Nash Grier is an internet personality who made most of his net worth from Vine and YouTube. Major brands pay between $25,000 – $100,000 to advertise their products on his Vine account.
ALT tags not only increase website visibility but also provides an opportunity to include keyword in the description. He integrates it so well you won’t notice that he is being paid to mention the product. You need to implement advanced search engine optimisation techniques to reach the target audience.

Post high quality contents on stumble upon which helps in reaching a diverse audience who will rate your article and increases your word of mouth.
Use professional looking domain name which builds trust in users and identifies your business as a trusted one. For example check your website ratings, number of followers; time is spent by average users on the website etc.
Ensure that at tag gives relevant information about the image and content present on the webpage. On YouTube, his channel gets an average of 100,000 views per day and this will translate into revenues of around $180 per day.

Focus on images, graphic design, layout, landing pages, tags and search results on the website which is the key points that enhance your site perceptibility.
Take the advantage of this strategy which helps in increasing the bounce rate of your site.
A well trusted customer will visit your site frequently to check upcoming products or services.

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