The new educational curriculum has helped the young people of today to gain skills that can be use in their search of a side income.
According to various surveys the average allowance for teenagers today is roughly from $20 to $50 per week. Disease called DebtA blog about getting out of debtMake Extra Income as a Flea Market Flipper!
It’s no surprise that you can find a good bargain or two at a flea market or thrift store (car boot sale or charity shop). Melissa was kind enough to answer the many questions I had about their profitable side business in this interview below. My husband buys items from thrift stores, yard sales, and auctions as well as from the flea market, but the flea market is one of his favorite places to go. The leg was sitting on the ground near a vendor table when he found it, and he wasn’t exactly sure what it was and what it did.
He went home with the leg, posted it on eBay the next day and it sold 12 hours later for $1,000! Someone starting out could easily make a point to make $200, $500, or $1,000 per month if they put their mind to do it. When I go out looking for items (I mainly do baby items), my budget is $20 max on most things that I could make $50-$150 on. One thing that can be a challenge to some people just starting out is figuring out how to ship items.
This typically happens with people who are new to eBay and think they can bid on anything and choose to pay for it if they won or not. While dealing with these people can be annoying, it doesn’t happen too often, and I can only think of 2 times in the past 5 years when we have offered a discount on an item. Q8: Tell us about Flipper University – what are the benefits, how does it work and what does it cost?
Our jump start course covers 2 modules to get you started, it is $189 normally, but we are currently running a summer special where all our courses are marked down.
We are excited to help a new group of ‘flippers’ make some profits this coming month! Thank you so much to Melissa for sharing these insights into how she and Rob run their “flipping for profit” business! If you think flipping your thrifty finds could be for you, make sure to get your business off to a great start by taking advantage of Melissa and Rob’s expert knowledge. By subscribing, you'll receive new blog updates by email and occasionally I might email you with any exciting news.
This is something I have looked at getting into since it’s so closely related to selling on Amazon.
The best things I ever flipped on eBay were some owl banks I picked up at Poundland that I thought were cool.
When you have a customer upgrade their membership to the Club membership you will receive a 15% commission per sale. When you have a customer upgrade to the Club Membership you will earn a Bonus Payout of $19.44. The newest, best and most popular way for coaches to get paid is by selling what we call a Challenge Pack. Challenge Pack 160 includes a choice of Turbo Jam®, Brazil Butt Lift®, Brazil Butt Lift Master Series®, or Power 90®. Challenge Pack 180 includes a choice of ChaLEAN Extreme, RevAbs, Insanity: The Asylum, 10-Minute Trainer® or Body Gospel®. If you are considering becoming a Beachbody Coach, a Challenge Pack is the ultimate way to go!

If your into recruiting coaches you want to balance out your own team to get the most out of the Cycle bonuses.
Can you imagine starting a business and having somebody continually sending you paying customers.
As if giving you free leads isn’t enough to jump into this business, Beachbody has added another lead program called the Shakeology Customer program. As you can see from the above images and the video there are many ways to earn money as a Beachbody Coach. Shakeology, an ultra-premium nutritional health shake, provides the widest array of nutrients from around the world in a nutrient-dense, but low-calorie formula. Doing side jobs as a teenager has taught me the value of money: how it should be saved and how to earn it.
The secret is not a secret at all but just plainly working hard and being persistent without abandoning your first priority: education. Sometimes you can always ask from your parents if their budget allows them for a raise in your allowance provided that you get good grades in return. When somebody from your neighbor goes on vacation or some neighbor has no time to walk their pets because of their long work hours this window of opportunity opens for you.
If you are academically good with subjects you can offer your services as a tutor while helping others in the process. You can offer your services as kids’ counselor or help around the camp site in preparing for the food or do a couple of things. If you are good at computers and designing websites then you can charge a little at first then later on when your good reputation builds on you can raise your rates.
If you love making crafts and jewelries and things like this you can offer some items for sale online.
You can offer your service to older people in your neighborhood like doing errands for them or odd jobs. But did you know you could make some serious money by selling your thrifty finds on for a profit?
Together, they make a healthy full-time income, working part-time hours, by flipping their flea market finds. We have fun together buying and reselling,and now our three young kids get to join in our adventure.
The most profitable item he’s found from the flea market was a prosthetic leg about 5 years ago. Last year we made $42,000 doing this on the side, putting in about 5 hours on a slow week, and 15 hours on a busy week. Rob just actually just finished an eBook on the subject of finding free items to flip for profit. We devoted a whole section to this in our e-course because some people get intimidated by shipping larger items, or even any items. 90% of the time we have no problems, but the other 10% is people who don’t pay for an item after bidding on it, or someone receives an item and then wants a refund because it is not what they thought it was.
There also are a few people who will claim something is not as stated to see if they can end up keeping the item at a discount. Most people we deal with are good human beings and just want the item they see in the listing.
It is a 6 module do-at-your-pace online course that covers the whole process of finding, buying, selling, and shipping an item. Now is a good as time as any thanks to their summer special where you can access their very useful course at those heavily discounted prices!
We value time with our three little kids, and this has allowed us to be more flexible and spend time with them.

The reason for this is as a Club member your customer will automatically save 10% on everything they purchase.
I recommend each and every coach that joins my team start their business with one of the Shakeology Started packs. These come in a handful of sizes but the most common are the $160, $180 and $205 Packs (pictured below).
A cycle bonus is generated from the sales and orders of your down line (whether sponsored by you or not). As an Emerald Coach, each cycle is worth $14, Ruby is $16 and Diamond cycles at $18 per cycle. You can also offer doing household chores like walking the dog, cutting the grass, baby sitting your younger siblings, and much more. Rob has been buying and reselling items online for profit since he was 16, right at the very beginnings of eBay. Flea Market Flipper was designed to help others be successful in buying and reselling items for profit. It was just the knee joint, and it looked like it could possibly be expensive so he bought it for $35.
Rob has been doing this for over 20 years so has developed his skill of finding, buying and selling items, but this is something that anyone can learn and do. If they don’t pay for an item after bidding on it, they are classified as a non paying bidder. When you have a coach sign up and order the Shakeology Fast Start Pack you will receive a $20 bonus. Each of these packages comes with a choice of a fitness program, Shakeology (any flavor), 30 days of the VIP membership at Team Beachbody and FREE shipping. The reason for this is each matching bonus will have to come from Emerald’s or higher coaches. Once you meet some qualifications Beachbody will actually start plugging paying customers into you business. What happens here is when a customer purchases Shakeology from Beachbody, they pass these customers completely to qualifying coaches. Every day you’ll dig a little deeper and go one minute longer, for the best results of your life. By nourishing your body and helping you break the cycle of bad eating habits, it can help you go on feeling those benefits for weeks to come. The world has change since then and there are better options for teenagers today than ever before. If you have a closet full of things that you don’t need then you can sell them through a neighborhood garage sale or offer them on online stores such as eBay or Amazon.
Sometimes there is part-time work available in your parent’s workplace so they can hook you up with their employer. Besides it’s hard to sell a product you have no direct knowledge of and lets face it, you will want to promote Shakeology.
As a Ruby coach you will earn 5% match of each of you Emerald’s or higher cycle bonuses. Of course there are some things my husband buys that he wants to tinker with and may need more tools for that. Every time you have the 200 – 100 you earn a cycle, and you can cycle multiple time per day.

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