Breeding fish is one of the most rewarding aspects of the hobby, from live bearers to egg layers, egg scatterers and mouth brooders there are almost as many ways of reproduction as there are species of fish.
If you’re hoping to get a pair of fish, pop them in a tank and start producing hundreds of fry, which you can then sell on at a vast profit and make your fortune, then think again. You can either transfer the fry into a tank filled with water taken from the parent’s tank, or you can remove the parents.
Rather than move the fry as they grow it can be best to put them in a large enough tank in the first place.
Small regular water changes are the most important, as well as keeping the water parameters steady. Fry hatch or are born in a variety of sizes from tiny through to large enough to take crumbled flake.
Walter worms, banana worms and micro worms are all different sizes of worms or worm like creatures that are easy to grow on and are a great food source.
Brine shrimp can be hatched easily using an old plastic bottle, an air stone and an air pump, baby brine shrimp (BBS) make great food for small mouths, whilst it is possible to feed the brine shrimp and grow them on for larger fry this is more difficult. Daphnia and blood worm are readily available from fish stores, and daphnia especially is easy enough to grow on yourself as an ongoing food source.
Many keepers put buckets of water outside to collect mosquito larvae that will grow in there in the summer months, but some aquatic insect larvae predates on fry, specifically dragonfly nymphs.
Often fry will grow at different rates, and the larger may become able to eat the smaller, even if the difference isn’t this big the larger ones will still be able to get more of the food than the smaller.
Dominant and recessive: Fish have two pairs of genetic material, some traits are dominant, some are recessive, and others can exist side by side.
It is legal to sell your own fish if they are just unwanted extras in your tank that you bred in small scale projects, once the scale of your selling is enough that you might be seen to be making a profit you may be seen as a pet shop and require licensing from your local authority.
It is legal to sell fish on most websites, but a good way is at auctions held by local fish groups. Bake sales, church carnivals and family fun days are all tried and tested ways to raise funds, but modern and discerning churchgoers are often looking for something a bit different. You won’t be the first church to organize a talent show, but it’s certainly a little bit “out-of-the-ordinary” for a church fundraiser and you’ll have so much fun doing it! All you’ll need is access to a hall or community center, a bad-tempered English judge, and some talented contestants and you’ve got a sure-fire hit on your hand that’s certain to sell some tickets!
The success of Christian dating websites is a testament to the fact that people of faith are searching for like-minded partners to share their lives with. A simple wine and cheese affair with some trusted members of your church to chaperone proceedings will ensure that you have a really successful evening.

The Indian Festival of Color (Holi) is one of the most joyous celebrations in the world where people laugh, dance, sing and throw powdered color over each another. Churches have a grand tradition of having some of the greatest bakers and cooks in America. So let’s upgrade the old fashioned competition to a TV-inspired MasterChef contest in which a selection of cooks and bakers are judged on a series cooking challenges (It’s basically a re-packaging and re-branding of the traditional church carnival cooking contest.) Create an event out of the contest to sell tickets. If you are organizing any of these kinds of events, don’t forget your flyers, banners, bulletins and other print products. The Family Photo Day great – a terrific way to preserve memories of a special point in time. I would also like to make mention of a fundraising opportunity offered by my company, FaithWorks Financial. I mention this because we make donations to the church of our clients choice for those in our debt negotiation program. Fish breeding will take time effort and money, for most breeders fish breeding is a side hobby that may just about pay for the extra electricity that running all the tanks will take. Filter with an air driven sponge filter rather than an internal or external filter which may suck up the fry.
There are a range of commercial fry foods available but these are expensive if you have a lot of fish to raise. Many of the more unusual colour traits are recessive, meaning that both parents have to have the gene, to be able to pass it on to 25% of their off spring. In some fish if they show this colour they are infertile, meaning that to breed them you will need parents who both carry the genes of these colours and breed them, half the off spring will carry the genes, 25% will be normal and 25% will show the colours. For many churches and Christian groups, it can often seem like such an un-Christian thing to do. In this age of American Idol, The Voice and America’s Got Talent, people love to perform and fantasize about being the next big star. Create a Christian mixer for the single members of your community to get together and meet one another in a relaxed and friendly environment. It takes some difficult planning and organizing, but if you can pull it off, you can raise some serious money via entry fees and even sponsorship from local businesses, sports good stores, and other businesses. Church carnivals will attest to the incredible cooking talent within our church communities. You might even consider getting sponsorship from local grocery stores, restaurants, or other related businesses.
Hire a professional photographer and organize some special costumes and sets to create themed photo shoots so that people can get some fun and memorable pictures.

We are a Christian Debt Relief Company who helps folks who are having a tough time with credit cards, student loans, and things of the sort. This is a great way for churches to raise funds directly, as well as strengthen the financial situations of their church family leading to increased tithing. I like your your all fundraising-ideas but FAMILY PHOTO DAY is the most exciting and great way as I think. We raised a lot of money that went go fixing up benches and repairing different things from a bad flood that occured last year.
Some fry however don’t like the bare glass and so a thin layer of sand can be beneficial. But the truth is that all churches rely on community funds to survive in today’s costly society. Have some fun at your church fundraiser and give your community members a chance to show off.
You’ll also have to contact law enforcement agencies about local ordinances, road closures, traffic barricades, and security issues. For the more adventurous church groups, why not create your own fun and colorful festival in which the spectators “color-bomb” the runners. However, the typical church carnival cooking contest is possibly a little “old hat” for today’s generation. This may seem heartless, but for some breeders to get 20 good fish each year they start with 4000-5000, would you have space for 4980 unwanted fish, every year. Whether you need money to pay your bills, support your missionaries, or for important charitable causes, you should expect donations and monetary support from your church members. A fun run is not only a great fundraiser but it’s also a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle.
Many species of fish are easy to breed, whilst others are almost impossible, with only one or two people worldwide successful in having raised fry.
Some species will breed closer to the original form, such as many cichlids, meaning that you have a lot fewer culls required. You will  definitely need to discuss these plans with local ordinances and law enforcement.

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