When I first saw a web site designer who had posted a laundry list of prices on his site, I gasped in horror. He said that he thought by posting his prices, using a basic, bottom line cost, he would weed out the people who wanted bargain basement prices and he would save time of not having to deal with them for initial meetings and creative briefs, only to be told that the $10,000 he stated at for web sites was $9,750 too high. Some would say that’s a con and not a pro but apparently society doesn’t agree as evident in the bankruptcy and closing of retail stores and chains. When people we all knew started admitting to considering adding a price list, the laughter subsided and the discussions ensued.
In creating a price list, it would need to leave no holes or misunderstanding – this is what you pay and this is what you get. As we all know, a contract means nothing when a client starts arguing about wanting what they want despite what was agreed in the beginning. When it comes to custom web design for clients, their price list is presented in two parts. One thing that cannot be ignored, if you look at what is included in both custom packages: There is almost no way for a freelancer or design studio to compete with these prices. Triad Web Design is yet another contender in the rising number of price list companies that are increasing. While I detest the idea of crowdsourcing, it is a practice that has taken hold of our business.
I don’t know if this means that once the “judging” is over, the client can request endless revisions for the set bid or there are additional fees. I would not post a price list on my website because the majority of my projects are quoted in lump sum with milestones for various deliverables.
On the other hand, I could have a client contact me for a logo and they want 5 distinct elements, an illustration, a tag line, and different color schemes to try. If I had put $70-105 on my website as my Logo Design fee, then I would be stuck when Client No. In short, placing a price list on your website may put you in a position where you have to bargain for a better rate or fee if you feel a project requires more work than customary. Unfortunately, this person is not a full-time professional designer (and very limited part-time, as per her LinkedIn profile), as her rates attest and help lower the bar for full time designers. Unless you can really judge the time it takes to execute a project, a flat rate can be a money-losing possibility. As someone who has heard the old promise of “do this for $XX dollars now and in the future, it’ll be $XXXXXXX,” I have little faith in return clients based on price. I would also have a disclaimer allowing you to alter the prices so a customer doesn’t see them say in February, you raise them in March, then they come back in June, and ask for the February price. There has long been the agreement among designers that a written quote should have a time period of two to four weeks in which that quote is considered “good.” You can honor it months later if you have no need to raise the quote or wish to gain the client but, if the price is changed on your site in March and someone comes back in June and demands February prices, I believe that’s a red flag that you don’t want to get involved with such a client…and would only end up spitting on their burger! Since each assignment, client, approach, strategy, and deliverable is different (or should be), it would be difficult to sell a pre-packaged solution associated with a fee that is the “right” solution for a client.
I guess if you are in the ‘drive-thru’ design business, then posting your fees would be appropriate and go ahead and offer them the option to supersize their logo for an extra fee. Sometimes it works as it certainly weeds out those who won’t invest, other times it can scare off a potential client who simply needs to interface with you to get comfortable enough to invest.
Pricing can be a barrier to sales, on the other hand if the quality of your work is stunning people may make the assumption they can’t afford you. My suggestion is to have a low, medium and high rate card that you submit via email after initial contact with the client.
A well-made contact form with clear instructions should direct them to contact you for rates and quotes. Has the industry or society evolved (or de-evolved as some would argue), to a point and click type of purchasing?
Large corporations routinely ask advertising agencies to make presentations on spec to gain an account and then negotiate the fee.
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As part of Unbounce’s ongoing efforts to spread the gospel about single-purpose dedicated landing pages, we partnered with the awesome folks at Themeforest. To get their design community excited about the new Unbounce landing page category we ran a contest, offering up a total of $11,400 in cash prizes for the best conversion-centered landing page templates in a variety of categories and verticals, from real estate and law, to agencies and startups.
All in all, we received 39 submissions, many of which would make an excellent starting point for your next landing page.
Conversion Centered Design star G10v3 blew us away with Approach, the winningest Envato Template.
If the reader wants to find out more, they can keep scrolling and will eventually be met by a button that brings them back to the form. Jen Gordon’s Convert travel landing page package comes with seven variations to customize and test.
She’s packed a ton of value in there, making it easy to appreciate the pride Jen takes in her work. Nutzumi uses parallax design and smooth scroll beautifully, as though the page were built with those features in mind and not added as afterthoughts. The mobile templates were designed effectively as well, with a logical order of information, big buttons for fat fingers and just the right sizing of everything. I’m still not entirely sure what a fisherman has to do with B2B ebooks, but the image is meant to be replaced anyway.
Want even more landing page design inspiration?Download our FREE Spring 2016 Lookbook, packed with beautiful landing page design examples! By entering your email you'll receive weekly Unbounce Blog updates and other resources to help you become a marketing genius. There’s a lead gen form at the top, then a pricing grid further down with a CTA for each plan.

