The Alpha Team website, developed to support one of LEGO's most successful toy lines, features a squad of six secret agents fighting the evil-doer Ogel. Two sets of six games were developedin-house by a team of three people - myself, a designer, and a shockwave programmer - working closely together to conceive and build the games. The manic minds behind the channel’s new 2D toon Uncle Grandpa give us a glimpse into their super-positive world. Most of us have memories of a special relative that made an impact on our childhoods by being so connected to his or her own inner child: The grandparent eager to kit out a pillow fort with all the trappings, the uncle who lets you drive his beat-up Chevy down the block. Created by Peter Browngardt (Secret Mountain Fort Awesome), the show centers on everyone in the whole world’s uncle and grandpa: Uncle Grandpa! Serving as Browngardt’s co-pilot on this animated road trip is creative director Audie Harrison, who was a storyboard artist on Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. Like many of the network’s most successful series, Uncle Grandpa is a hand-drawn, 2D effort, with the team of between 20 to 30 artists putting stylus to screen at Cintiq workstations. It takes about nine to 10 months to get an episode from script to completion, although Harrison points out this estimate is complicated by the series’ variety-show style format.
The shorts are developed independently of the longer stories and are later mixed and matched with them. For the dynamic cartooning duo, one of the greatest challenges of creating the show was figuring out how to piece the eccentric characters and their stories together. Now that they are in the rhythm of working with these strange cartoon beings, Harrison and Browngardt say favorites are definitely emerging. Browngardt and Harrison explain that GRFT is animated in a South Park-esque, flapping-head style–think jerky, early Flash videos made by crudely animating photos of celebrity heads.
With their magical mystery tour moments from its airdate, the creative pals are hoping that audiences will respond to the carefree comedy and enjoy it for its Devil-may-care wackiness without wondering why the proverbial coyote won’t give up on catching that darn roadrunner. Matt met up with Ents Hub reporter to talk about the character and who could play Jason Bourne next.
But it should have been obvious to all parties involved that people generally want Jason Bourne in a Jason Bourne movie, hence Jason Bourne, which hits theaters on Friday and brings Damon’s character back into the secret agent fold. Actor Mark Little has paid tribute to his former co-star Vivean Gray who was best known for her role as Mrs Mangel in Neighbours .

Vivean also played Ida Jessops in The Sullivans and had roles in Prisoner: Cell Block H, Anzacs and All the Rivers Run. Paul Smith's 'classics with a twist' find favour with today's Establishment, even past and present prime ministers - but don't let that put you off, says Luke Leitch.
The accident in which Paul Smith broke his nose, collarbone, femur and ribs was, oddly, a lucky one.
Sir Paul (he was knighted in 2000) now has his name above a network of several hundred shops around the world.
At his HQ, a converted factory behind Drury Lane in London, he employs 180 people, including a 24-strong design team.
His clothes tend to combine don't-scare-the-horses conventionality and subtly unorthodox detail. The now-overused fashion phrase "classic with a twist" was first coined by Sir Paul, and to find these twists he and his team scour the world for new motifs. Smith fills his shops with trinkets and oddities, a habit designed to intrigue customers - "It was a bit of an ice-breaker" - which began when he opened his first shop in 1970.
Smith says: "A lot of young designers worry about that tag, 'designer', and feel they need to throw in the kitchen sink. Travelling around in his suped-up RV, the eternal optimist is willing to help out whenever, wherever and however he can, coming up with unusual solutions for any problem.
But the duo have been friends and collaborators since long before their first TV project together: Browngardt and Harrison met on their first day at CalArts and went on to team up for short films and other side projects, even when they were a continent apart. Currently, the shorts are created by show staffers, but Browngardt hopes to invite in guest directors in the future. Highlighting her photoreal flatness, GRFT is animated using different tiger pics slapped together in Photoshop. The film’s cast also features the return of Julia Stiles as former support technician Nicky Parsons, who has a long history with Bourne. The government is spying through the citizens and compromising their privacy for the sake of public safety.
The star, who sadly passed away aged 92, became a firm fan favourite on the soap and spent two years terrorising Ramsay Street with her busybody character from 1986 to 1988.

For it was via two fellow-convalescents (a crushed motorcyclist and a mashed miner) that the then-teenage Smith - his hopes of becoming a racing cyclist suddenly as shattered as that femur - started on the course that would see him become Britain's most successful designer of men's clothes. Whether it is a map printed on the lining of a sober business suit, or Forties pin-ups painted inside a billfold wallet, he leaves it up to the owner of his clothes to decide whether to show these details off or not.
Examples include some brass numbers bought at a market that became the handles for a range of bags, or a batch of old Japanese rice-farmers' clothes - dyed indigo to repel insects and darned and darned again to make them last - which inspired one collection. That was a 12ft room next to a moneylenders in Byard Lane in Nottingham, started with the encouragement of his girlfriend (and latterly his wife) Pauline. Now he is very much part of the Establishment: as prime ministers, both Tony Blair and David Cameron have worn Paul Smith suits. But it is simplicity that's really tough, because the justification for doing something simply is more difficult to explain.
Uncle Grandpa (voiced by Browngardt) is aided in his cheery quest by his pals Belly Bag, a talking fanny pack (Eric Bauza); Mr. Harrison previously worked in CG at Pixar and Nickelodeon and as a vfx artist for films like The Golden Compass. This allows men who are obliged to dress formally to be still be inconspicuously informal - which can be very satisfying.
He says of this habit: "I like to see something kitsch against something beautiful, or something rough against smooth. But that shouldn't put you off: browsing through one of his shops is both relaxing (no terrible thumping music, and no hysterical pressure to buy) and interesting. Until then he had been working in a shop alongside a Nottingham art school student he'd met via those fellow convalescents. But the eventual success of VA?tements (despite that terrible name) allowed him to expand first into bigger premises, and then Floral Street in London.

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