When you work as a true team player, the results bloom to match your soaring potential adding to the overall achievement of the team - from a mere 20 percent to a sweeping 95 percent. When you look at most of the successful people we see that all of them are still thriving to do better.
The 15 key areas of improvement when tackled and honed will ensure you reach the pinnacle by bringing out the BEST in you.
Even if you are starting from zero these 24 strategies , when practiced , will make you rich and famous. NLP ( Neuro Lingustic Programing) is a powerful tool and it teaches you the right techniques to set and achieve powerful goals. In 1912, Native American Jim Thorpe and the others who qualified to compete for the USA in the summer Olympics headed to Stockholm on a long voyage across the Atlantic. Our PurposeA wise man once said, "Write your name on the heart of a child." We hope to emblazon our stories there.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. However, when you manage to garner the support of your entire team and of others, directly or indirectly, you could reach an astounding 20000 percent against your individual potential.

It will show you how to apply simple to-do techniques to unlock and unleash your potential and gain unlimited success to boost your social and economic well-being. This gripping four hour peptalk uses the principle of NLP yet delivered in a layman's language to guide you to achieve your formidable goals. While the others trained on ship’s deck, Jim regularly kicked back in a lounge chair, relaxing with his eyes closed. It’s using our minds to help us achieve our real dreams. The power of the mind can aid people to achieve their goals, to become successful, be healed of illness, manage pain, grow spiritually, or accomplish anything they wish, simply by envisioning the desired result in their mind. It can help us get ideas, get started on a project, overcome writer’s block, finish a book, and successfully promote it. He did win in the 1912 Olympics, taking the gold medals in both the decathlon and pentathlon.
All writers should use visualization techniques in their own lives and in creating the lives of their characters. Look at Amitabh Bacchan for instance, the most accomplished actor of Indian cinema , Balki the writer& director of films like Paa & Cheeni kam is writing another story which when made into a film will surpass all his acting achievement till date. Visualizing is one of the strongest tools an author can use to create the life he or she wants.

At the time of preparing this piece of work Sachin Tendulkar was still working towards getting his hundredth century. I myself have used these 24 strategies to become extra-ordinary from a relatively ordinary background. Research has shown that a group effort accomplishes far better results than an individual functioning in isolation. The BEST is yet to come for many more stalwarts like them and why would it be different for people like you and me.
When I get stuck, sometimes I lay on my bed, close my eyes, and just think about the story for a while.

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