A recently recognized breed coordinated by several Free Marchers city-state; the largest numbers pass through Tantervale.
An imposing mount descended from stock and spread across Thedas during the height of Tevinter expansion. Available by completing war table operation The Hunter Shade Dracolisk in Orlais, unlocked after researching Bonus Damage Against Dragons by turning in creature research items from dragonlings or dragons.
At home in the Western Approach, none of its kind can be called "common." Responsive, but not shy about testing the reins. Blue River Bane 2:50 a€“After completing the war table operation The Hunter Shade Dracolisk in Orlais, this mount can be purchased from the mounts merchant in Skyhold. Wide ranging along what may have been the route of Elven exodus before the Tevinter expansion.

Stubborn and hardy, the Greater Nuggalope - or "Deth Nug" - makes a statement, and that statement is "hands." Reward for completing the war table operation, The Big One?.
Available as bonus content with Collector's Edition Prima Official Game Guide In-Game Content. Once belonging to an evil marauder, this unique mount has returned to inspire fear into those who would oppose you.
Tevinter made efforts to breed them, but found them too spirited for riders without the will to match.

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