This startup template is very on-trend with many of the tech startup designs coming out of Silicon Valley and beyond. The huge header block with a single hero image and parallax scrolling give the page a clean look while showing off the product.
The pricing grid is used as another piece of information that could trigger a conversion decision, but doesn’t include sign-up buttons. Aside from the nav links on the bottom (which I’d get rid of – links are leaks!), the only way to interact with the page is by filling out the form.
Xstyler doesn’t get too fancy with this landing page template and that makes sense for the industry it’s intended for. The phone number in the top right is dividing attention from the form a little bit, but customers in this industry may be more accustomed to inquiring over the phone. For her startup template, Jen packs “18 Design Techniques to Drive Conversions” into one template, rather than offering multiple variations.
Although the Twitter widget Jen’s embedded serves up some solid social proof, it’s jam-packed with links to other pages. The focus is a bit scattered, but it leaves plenty of space for the kind of info that students need to decide whether to request a brochure.
The neon accents on this page may not turn everyone’s crank, but that glowing CTA is hard not to stare at.
The most important points are highlighted in red and the most relevant page sections are pointed to by arrows that are playfully carved out of the white space. After that, DonateFuture follows up with pretty much every trick in the book to gather donations – quick updates on progress, easy-to-read icons showing advancement toward the goal and photos of other people just like you who have donated. In this case, I don’t think the smooth scroll from the bottom to the top is necessary, but it’s great to see a focused goal. As Director of Campaign Strategy, Corey Dilley is charged with making sure that Unbounce's marketing campaigns drive measurable results. Myflat is just awesome and the form on the upper right hand side of the screen captures attention.
These are nice templates for capturing emails, but I was really hoping you would have SOME OTHER TYPES of templates! Although the screenshots we chose were of the lead gen versions of the templates, many of the winners of the contest have a clickthrough version as well, which don’t have a form. Between the templates within Unbounce and the new ones on ThemeForest, there are many without forms. Unbounce pages are 10x prettier, but I get the feeling that leadpages simple and data driven templates work better.
Those designs are really inspiring, I’ve used one of those landing page for my website.
The meetings, the briefs, the back and forth and the negotiations for the fees involved…followed by the arguing and non-payment thereof. To me, it sounded as if the open-ended wording would have me providing service until I died. Under much discussion and anger amongst some of my local peers was an ad posted by a designer that promised ANY design job for $299 with unlimited revisions.
How would one approach creating a price list that could turn a profit without leaving the question of changes a client could request open to interpretation? We were frank about what a logo would cost when quoted to a client with the usual research, sketches, changes and delivery. When I was working the wonderful service position of serving obese idiots greasy burgers and fries, they would argue over having to pay to supersize their disgusting food orders. The day I quit that nightmare job, I had the pleasure of answering those who used the aforementioned phrase with, “only from people who want something for free. I too often hear my peer designers complain about a client who wants something extra, a complete change, to renegotiate the original price and other problems we usually encounter. There’s the option for a do it yourself, drag-and-drop, template and stock image site for an ongoing, monthly fee. The first part is a quick overview of “standard” and “premium” design but it isn’t a one-time fee. Their flat rate includes, among a laundry list of services, “unlimited revisions.” Whether they are off shore outsourced isn’t a concern – they are competition that must be considered with price levels set by freelancers and design firms alike. Here’s one of the companies that run these “design contests.” Just look at the prices of the completed sites.
While my lump sum is based upon my hourly rate, I determine the level of effort on the entirety of the project and not on exactly the length of time it’s going to take me.
She does, however, bring up one of the arguments for not putting prices on one’s web site: Flexibility. To keep extraneous changes from draining the fee, what is promised under the price would have to be iron clad with an hourly change rate listed for work above and beyond the flat fee. However, if you want room to raise or lower prices on the value of a client, then don’t post them. As with giving a prospective client a written quote in February and then having them return in June and demand the same quote, even if you have raised you rates (perhaps material costs have increased, office space cost, equipment rent, etc.), what can you do? Legally, if the price is posted on your site, even if it has changed, you are in the right. One has to consider what the appearance of a price list would do when viewed by a regular client. They are, of course opinions and this is something that is just coming to the surface in many industries. Is web site surfing for the purpose of viewing design samples and prices really any different? Speider is a former member of the board for the Graphic Artists Guild, co-chair of the GAG Professional Practices Committee and a former board member of the Society of Illustrators. Le attrazioni sono sorprendenti e numerose, la maggior parte delle quali non ha nulla da invidiare, data la loro similitudine e tipologia, a quelle presenti nei grandi parchi americani. Non mancano naturalmente le flat rides, che completano un’offerta veramente eccezionale. At Kool Design Maker, we provide unique and attractive tattoo design services as possible cheap rates. Here’s the list of winners, along with some insights into why we thought these landing pages were a cut above the rest. The mobile landing page is just as stunning as the desktop version and the format makes sense – headline, key benefits, product shot, then form.

