If then they wanted to make a change for example to the menu, they would pull up that file which was included on every website and they change it and save it there.
I have checked out some plugins for content protection, but the main issue with that is that it does interfere with your script because when a developer creates a script it doesn’t always know what code that plugin will have and if it will interfere with somethings there.
It saves time,makes everything very easy to use, quick, and the best part is that you can install it in 15 minutes and start your own live blog.

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