This page contains a complete list of GTA 5 Cheat Codes for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto 5.
What is GTA Online?GTA Online is the Multiplayer component to GTA V but is considered by the developers to be a stand alone game on it's own. The first thing you will encounter when you start up GTA Online for the first time is the character creation menu. Once you have finished creating and customizing your character you will be shown flying into Los Santos, now apart of the GTA world and introduced to your first contact Lamar Davis. Just like in the Single Player, there are seven primary skills your character will have that level up as you perform them, increasing their efficency.
Most players of GTA games will know this mode the best and it needs very little explaination. Reputation Points (or RP) is the equivilant to an experience system in standard MMOs or RPGs.
In GTA Online the player is able to join up to five different Crews, but can only have one Crew set as their active Crew at a time.
There are many Ammunations located throughout Los Santos, their locations do not change from the Single Player version of the game.
There are a wide variety of weapons for the player to pick from, all access from the players weapon wheel and set into different categories.
PistolThe Hawk and Little Pistol is the first weapon the player will unlock in the game, given to them by Lamar Davis. MGThe MG is the first light machine gun unlocked by the player in GTA Online at Rank 50 in the SMG category of the weapon wheel.
Assault RifleThe Assault Rifle is the first, well, Assault Rifle the player unlocks in GTA Online.
Sniper RifleThe Sniper Rifle is the first Sniper Rifle unlocked for players in GTA Online at Rank 21. If you own a small to mid-size business in the Greater Toronto Area, I can help to significantly improve the effectiveness of your marketing and help your business make more money. Social Media Marketing definitely has its place but it really is only a type of digital marketing. Marketing has certainly changed over the last 20 years and will continue to evolve as long as businesses sell and consumers consume. I have the experience and expertise that enables me to ignore the fluff and focus in on what will work for your business. I hope you’ll continue to explore my website and contact me when you are ready for a marketing plan that will take your business to the next level.
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Robberies can make you money, but organizing them is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort.
By now, I’m sure you’re asking, are there other ways to get money through random events? The Altruist Cult isn’t the only questionable cult in GTA V… Remember Epsilon Program?
Finally, you can hit up to 19 stores throughout the game, mainly supermarkets and drugstores in Los Santos. In addition to these missions, if you buy the cab company in the city you can do additional missions that’ll earn you major amounts of cash. If being a cab driver is classic Grand Theft Auto, then hunting is a bit of a novelty in the series. Between Michael, Trevor and Franklin you’ll meet 16 characters like these, but which of them offers the greatest rewards in terms of cold, hard cash? There are other strange and crazy missions offering money, while others only serve to help you complete 100% of the game. Between primary and secondary missions, and other activities you’ll have saved a few thousand dollars. As we mentioned in our review, GTA V is extremely comprehensive; you can even buy properties throughout Los Santos.
Not only can you make money without doing anything, but in some cases (like the taxi company we mentioned earlier), you can do other missions to earn more cash.
The upper section of this page includes button codes and cheats, while the lower section includes a number of guides and exploits, including how to get infinite money and health. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Grand Theft Auto V. This guide will cover everything you need to know when playing GTA Online from game modes, game mechanics, interactions, clothing, vehicles, weapons, to new choices players should make. There is also a bonus for leaving a rating on this guide, check out the 'Bonus' section of the guide for more details. The Online features the players own unique character set in the world of Los Santos from the Single Player, taking place before the events of GTA V. In the PC version of the game it is more advance than the previous iterations from the Xbox 360 and PS3.
Lamar gives the player their very first weapon the Hawk and Little Pistol and takes the player to their first destination.
There is also one secondy skill that does not directly affect gameplay.StaminaThe players Stamina is their ability to run, swim, and cycle in the game. GTA Free Roam puts the player in an Open, Invite Only, Crew Only, Friends Only, Closed, or Solo session where the player can explore the entire map of Los Santos and partake in multiple activties.
