When I mention automating your menu plan you might think, that will just get me stuck in the same dinner rut.
If you have a hard time making your own menu plan you might want to try a meal planning service. With so many easy ways to make lovely baby shower supplies for just a little money, it is no surprise that a DIY baby shower is becoming very popular. Painted Baby Food JarsVases: What a great way to recycle and create lovely table decorations. DIY Baby Shower Favors Glass Bear Jars: These teddy bear jars are so cute and make it easy to create favors. DIY Baby Shower Supplies – Baby Shower Stuff has lots of materials and supplies that can be used for decorations like ribbon, diaper pins, empty plastic bottles and blocks, centerpiece stands, mirrors, labels, and more. This is why the smartest online retailers focus on a very important metric: Lifetime Value. You can spend more to get each customer. Because you’re earning more from each customer, you can afford to spend more to get each customer. While I like this study, I don’t think it completely negates the benefits of giving a financial gift. If you’ve got a young person hanging around the office, this might be a great way to keep them busy. Of course, unless your business is tiny, it’s going to be hard to send out a separate thank you note for each order. You don’t necessarily have to invest tens of thousands of dollars into improving your customer service department.
A few thousand dollars spent to create a truly useful FAQ or troubleshooting document can help a lot. Alternatively, consider this: Which three questions or issues does your customer service staff deal with the most? Learn how welcome emails earn nearly ten times the revenue of regular promotional emails in our blog post, How 5 Online Retailers Get Results with Content Marketing. Here’s a good cart abandonment email – it’s got a nice big product image, a discount offer, and some friendly copy that asks if I had any problems ordering.
A twist on the shopping cart abandonment email is a “product browse” email – it’s just like a cart abandonment email, except the visitor doesn’t have to add the item to their cart to get an email. I’ve noticed that Amazon changes the logic of their product recommendations from time to time.
This is another blended tactic – it works for both new customers that are email subscribers, and for existing customers. Flash sales work for many customer groups – email subscribers you want to convert into customers, lapsed customers, and even lapsed subscribers. There are other ways to improve customer loyalty – like adding a points program, or installing a wish list – but they didn’t fit into the category of “simple”.
You’ve probably noticed that this list is a bit email heavy, but there’s good reason for that – email is the ultimate retention tool.
What is Respondr?Respondr is like a nervous system for your business, helping you respond to your customers automatically and personally, based on their actions. We all know energy efficient lightbulbs can save us money, we all know that walking to work is not only better for our health, but it’s great for our pocket and the environment too, but did you know that mashed potato could save you pounds and make your world greener? Just by following these super easy green tips, not only will you make the most delicious mashed potato (mmmm!), you can also support your local producers (hurrah), save money on your grocery bills, reduce food waste, cut down on your energy bills, feed your garden and give yourself some time off cooking (triple woop!). Buying a sack of potatoes, instead of a 5lb bag or 4 packs of potatoes, can save you pounds (I recently purchased a 25kg sack of potatoes for just ?6). To ensure there’s no waste, it’s important that you store your spuds correctly, the ideal storage is in a cool, dark place (although not the fridge). Don’t pour money down the drain when peeling your potatoes, rather than peel under a running tap, just fill up a bowl of water and peel away.
When you’ve finished peeling, resist tipping the soiled water down the drain, simply take it out to your garden and water your plants – make sure you remove the peelings first though. Now you’ve watered the garden, it’s time to feed it and what could be better to add to your compost heap that a generous helping of potato peelings. An easy way to save money on your energy bills is to boil the exact amount of water you need to cook your potatoes in a kettle first. To further reduce the cooking time and energy used, cook your potatoes in a steamer with some accompanying vegetables. Over preparing and cooking not only leads to an expanding waistline, but it also increases edible food waste and is a waste of money too. If you have overcooked, rather than throw it away, simply put any leftovers into reusable food containers and freeze.
So there you have it, the humble mash potato can help you save the world, oh well, perhaps not save the world, but it’ll certainly help you save a little time, money and waste.
If you’ve got any other spud-taculor potato tips (or should I say chips), do let me know, I’d love to hear them. Sign up to receive our free newsletter containing lots of green tips and money saving ideas. Becky is an organizational guru, a fanatic for furniture restoration, sewing for the home and DIY home projects from design to fruition.

