Most of us would love to make a few dollars from our blogs, but that isn’t always easy.
About the Author Latest PostsAbout Blog TipsDo you have a blogging or social media tip you’d like to share? When I first started my blog, I had no idea what kind of potential blogging had for me, or anyone. Great tips, I love reading the SITSgirls’ tips on blogging and how to make a blog work for you. When I initially started blogging, one thing I did to start out was do product reviews on things I personally bought. If you click the links below, you will be taken to an interview of at least one, sometimes two people I know who work in the capacity listed.  So please bookmark this, or pin it as a resource because I will continue to add jobs to this list. Although this is part of my Money-Making Stay-at-Home Mom series, I have interviews lined up with men and other women that will be coming soon.
Looking to just land a job?  I used to be a hiring manager and wrote this article Top 7 Proven Ways to Get Hired  which may be helpful for you. Adopt a profitability culture – You may not realize it, but your culture may be what keeps you from growing, or becoming more profitable as you do grow.
Embrace thought leadership– Many firms have become commoditized, forcing them to bid on projects with low margins, and setting them up for potential budget overruns, and low or negative profits. Prepare better estimates – Estimates are the key to the entire project, forming the basis for the proposal, contract, scope, and budget. Improve time management – Good time management is critical to successful project management and profitability. Manage the project scope – In order to make a profit you must control project costs including labor, expenses and subs, within the scope of the contract.
Improve systems – If your firm is using outdated systems for capturing time and expenses, managing projects, preparing proposals and managing resources, chances are your projects could be more profitable. Develop your PMs with Training – Today’s project managers have many different responsibilities – some that are not on their job description. By looking at your business through different eyes, and continuous effort to improve, you will be able to save the company money, and improve the quality of your services and client interactions.
What are you going to focus on this month that will help your firm improve processes and increase profits? June Jewell is the author of the book “Find the Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Firms”. Schedule your Find the Lost Dollars Consultation with June Jewell, CPA, author of Find the Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Firms.

Discover where your dollars may be hiding and how to stop the leaks in profitability we've seen in over 25 years of working with AEC firms.
That led to a lot of the same questions asked in the comments…how do you make money blogging? After the first year of blogging that changed dramatically, I started making a little change from the blog.
There are sites like Zimbio, where you can post part of an article with a read more hyperlink at the end that can drive traffic to your site. The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to gain a different perspective and a more effective business management strategy.
We all suffer with the same issues – fear of and resistance to change, limited time and resources, a fast changing economic and technology environment, and limited expertise in financial and business management. Here are eight areas you can focus on;  each on their own can grow revenue, reduce expenses or increase project profits. The key to getting out of this trap is to differentiate your firm by looking for ways to focus your marketing around your firm’s expertise, and promote your thought leadership. If you use old rates, or the rates implicit in your fee estimates are too low, you will set your project up for failure to begin with. Time sheets affect every aspect of the business including project reporting, billing, payroll, PTO accruals, employee performance management, overhead rate calculation, and capturing and billing extra services. Many project managers (PMs) don’t have effective processes for communicating the scope to the team, monitoring real time costs against budget, and recovering extra services. There is a direct relationship between effectively using technology, and firm growth and profitability. If you interview your staff and evaluate how they spend their time every day as they engage with clients and work on projects, you will discover inefficiencies that can be streamlined through process improvement. She is the President of AEC Business Solutions, a firm focused on helping Architectural, Engineering and Construction firms make more money on their projects and develop their next level of leadership. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. At first I used to think that only experienced, well known bloggers make money, I am here to tell you that is a myth. I’ve applied to multiple campaigns that I would have been perfect for and never got selected for anything.
So instead of just listing what jobs there are out there, I reached out to over 30 people who actually do make money doing the jobs below.
If you work from home, what you do is not listed yet, and you want to be interviewed, please reach out.

While we are all in business to make money, it is amazing that we persist with business practices that do not optimize our employee productivity, project profits, or marketing success.
With our economy improving and firms growing again, there are more challenges in trying to ensure that our growth is profitable.
In my book, “Find the Lost Dollars,” I show the financial impact of just a 1% increase in your win rate, utilization and project profit margin. Looking for ways to constantly improve your people, processes and technology is critical to competing in today’s A&E market. The best ways to do this are through PR, blogs, social media and speaking engagements to become a recognized expert in one or two key areas.
Start with good estimating processes and templates, and ensure that there is consistency in the way that your estimates are prepared and approved. Special attention to the processes your firm uses to manage scope creep will pay off with higher profit margins and less problems with clients on projects.
It is critical to keep up with software updates, and ensure that your employee’s daily tasks are as automated as possible. I recommend that you take a good look at what your PMs do every day and understand if they have the skills to excel in their roles.
An employee assessment, especially one that is anonymous, can help you uncover where your business operations and processes are weak, and help you understand where to focus your attention. They were interviewed and all asked the same helpful questions to help you determine if it is something you’d like to do. Setting goals, regularly reviewing key metrics, and holding employees accountable is a culture change that will guarantee profits as the firm grows.
LinkedIn is an excellent way to start to build a presence online and connect with other thought leaders in the industry. I hear many principals tell me that as many as 50% of their PMs are losing money, mostly because of scope creep, and lack of business skills to manage projects profitably. Strive to tackle one problem or issue every quarter and you should see measurable results in just one year.
Help your employees to get the most value from every minute in their day, and look for ways to automate common tasks and processes. Business and project financial management training can go a long way towards improving your PMs daily behavior, and give them specific skillsets to manage budget overruns, and improve project performance.

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