In GTA Online Money is the only currency, you either have it or you don't and you will want a lot of it. Crews allow players to access to unique unlocks, character actions, emblems, and also allow other players in the same Crew to partake in activities and missions. Certain Ammunations will include a Shooting Range in which you can compete head to head with another player in Shooting Challenges as well as raise your Shooting skill. The Pistol is a very standard weapon that every player will own by default and cannot be dropped. It features a 16 round magizine with fairly good damage, range and accuracy and very high rate of fire.
The MG has a 54 round box magizine and has fiarly good damage, moderate accuracy and great fire rate and range. Based on the Type-56 Chinese AK47 it has great damage with great range, accuracy and fire rate. It is a hitscan weapon and is capable of hitting targets that are out of rendering distances for longest range kills. Their damage is based on your Strength stat and can be used to punch, kick, slap, sucker punch and perform Stealth takedowns (from behind in Stealth mode).
En ocasiones buscas mejorar tu experiencia de juego aplicando ciertas caracteristicas extras con los trucos y codigos para adquirir una mayor satisfaccion.
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You can either do this as a favor or pretend to do it while actually recruiting them for the Altruist Cult (this will show up on your map when you get into the car). Once you’ve done this, press the relevant button (the game will tell you) and start transporting passengers. To earn some cash as a hunter all you have to do is go into any hunting reserve as Trevor (after unlocking them to meet Cletus) and begin shooting the animals. Then you might want to try the Strange or crazy missions, which appear on the map with the question mark icon, often accompanied by an initial. Mainly Maude, a woman who lives in Sandy Shores, near Trevor, and gives us several missions for finding and arresting criminals. Take time to look at the evolution of each company and acquire shares in a few of the most promising ones.
True enough, you need capital to do so, but a couple of robberies will be enough to buy a business. GTA Online has many similarities to MMOs, player progression systems, individual income, the ability to own your own place, custom vehicles and competitive PVP environments as well as PVE environments and missions.
The player can choose between Male and Female characters, their Heritage which affects appearance and race. Your first mission from Lamar which you will automatically be que'd for is a race Mall Or Nothing which pits the fresh level 1 player against several other players in the tutorial, this is your first competitve race mission. The higher your Stamina is, the longer your can perform each of these actions without rest. From stealing vehicles, fighting other players, showing off cars, fighting the police, gang attacks, impromptu races, buying clothing and much, much more.
RP is gained in numerous ways, from very mundance tasks such as voting on Jobs, rating a Mission, killing enemies, completing Jobs, robbing stores, and much, much more. Access Accessories such as Gear, Outfits, Glasses, Hats, Masks, Helmets and Helmet settings. All weapons you will ever purchase will come from Ammunation stores as well as their customization options.
The damage is fairly average along with it's range with a moderate rate of fire and accuracy. An Extended Clip (30 round magizine) is unlocked at Rank 6, followed by the Flashlight at Rank 7, Scope (which increases accuracy and zoom) at Rank 8 and a Suppressor at Rank 9.SMGThe SMG is the second submachine gun unlocked at Rank 11 for Online Players. While engaged in a fist fight you can throw punches or kicks, or attempt to dodge an opponents punch. Cada usuario es libre de utilizarlos o no, este juego ofrece grandes atracciones con las que puedes quedar satisfecho, pero si tu deseas experimentar con diferentes emociones, a continuacion te presentamos una recopilacion de trucos y codigos para GTA V en PS3 y Xbox 360.Para que puedas utilizar los codigos que a continuacion te presentamos, debes introducirlos a traves del gamepad, al igual que en otros titulos de GTA. I want to help you succeed with your marketing and minimize the expensive ‘trial and error’ approach that sinks so many small Canadian businesses.

With this in mind, we’re going to share a few ideas to get you some extra income in Los Santos. Then you can decide what to do with the stolen wallet or purse… Do you give it back to its owner? If you decide to turn your passenger into a prisoner for the sect, you’ll be rewarded with $1,000 each time…Not bad for a lowly chauffeur, huh? The reward for each head is 5,000 to $10,000, depending on whether you fulfill the relevant objective of bringing them back dead or alive.
