But that doesn’t mean there are no ways you can make money if you have the talent and desire to make money as a musician.
Here’s a list of ways you can make money playing music – which one will work best for you?
I spot a blind man busking most mornings as I travel on the London Underground and a sneaky peek at his money hat shows he’s taking in some good change! However, people are impressed that he’s out there having a go and put lots of money in his cup. If you want to promote your band or music and are keen on performing to crowds, it’s a good idea to take part in the London Underground scheme.
By performing regularly throughout the London Underground, you get to perform to a huge audience everyday. Another benefit of this scheme is you receive a regular newsletter detailing events and companies looking for performers for special events – which puts you ahead of the crowd! This is another great opportunity for you to expand your fan base, get more publicity and grow as an artist. Performers get the chance to perform to thousands of people at locations across the city, which is a great way to get some more fans. If you are accepted to perform in the competition you will also receive press and social media support.
Alive network is the UK’s leading online entertainment booking agency and it has been going since 1999. It has lots of experience recruiting talented performers and has some great opportunities for talented and unique bands. Alive network recruits jazz singers, musicians, bands, DJ’s, wedding singers and more for all kinds of private occasions and events. You have to audition for Alive network and the top acts signed by the agency get the chance to perform at lucrative events and get well paid!
Keep an eye on Alive Network and regularly have a look on their website as they often hold auditions with good opportunities for live musicians. They are given an advance to cover recording studio time, video production, web design, photo-shoots and much more. This is a fast-track unique development deal which will help bands not only get more work, but also get the publicity they need to build their reputation. You are also given an agent that will organise your diary and a development manager who will be responsible for promoting your band.
The competition looks for the top singers, songwriters, rappers and vocalists and thousands of acts enter to try and win the prize. You can win recording studio time and the final winner gets ?5,000 to spend to help them develop their act and go forward as a professional artist. Throughout the competition you will get the chance to perform to big, influential industry names and the competition is run by the label Future Music which has discovered talented and gifted songwriters such as Warner Music’s Birdy and musician Luke Friend. If you develop a strong online fan base, you could make some good money from websites like YouTube, in fact there are lots of ways you can make money from YouTube. The Canadian singer and songwriter dreamed of being a successful universal artist and couldn’t believe when his mother was contacted by a well known record producer asking to work with him and singer Usher. This shows the power of the internet and, how if you develop a big fan base, you can get noticed and be signed. YouTube has a partner programme which is available for those who have gained a huge fan base and get loads of subscribers.
Each viewer earns the uploader money and you can get paid by allowing YouTube to place ads in your videos.
To increase revenue make sure you promote and link to your YouTube videos all over social media. Advertise it on your Facebook page, Twitter accounts and if you have a blog, put it on there to. Performing for free might be essential if your band is unknown and lacking a strong fan base. Look out for local festivals, fairs and other small events as this way you’ll get more experience, build your confidene and hopefully get a good following! If the audience know stuff about you and your beginning, they’ll be more interested in seeing your band do well. Unfortunately, even if a audience member likes you and your songs, they might be too hard up for cash to buy your music and merchandise.

However, if you’ve managed to develop a dedicated following from social media, make sure you invest in some merchandise and make an extra few quid. Your fan base won’t guarantee profits, but having a merchandise table at a gig looks professional. Never be pushy and don’t keep talking about purchasing merchandise at gigs – that will just put people off! Be very laid back and it’s a great idea to make up some business cards detailing your Facebook page, YouTube channel etc. Newest Make Money TipsMake money the easy way and beat the banks The quickest way I know to get rich… Got a money-making idea?
You’ll need to have a website of some type that permits you to use your Google Adsense and other Google accounts.
The application process to get your Google adsense account can take from a few days to a few weeks to accomplish. Once you’ve crafted several good pieces of content on your website, the best idea is to let it cure for a few days to a week before you add the Google Adsense to it.
Once your Adsense or your Google for search are on the site, Google will serve ads that are relevant to your content. Bear in mind that some other sites will also allow you to write content there and to use your Google Adsense.
While the most easily accomplished means of making money with Google is to create links with Adsense to use it on your content website. Google also owns an affiliate network so that you can create entire sites and populate them with products from Google Affiliate programs. Google is one of the most common, not to mention the best methods of making money online because of the wide range of products and the diversity of those products which they provide to the online entrepreneur. Sign up to receive updates and our Special Reports on Top Make Money Tips at Your Email Inbox FREE! 1) Sell stuff on eBay for Mom & Dad (or grandma & grandpa!)I'm sure mom and dad would split the profits with you if you sell some of their stuff for them. 3) Sell your used video games to Gamestop or on CraigslistThis is definitely one of the quickest ways how to make money fast for kids. Babysitiing Job I HAVE WORK WITH KIDS BEFORE I HAVE LITTLE BROTHERS AND FAMILY MEMBERS I HAVE WATCH I LOVE KIDS AND THEY LOVE ME. Young animators disire Not rated yetI am a 13 year old who loves anything to do with creation! Dog Walking ~ 2km (jogging and walking)  Not rated yetHi, my name is Elena and I am 13 years old looking for a job. Tutoring, Article Writing, Pet Sitting, Cooking or Makeovers Not rated yetHi, My name is Natasha Koneru. Babysiting , dog walking , taking the trash out  Not rated yetI would like to be a babysitter , or i can walk a dog , also i can take out the trash . Babysitting or walk dog Not rated yetHi i am Laura i am 12 years old i live in Orlando Fl and i am from Venezuela I'm good with kids i know how to take care kids of all ages. Writing articles Not rated yetIm a 14 years old student, i love computers so i chose writing articles. Singing tutor Not rated yetI am a very good singer so I want to become a tutor for people who want to learn more about it and I can teach them all the scales and things like that. Reviews, Gaming Technology, Technology, Video Games, Electronics selling. Not rated yetHello! Creating Facebook and Twitter pages Not rated yetMy name is serenity miller and I am 13 years old.
Pet sitting Not rated yetHi I'm 13 and my name is Taejia and I'm interested in pet sitting because I love dogs and I don't have one of my own and I really need the money. For years I have had experiences with my dad washing cars and trucks u name it I can clean it.
Babysitting  Not rated yetHi I'm Sarah and I am a very responsible young lady, I have experience with young children. Creating and managing facebook and twitter pages and selling my drawings online Not rated yetI am a talented, intelligent and creative kid.
Writing articles, graphic making, managing pages Not rated yetI'm twelve turning thirteen this October. Tutor Not rated yetI am a 13 year old at Dan River Middle School and I am looking for a job to help my single mother.