One great centerpiece idea that is very inexpensive is making use of rose petals with candles.
Make use of candles of different shapes, height, and thickness for an interesting centerpiece. If you have a Hawaiian wedding, you can use tropical fruits such a pineapples, mangoes, watermelons, and bananas as your centerpiece.
To complete the ideas on cheap wedding centerpieces, here we have selected a number of samples of inexpensive wedding centerpieces for your consideration and inspiration.
This entry was posted in Wedding Centerpieces and tagged cheap wedding centerpiece ideas, cheap wedding centerpieces. July 17, 2013 By Alison Monahan 1 Comment Some people think you have to spend the entire summer before your 1L year of law school getting ready: hitting the books, preparing your outlining technique, and so on.
Take some photos, make them your screensaver, put them up on the wall, and you’ll have things to fondly reminisce about when that first horrible Legal Writing assignment is due! The Law School Toolbox® is a joint effort of Alison Monahan, founder of The Girl's Guide to Law School®, and Lee Burgess, founder of Amicus Tutoring (a law school and bar exam tutoring service). Collectively, we've got years of experience helping law students succeed, and we want to see you succeed, too! Law school tutoring provides the feedback and support you need to get the best results possible, with minimal stress. If you didn't get the results you wanted on the California bar exam, check out our targeted program Help!
Sign up now, and we'll immediately send you our Top 10 Law School Exam Tips - straight to your inbox. Which it could but in this week’s podcast I’m talking about how to automate your meal plan without them getting boring at the same time.
A menu plan is definitely helpful, and I love that it’s something I can change easily if necessary. Menu planning has helped me so much, but sometimes I run of out ideas for meals and end up having the same things over and over again. Over time – over the life of their relationship with you – they could end up begin worth far more than that one-time buyer. This means you can offer benefits like easier returns, better service, cooler packaging or faster shipping.
A recent study of people who stayed at a hotel conference center found that simply being told “thank you” created more feelings of appreciation than a small monetary gift.
If anything, the key takeaway here might be to not insult your customers with whatever financial gift you give them. But for the products it can work with, reminder emails are a great way to generate more sales. Even if some customers don’t use it, the text is there for customer service staff to use for their answers, instead of them writing a new email every time someone has the same problem.
By removing the return shipping costs, they dramatically lowered the hassle-factor for their customers. So while they are definitely a customer loyalty tactic, they work to keep your customers listening to you, and that in turn keeps the channel for buying from you open.
Just run a report that gives you the email subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked an email in the last three months. This is especially true because so many email clients blur the measurements on who’s really opened an email or not. If that wasn’t incentive enough, getting people to leave feedback for their purchases is also a great way to make them feel that they’ve contributed.
You might even consider offering your customers a discount or entry into a contest if they leave a review, like Moosejaw did here. Sometimes, they recommend items the way they do above – by how closely related they are by subject. For example, when I bought the Kindle book “Hug Your Haters”, one of the products recommended was a “Trianium Atomic S Battery Case Charging Cable” – an item I’ve never looked at… though I did buy a charging cable about two months ago. These can be powerful conversion tools, and they also help to support an existing customers’ decision to buy from you again. Then use them – on product pages, on your home page, on your customer service page, in emails, and in order confirmation emails. Of course, if you only wanted to send a flash sale to existing customers, you could do that, too. By purchasing direct not only are you supporting your local producers, you know exactly where your food is coming from, you are reducing its carbon footprint plus you can often bag yourself a bargain. Add on the saving you’ll make by reducing several trips to the supermarket and you’ll have saved a substantial amount. Another great tip to keep your potatoes fresher for longer is to pop an apple in the sack, this can keep them fresh for up to 8 weeks.
By preparing and cooking only what you’ll eat will help you keep track of your calories, plus it’ll also save you money and waste too. That way when you fancy a night off cooking but still want something homemade – simply, defrost in the microwave and voila – a delicious serving of marvellous mash in minutes. Just sprinkle a number of rose petals at the center of the table and place a group of candles over them.

It would be better to put one to three colorful flowers in each slim vase to keep it clean and simple. Law school will be stressful and difficult at times, so it’s helpful to have fond memories to look back upon that can lift your spirits.
When I started college, my parents and I drove down to Houston stopping along the way in New Orleans and a few other places. Regardless of your definition, try to add a little bit more of it into your schedule this summer. Alison is a graduate of Columbia Law School, where she was a member of the Columbia Law Review and served as a Civ Pro teaching assistant. It’s one way I keep from getting stuck in the dinner rut making the same dinners every week. I’m planning to make a collection of favorite recipes to draw from each week when I make my menu.
For that same $25 in revenue from their next order, you’ll only have to pay $10 for fulfillment. In this example, for hotel guests, the purchase amount was probably at least several hundred dollars. Or just give people a good way to help themselves (which is what most millennials prefer anyway).
Some marketers don’t send re-engagement emails until subscribers have been inactive for six months to a year, but that’s less effective. You just need a template to lay it out in, and the ability to send these personalized emails to your customers.
It might well work better than sending a separate email, as transaction emails usually get the highest open rates of any kind of email. Other times, they use the “Customers Who Bought Items in Your Order Also Bought…” recommendation logic.
So if you’re going to ask, make it worth their while – like 15% off one item in their next order. It might be an interesting experiment to send your flash sale email to people who haven’t ordered in a few months, just to see if a flash sale might re-activate them better than a standard re-engagement email. There may come a time when email doesn’t work as well, but for now, it’s still a killer app. Not sure what is considered a perfect portion size of potatoes, a clenched fist is the recommended portion size for vegetables.
When sewing for profit, I found ways to get the look my clients wanted, without taking the extra time they often took. Centerpieces are imperative since they make the wedding reception area much more beautiful, but they do not need to be expensive in order to transform a boring room to something that looks wonderful. That means you can squeeze them out, and compete for new customers more effectively than they can. Consider making downloadable PDFs, then including URL to download them on the order form, or on a sticker attached to the packed product. For an autumn wedding reception, you can make use of the harvests or produce that are common in autumn such as gourds, pumpkins, acorns, nuts, sunflowers, wheat, and so on. For a beach wedding, take advantage of the things that you can collect at the beach such as sand, pebbles, sea shells, starfish, and so on. When you’re planning your getting-to-school voyage, consider taking a few extra days to have some fun along the way. You’ll never start a new hobby once law school begins, but there is a good chance you can keep up with one if you start now.
Why not host a going away party (maybe a potluck if funds are tight) and let everyone come celebrate with you? You now have a very easy and affordable centerpiece that will only cost you a few measly dollars. Is there a fun city where you could get an inexpensive weekend hotel (no business travelers in town!) and check out a show or a museum? When the mid-semester doldrums hit, you can look back fondly and think about all the people who are supporting you in this endeavor. For easy removal I made them in the popular envelope style where the back opens via overlapped sections. Just create something using these materials and you will have the perfect beach wedding centerpiece. Just spend time now having fun with the people you care about, because it’s going to be a lot harder soon. Go ahead and get started and you’ll make some fun memories the summer and set yourself up for more exciting times in the fall.

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