Moreover, since some real-world events are related to companies that are on the exchange, keep track of inside information and invest before they occur (for example, if you’re in charge of killing a senior executive at one of these companies). Players will get to choose between a variety of Sedans and colors before engaging in a Point-to-Point race with each other and Lamar.
Once the player reaches Maximum Stamina the player can perform all three of these actions without rest indefinitly, allowing for infinite sprinting, swimming, and cycling. This mode is not limited by restrictions and unlike GTA IV you cannot host specific Free Roam lobbies and control things such as pedistrain density, cops, vehicles that spawn, or weapons. The idea of Reputation Points is that your character has arived to San Andreas completey new to the location, so they must build up a 'reputation' for themselves. Crews can have desginated Crew colors, Crew Emblems which can be put on vehicles and clothing, and reward unlocks to players as they level up in their Crew. Ammunation will sell weapons, ammo, attachments and skins for weapons, display and sell New Content weapons, body armor, gear, and some clothing options. The SMG features similar damage to the Micro SMG but has slightly less fire rate in favor of range and accuracy boosts.
An Extended Clip can be purchased (60 rounds) at Rank 25, followed by a Grip at Rank 26, Flashlight at Rank 27, Scope at Rank 28, and Suppressor at Rank 29.Carbine RifleThe Carbine Rifle is an M4 and HK416 mixed together providing better fire rate and accuracy while sporting the same damage and range as the Assault Rifle. Dodging a punch and punching right after will counter punch your opponent, leaving them exposed.KnifeThe Knife is a basic melee weapon that can be purchased from Ammunation for $400 at Rank 1. Puedes utilizar el pad derecho para introducir los comandos direccionales como arriba, abajo, izquierda o derecha.
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Appearance which adjusts hair style and color, facial hair, skin textures such as blemishes, aging, damage, eye color and so on. Finishing first places rewards $2,100, while finishing any place prior will reward a smaller amount based on position.As soon as the race is finished four or less players from the previous lobby will be paired together to do their first PVE mission for their next contact Gerald.
This ability will go up by 1% for every 17 yards of running or every one minute of swimming.ShootingThis is the mechanic you will be most familar with, putting other people in the ground. Which is why you are given more audacious Missions and Jobs as you get higher and allowed to buy better weapons and vehicles. Killing other players and picking up their dropped cash (if any), picking up NPC dropped cash, robbing stores, stealing and selling cars, export missions for Simeon, completing Jobs, collecting another players bounty, pulling of Heists, and much more. Equip Parachutes and change the primary and reserve parachute colors, the parachute bag and what smoke trail the player uses. Weapons, and their attachments will unlock based on a players rank, the following levels after unlocking a new weapon will often unlock the next attachment. An Extended Clip can be unlocked at Rank 81 for 200 round magizines, a Grip attachment (decreases recoil and increases accuracy) at Rank 82, and a Scope attachment at Rank 83.Gusenberg SweeperThe Gusenberg Sweeper is a very strong SMG unlocked at Rank 1 during the Valentine's Day Massacre Special. The Knife can be used for unique Stealth takedowns and can sometimes instantly kill the opponent if caught off guard.
Procura introducir los codigos de una forma rapida, sobre la parte superior del mapa te aparece una pequena confirmacion.
Because I, like you, know that if a company is to survive and thrive, its marketing has got to be bang-on. Apparel which will allow the player to determine their starting outfit based off of several clothing styles then determining the outfit itself as a subset, along with hats, glasses, and a crew t-shirt. The mission Learning The Ropes requires the players to work together to interupt a drug deal under the Olympic Freeway being conducted by the Ballas.