Creating blogs & Writing articles Not rated yetMy name is Tara, I am 13 years old and I have always wanted to do something to do with writing.
Writing articles, answering questions Not rated yetI'm Nicole, I'm 13 years old and I am looking for a job.
Photography Not rated yetI want a job in photography because I love animals, the human body, and pictures. Babysitting - advertising -  Not rated yetHi, My name is Shannan I am a 13 year old girl looking for a way to spend my summer holidays other than at army cadets and a way to make money. Video Game Testing, App Testing Not rated yetI'm very computer savvy and have a passion for video games and apps. Testing Not rated yetI like to play a lot of video games but I have to buy it with my own money so I don't have much.
Lauren Thornton Not rated yetWe'll I'm 13 , I have always wanted to go to collage when I get out of high school and be a Physical Therapist . Anything!! Not rated yetI can babysit, petsit, housesit, wash cars, mow grass, tutor, cook, shovel snow in winter, rake leaves in fall, pull weeds, water flowers, ANYTHING!
Tell funny stories about the band, introduce members and explain how and when you first started.
While your approval will typically be fairly rapid, they have been known to take a week or more and to go through some delays if there is a problem with your site or if Google has further questions about it. Google has a great program whereby they will serve up relevant ads on your website in response to the content that you place there. While this isn’t strictly necessary, it does tend to work best and allow the content to rank slightly better in our testing. For example, if your content is about how to make your own cross stitch projects, Google may serve up ads about software that will help you to make your own cross stitch graphs. Bear in mind that Google advertising for content is not the only way to make money with Google, it’s just the easiest way.
So I want to show you how to make money fast for kids - no matter what your age.And luckily for you, there are a lot more ways to make money for kids now then when I was young.So let's get to work makin you some cash!
While you wona€™t get rich doing this, to me it seems like a great way for internet-loving kids to make some money fast. I would like to earn money through tutoring, writing articles, cooking, pet sitting or giving makeovers. I always wanted my own money so I won't have to ask nobody for money and by anything I want at the mall. Internet has been my second home since I started knowing what Internet is, which is around the age of 10.
Among the different methods that you can use to make money online are affiliate sales, content creation, and even filling out surveys. These items are clicked by visitors to your site and when they are so, you are paid a given amount. If you don't have a Gamestop store, you could sell to a pawn shop too.4) Find odd-jobs on CraigslistSome of these might be raking leaves, dog walking, etc. Many parents are willing to pay an older kid to tutor their child in an area that needs development.6) Have a garage saleI know you've heard it before. Once you’ve been rewarded with your Google adsense account, the next question is of course how to make money with Google.
Teaching people how to accomplish something and placing relevant and well written content on your website is the way to draw people into the site and in most cases, it is also the way to keep them there. The more traffic that flows through your site, the higher the price that you are paid for the clicks on your Google Adsense. But if you're trying to sell something too large or that wona€™t sell on eBay for some reason, you can always have an old-fashioned garage sale!
Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. The more interesting and the more unique your content, the better off you will be when it comes to making money from Google.
Remember, you're not going to make any money just sitting around in your room on the computer.

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