I’d like to say that I have never had this problem, but I would be lying through my teeth. Unfortunately, the mystery is not whether or not you will receive unwanted Christmas presents, but rather what do you do with them once you get them?
What better way to make use of a Christmas gift that you do not want than donating it to someone less fortunate. This might be a bit miserly, but you can even use your donated Christmas presents as a taxable deduction (You can debate on the ethical standing of that one).
Many stores will even take back your brand new merchandise without a receipt, and give you store credit. While you are at it, you could dig even deeper into your closets and find your other unwanted items and sell those online also. Re-gifting is also a great option, as long as you don’t mistakenly re-gift back to the original gifter.

Millions of kids go without Christmas presents during the holiday, and your small donation could brighten up their life. A gift receipt is your ticket to returning or exchanging your gift back to the store it was purchased from.
Sites like Ebay and Craigslist are booming after Christmas with unwanted Christmas presents.
Who knows, you might wind up finding a hidden stash of stuff you did not know you had, and make a tidy profit off of it.
Although for my father-in-law, returning gifts is a sport so we like to give him stuff we think he may return. He constantly tell us he is at a point in his life that he can buy anything that he wants, so he always returns most of our gifts, and somehow gets the cash back to us.
You have all received a Christmas present that just didn’t quite live up to your expectations.

At Christmas time there are hundreds of organizations that accept donations for unwanted presents.
If you have never sold items on Ebay or Cragslist, it is simple to create an account and list your items. Craigslist and Ebay have become an answered prayer for people who receive unwanted Christmas presents every year. Visit your local grocery store or Wal-Mart to find an organization willing to take your unwanted presents. It takes a little extra work, but turning those unwanted gifts into cash is a gift all in itself!

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