The Shooting skill is one of the most important skills your character has and will increase by landing hits on enemies, making headshots and performing objectives at an Ammu-nation Shooting Range. Check the Rank section of the guide for a list of some unlocks, and the Weapon section for Weapon based unlocks. Weapon skins are unlocked either through getting player kills with that weapon in Free Roam or PVP missions, or reaching a certain rank for Gold, Pink and Platinum skins. The Extended Clip is unlocked at Rank 12, followed by the Flashlight at Rank 13, Scope at Rank 14 and Suppressor at Rank 15.Assault SMGThe Assault SMG is similar in terms of damage and fire rate to the Micro SMG and SMG but has much higher accuracy and good range. An Extended Clip can be purchased at Rank 43 for 60 rounds, a Grip at Rank 44, a Flashlight at Rank 45, a Scope at Rank 46 and a Suppressor at Rank 47.Advanced RifleThe Advanced Rifle based off a CTAR-21 carbine is the final Assault Rifle unlocked for players at Rank 70. A Suppressor is unlocked at Rank 22, followed by the Advance Scope at Rank 23 that increases the zooming capabilities of the scope and greatly increases accuracy.Heavy SniperThe Heavy Sniper is the most damaging bullet based weapon in GTA Online, sporting maximum damage and range with low fire rate and near maximum accuracy. It is the only weapon that can be equiped while swimming and thus can be used to kill sharks.NightstickThe Nightstick is another basic melee weapon, used by police forces. Cabe mencionar que cuando introduces los codigos y trucos, los logros y trofeos quedan deshabilitados en tu sesion actual de juego. Stats which will be covered more indepth later determine your characters starting abilities, or more so, how well they perform these abilities. Once a player has collected the drugs and delivered them to Gerald's apartment the mission will end and each player will be rewarded with $500 and unlock Gerald for drug contact missions.The player along with any other players from the previous mission will be dropped into the open Free Roam world now, though the tutorial will continue for a bit longer. All Online characters by default will reload at the fastest possible speed for balancing reasons, but as you increase your Shooting skill you will have less recoil, better accuracy, and will increase your ammo capacity with all weapons. Visit an ATM or pull up your Phone and go to Money and Services, and make sure to deposit all cash on hand.
The default magazine holds 12 rounds, while the Combat Pistol sports higher damage, range, accuracy and fire rate compared to the default Pistol.
Like the other ARs it has a consistant range but more damage and fire rate with a little less accuracy than the Carbine Rifle. Cell Phone Cheats were introduced in next-generation incarnations of GTA 5 and allow players to enter cheats by dialing certain numbers on their cell phone.
You are given a limited number of points to adjust your starting stats if you wish to favor one stat first.
As soon as you have control you are directed to the nearest clothes store to spend your new money on some new threads.
At Maximum Shooting you will perform to your best with firearms and can carry up to 9,999 bullets with weapons that use such, explosive weapons are individually capped.StrengthThe Strength skill is a subtle but very useful stat to have.
There are no rank restrictions on lobbies, only Aim Setting restrictions which will put players who have similar Aim Settings (Traditional GTA Lock On vs. Money that is carried can be dropped in small portions when you die (up to $500 each death) and death itself in Free Roam will have a medical bill attached to it (much cheaper than Single Player).It is impossible for you to share cash with your friends or other players.
The Combat Pistol's Extended Clip attachement is also unlocked at Rank 9, allowing for 16 rounds. It features a 30 round magizine with an Extended Clip unlocked at Rank 71 for 60 rounds, a Flashlight at Rank 72, a Scope at Rank 73, and a Suppressor at Rank 74.Special CarbineThe Special Carbine based on the G36C is first Content Update Assault Rifle featuring the highest damage out of all Assault Rifles with a huge rate of fire, great accuracy with slightly less range. It has only one attachment, an Advanced Scope at Rank 91 that increases it's accuracy to maximum.
It has a bit further reach than the knife and can club or sideswipe enemies, it also has its own Stealth takedown.HammerThe Hammer is Collector's Edition Content made available as part of the PC version of GTA Online.
As soon as you are finished Lamar will contact you in-game and tell you to go rob a store with another player with the Free Roam mission Hold Up, at the same time he contacts your new partner. Benefits from this stat include increased melee damage, faster ladder climbing, improved performance in sports, and reduced damage taken.
