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General Motors vehicles built in 2011 and later, required the use of dexos? licensed engine oil. Ranger1942 - February 9, 2015How does GM propose to monitor whether dexos oil is being used or not? Is dexos? a great new oil or just a GM shakedown?What is dexos?Confusing as it may be, dexos? is not a brand or type of oil at all.
Instead, dexos? is a specification concocted by General Motors along with a license the auto maker sells to oil manufacturers.

GM has found a way to make money, selling companies a license to display a logo on their products stating they meet GM specifications.
Requiring synthetic blend oil may help with the stated aim, but multiple organizations already rate oils.For example the American Petroleum institute (API), International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) and others already have oil ratings and are well received.
Even if oil exceeds the dexos? standards, the oil producer must pay GM for a license, if they wish to display the logo.
Like all costs, this is passed on to the client in the form of higher oil prices.Is dexos? good or bad?Products that pay for the right to display the logo are no better or worse than those meeting the same standard that do not buy a license. Perhaps some oil companies unwilling to pay the tribute may be standing up?Current (2013) General Motors statement GM has found that using substandard oil can affect engine performance and, in the worst case scenario, may damage or harm the engine. Unlicensed products have not gone through GM?s rigorous testing process, are not monitored for quality, and are not approved or recommended for use in GM vehicles. This move from the more standard 5W30 viscosity may add to the confusion, but follows the lead of other manufacturers toward thinner oil.

Is dexos? required in my GM vehicle?Loosely interpreted federal law says, if we require a product for a warranty, the manufacturer must supply it free of charge. I wonder how long it will take for other manufacturers to catch on and issue their own license?
Customers will inevitably pay the extra cost.Like it or not, dexos appears here to stay, at least for now.
Extended warranty companies may also follow suite requiring use of the licensed oil for coverage.
If your warranty is important, the safest route is to use the licensed oil or avoid GM products.

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