The pages rely heavily on Conversion Centered Design, taking advantage of in-your-face directional cues and making great use of traveller-recognized social proof mechanisms, like Trip Advisor reviews. They communicate just as well as their desktop counterparts and adhere to the golden rule: 1 page, 1 purpose. The good news is that all the buttons in the pricing grid smooth scroll back up to the form, which has a couple of handsome suits staring down at it, directing you to fill it out. ConversionLab has offered FORK in both lead gen and click-through style formats – with desktop and mobile versions of each – in several different colors.
The Manhattan Education template doesn’t strive for beauty, but it delivers what a prospective student would expect from an education landing page.
I’m a big fan of the directional cues provided by the students staring directly at the form. Further down the page, key points are highlighted with the same color, offering the viewer’s eye some guidance through the different sections of the page. Due to its incredible ability to convey emotion, video has been used effectively to elicit donations on TV for years. Corey's digital marketing stripes were earned by leading teams at ad agencies, online publishers and tech companies since 2005.
I work in product comparison with affiliate partners which is equally as conversion oriented, yet you have no templates for that vertical at all. Is there something specific you’re looking for that would make the templates more suitable for an affiliate campaign?
What I’m after is a small selection of conversion optimized product comparison tables. One feature of leadpages that is really good is that they rank and sort their landing pages based on conversion rates. I appreciate the work and time these creators put into these projects – very inspiring. When it happens for the big projects, it’s necessary but, having many large corporate clients, I’m seeing increasing requests for flat out pricing that allows “flexibility” on my part as the vendor. We discussed how much we all charged up front and how long the thirty-day payments took to receive once the job was delivered. As with anything ordered online, we figured that clients would be willing to use their credit card for payments. 90% of the morons I waited on couldn’t order a simple burger, fries, and soda without help from me. When I ask about the contract they have with the client, more often than not, they say they don’t have a contract.
Quality isn’t part of the price but how many small businesses and sole-proprietorships really know or care about cost?
Maybe they think prospective customers won’t do the math of what the monthly fee will add up to in six months or a year. With prices like these, you might as well give up design, join the armed forces, and kill everyone in the nation that provides this cheap work!
By posting fixed prices, the customer might get fixated on the hourly rate or on fixed lump sums for projects instead of my estimate of the level of effort.
I could still give them a lump fee proposal, but it would be on what I believe their project requires…not what my website says it will be. Giving unlimited revisions, as listed in some of the price lists shown, as examples would break you and your ability to make a profit.
What do you do if a client who may represent regular business is turned off by your price list?
Their contact page asks the PROSPECT to layout all of their needs AND budget before the first contact is ever made. Out of the fifteen answers I received on LinkedIn, almost all the respondents agreed that they would rather have a consultation with the client first and prove the value of their service and then negotiate the price. Now we need to follow suit or be left behind like those who insisted in producing buggy whips while other leather companies retooled and made car seats for Henry Ford. Instead, I take the time necessary to learn more about what you do, who you target, and what you hope to achieve before a single pixel is created. The design itself is lighthearted and fun while giving ample space to show off the product and its benefits.
It seems payments in thirty days were getting rare among our clients and arguments about upfront deposits were increasing.
So, what happens when the same slobs are ordering a web site and are told they have to pay $500 for supersizing their logo? When designers complain that they are being asked for free work, it’s by those who have seen the $4.99 a month option. How many people thought their burgers weren’t as delicious without my spit on them and felt cheated?
The pulldown menu of budget will act to weed out the clients looking for a bargain but it still gives the salesperson at Promo a chance to negotiate the work and fee.
The first thing we all agreed upon was that using a price list would include a 50% deposit with the final payment due upon delivery. For such a simple project, I would charge $70 – 105 for two logo designs, and then have the client take elements of both or choose one as the final.
Personally, I think no matter how much things are spelled out, people will either not read the whole agreement or misinterpret the terms, causing problems after the fact. I like looking at the package, flipping through pages, trying on clothes and shoes BEFORE considering the purchase.
As files were emailed by most of us or uploaded for digital projects such as web sites, it would be easy to hold the job for ransom until the final payment was made. They think that asking a client for a contract will cause the client to not give them the project. By the same token, they don’t feel comfortable saying “no” to lowering the price when the client starts negotiating.

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