The only way to share any Money earned is after you completed a recent job (collecting a bounty, robbing a store, collecting a crate) at which point you can share the money earned there in percentages with anyone (preferably the people that helped you if any).Want a new weapon?
Rank 11 unlocks the Suppressor for the Combat Pistol, while the Flashlight attachment unlocks at Rank 10.AP PistolThe AP or Armor-Piercing Pistol is a devestating weapon sporting the highest fire rate out of all Pistols in the game with fairly good accuracy and moderate damage and range.
It features a grip, scope, suppressor, extend mags, and a flashlight attachment in addition to normal weapon skins. This weapon has been made available once more and is now permanently restocked for all future GTA Online players.
It sports a 30 round magizine with a 60 round magizine in the form of an Extended Clip, along with Flashlight, Scope, Suppressor, and Grip attachments. Envia a uno de tus personajes a la costa oeste, al punto en el mapa marcado como Cash Exploit. Both players will be notified of the store they are working together to rob on the map and should wait for each other to arrive before robbing it.
The stat increases by 1% for every 20 punches landed, playing games such as Golf or Tennis will also increase the stat.
This perfect drive-by weapon unlocks at Rank 33, and sports an 18 round magizine by default. It is stronger than the Micro-SMG and normal SMG and is very accurate but has the slowest firerate out of all the SMGs. This weapon, its attachments and skins are available for purchase at Rank 1, making it the best weapon to purchase for new players. Making it the only weapon to have maximum damage, range and accuracy.Marksman RifleThe Marksman Rifle is the first DMR in the game and sports fairly high damage, good rate of fire and near maximum range and accuracy. It is available from Ammunation at Rank 1 for a small fee or free for Returning Players who previously owned the CE Content.Broken BottleThe Broken Bottle is a melee weapon with similar qualities to the Knife, just in a different form. Tu otro personaje debes enviarlo hasta el fondo del oceano para que recoja el paquete oculto en las cercanias del avion hundido. Once inside the player must point their gun at the store clerc to start the robbery or shoot around him to make him work faster, once the money is dropped and collected both players need to escape the police before the money can be split.After your first robbery you will recieve a call from a new contact, Simeon Yetarian, who will instruct you to steal a car as your new Personal Vehicle. At Maximum Strength you will be able to deal the most melee damage, climb ladders at the fastest speed, perform at your peak in sports and will have the most amount of damage reduction possible.StealthThe Stealth skill is very useful for Stealth based PVE missions as well as PVP deathmatches.

How about a brand new car or plane, or maybe you are the kind of person that prefers a boat on the open sea?
The Special Carbine was added during The Business Update.Bullpup RifleThe Bullpup Rifle based on the QBZ-95 is the 2nd Content Update Assault Rifle, also unlocked at Rank 1 with all it's attachments and skins.
It is unlocked at Rank 1 with a default clip of 8, Extended Clip of 16, a Scope, Flashlight, Suppressor, and Grip attachments along with all its skins available for purchase.
Cuando hayas recogido el dinero, debes cambiar de personaje inmediatamente para volver a llenar la barra de oxigeno de tus personajes y evitar que se ahogue.
Only certain vehicles will be allowed to be stolen and fitted with a tracker this way, very expensive or other player vehicles will not allow trackers on them. When entered into Stealth mode the player will make less noise when moving and during deathmatches will disappear off the map.
It also features a built in suppressor, given the user stealth elements without sacrificing the damage loss of normal suppressors.Machine PistolThe Machine Pistol, also known as the Tec-9, is a new submachine gun added in the Lowriders Update. It has less damage and accuracy than the Special Carbine in favor of an even higher rate of fire and moderate range. Once you have stolen the desired vehicle you want you must drive it to the Los Santos Customs where you can outfit it with a tracker and free insurance, allowing you to replace the vehicle should it get damaged.After obtaining your new Personal Vehicle you are instructed to drive to a mission marker for a PVP mission of Last Team Standing, all the player is required to do is step into the marker to complete the tutorial, playing the mission is not required but is fun if you choose to play it.
The skill is increased by 1.5% for every two Stealth takedowns performed (melee kills from behind) or for every 40 yards the player walks in Stealth mode by 1%. Since there are no Collector's Editions of the PC version, this weapon is available by default to players at Rank 1 from Ammunation, though is Free to purchase for Returning Players who originally owned the CE on Xbox 360 or PS3.
It has a small magizine size but features a fairly high rate of fire and is very accurate, making it a very ideal weapon for drive-bys. It has a 30 round magizine (60 with Extended Clip) and has an Extended Clip, Flashlight, Scope, Suppressor and Grip attachments. The Broken Bottle was added during the Beach Bum Content Update.Antique Cavalry DaggerThe AC Dagger is available from Ammunation at Rank 1 for $1,900 and was added during the I'm Not a Hipster Update. Realiza el cambio de personaje de una manera rapida, de lo contrario uno de tus personajes puede morir ahogado en el fondo del oceano. At Maximum Stealth the player can move much more quickly while in Stealth mode and will make no noise at all while moving. Important things to remember; Your ammo can be replenished by purchasing more rounds at an Ammunation, having no Money would mean the only way to get ammo is from enemies corpses.
The Pistol .50 has the highest damage output of any Pistol in GTA Online and features 9 round magizines (12 with Extended Clip), a Flashlight and a Suppressor attachment all at Rank 1. It has the same range and animations as the Knife with a little bit more power to it.Baseball BatThe Baseball Bat is a great melee weapon with some good damage and range.
Firing an unsuppressed weapon or being in line of sight of another player during deathmatches will still reveal the player in Stealth mode.FlyingThe Flying skill is very useful for pilots and other players who are fans of flying any aircrafts in the game, or for aircraft or flying based missions and gamemodes. Owning an Apartment or Garage requires the paying of bills daily, with the price going up per Apartment or Garage owned. All the weapon skins for this weapon are available to purchase without player kills or rank requirements.SNS PistolThe SNS Pistol or Saturday Night Special Pistol is the weakest Pistol in GTA Online, sporting fairly average damage but with low range and moderate fire rate and accuracy. It is not found at Ammunation, instead the Baseball Bat can be picked up from other NPCs that have the weapon equipped or found during certain PVE and PVP missions.Golf ClubThe Golf Club is a great melee weapon that sacrifices a bit of damage for having the longest range. The higher the players Flying skill the better they are at taking off, landing and managing turbulence, the lower the skill, the worst these things will affect your performance. Checking out the New Player Choices section for advice on how to spend your Money wisely early on. The weapon only holds 6 rounds (12 with Extended Clip) and is unlocked at Rank 1 along with it's Extended Clip and weapon skins.
This weapon cannot be purchased at Ammunation and must be obtained by scaring or killing random NPC golfers at the Los Santos Golf Club.CrowbarThe Crowbar is the rarest and often most difficult melee weapon to find, it has similaraties to the bat in damage but with less range. Every 10 minutes the player is spent Flying, or for every bridge the player flies under, the skill will increase by 1%. This weapon can only be found in certain player made maps, Team Deathmatch Cargo, or the Last Team Standing maps Cypress Flats and Paleto Bay LTS.
To increase this stat faster, players can participate in the San Andreas Flight School which will give the player various missions to complete while flying or parachuting. The SNS Pistol was added during the Beach Bum Content Update.Heavy PistolThe Heavy Pistol is an excellent alternative Pistol to most of the other starting Pistols. For the player to get the weapon, the weapon settings of the match must be set to Owned+Pick Up.HatchetThe Hatchet is a great melee weapon with high damage and moderate swinging range.
Each Gold Medal the player earns during a mission will increase the stat anywhere from 3-5%.
At Maximum Flying the player will be able to land and take off much more quickly and will barely be affected by turbulence (except in bad weather).DrivingThe Driving skill is the players ability to manage and perform while Driving any land or sea based vehicle. En PS3 de igual forma despues de saltar con el boton de simbolo cuadrado, puedes presionar circulo para lanzarte en plancha. This skill can be raised multiple ways, by popping wheelies to landing the vehicle safely after big jumps, completing stunt jumps, driving for periods of time without hitting anything, or driving into oncoming traffic without hitting anything. It holds 18 rounds or 36 with Extended Clip, and all it's weapon skins can be purchased at Rank 1. All of the previous methods will increase the skill by 1% every so often while completing stunt jumps will raise it roughly 2-3%. The Heavy Pistol was added during The Business Update.Vintage PistolThe Vintage Pistol is a fairly average weapon with decent damage, good fire rate and accuracy and average range.
Inicia sesion y empieza a acosar a la gente para poder desbloquear nuevos modos de personalizacion para tus personajes. At Maximum Driving the player will have the best control and handling possible of their vehicle while Driving or while it is in the air, and can perform wheelies much more easily.Lung CapacityArguably one of the least used stats in the game but it still retains usefulness for those that player sea based missions often or perform to explore the waters. The weapon sports a 7 round magizine (14 with Extended Clip) and has only a Suppressor and Extended Clip attachment. The Vintage Pistol was added during the I'm Not a Hipster Update.Flare GunThe Flare Gun is the last Pistol available in GTA Online, added during the Heists Update it is unlocked at Rank 1. At Maximum Lung Capacity the player will be able to stay underwater for the longest possible duration.Mental StateThis is the only secondary skill in the game and does not directly affect game performance. The Flare Gun has no attachments and will change the color of the Flare it fires based on the weapon skin.
En cuanto no tengas a la vista a un oficial que te persigue, debes entrar en una de estas Mod Shop y cuando sales tendras el nivel de busqueda limpio.
The Mental State skill starts for all players at empty, no bars, and increases overtime as players kill pedistrians, cops, other players, destroy vehicles and cause general chaos.
The Flare Gun is ineffective against vehicles but can light other players and NPCs on fire. La otra forma es que cambies de coche, es decir cuando el nivel de estrellas sube y te persiguen, el coche que llevas tambien es buscado. As the Mental State rises the redder the players blip will appear on the map, at Maximum Mental State the players icon will be solid red. This feature is used to identify other players in the lobby who might shoot on sight or attempt to kill the player, while other players who still have white blips will be least likely to do so. It can hold 20 Flares, one loaded at a time.Marksman PistolThe Marksman Pistol is another new pistol added in the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 Update, in a similar style to the Musket. Dirigete a toda velocidad hacia la puerta principal y activa la habilidad de conduccion antes de pasar por la puerta. The Mental State ability will reset back to empty after 45-60 minutes of doing nothing that would normally increase the stat.
Players who have a high or max Mental State are worth extra Reputation Points for being killed. The plus size to this weapon is that it deals the most damage out of any bullet based weapon in the entire game, even more so than the Musket and the Heavy Sniper Rifle. A player can also decrease their Mental State by killing players who have a higher Mental State. It lacks range and reload time making it weak against many enemies and cannot be used in vehicles.Heavy RevolverThe Heavy Revolver is a six-chamber pistol added in the Executives and Other Criminals Update. It must be recocked after each shot though and has high recoil, making its fire rate fairly slow.
Each switch will refill the underwater character's oxygen bar and cause the package of cash to respawn.
For quicker gains, place the second character near the underwater plane crash site on the northwest section of the map inn the Paleto Bay neighborhood.
These methods take a lot of time to complete, and you will only earn $1 million after about 80 character switches, and that's with using the multiple characters method.
Take out the drivers, then shoot the back doors in the center by the handles to have it open.
Then Press L1 (LB on the Xbox 360) to flip people off "The One Finger Salute." Note you can see this feature better in a Convertable car or on a motor bike. If you log in and begin "Stalking" people, you will begin unlocking new character customizations.
Note that time will be slower than when using Franklins ability but all driving controls will still be functional.
When you first become wanted, the vehicle you are in is reported, so switching cars will help you to elude the police easier. Discover Bigfoot, Find hidden locations and items, visit a UFO and other Extraterrestrial activity in Los Santos.

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