BIM is quickly gaining traction across industries with architects, engineers and contractors using this tool for various purposes. Exemplarr Worldwide Ltda€™s team of top-notch professionals effectively combine quantitative information into 3D models and graphs using BIM and thereby providing you with accurate and up-to-date information of your project at any point of time. I met up with my friend Rebecca for coffee the other day and we had a hilarious discussion on vision boards. The law of attraction is simple – whatever you project energetically or put your energy towards whether that be positive or negative you will attract. The vision board therefore, is to help our brains recognize what it is we want to make true in our lives.
Get Specific – Anyone can post some pictures of wads of cash, or sports cars but where is the motivation in that (not to mention that’s just shallow)? Make it a Celebration: Grab a glass (or bottle) of wine and turn on some music that you love.
I will be in LA this week at a Tony Robbins Conference (woo!) but when I get back I’m going to make one killer vision board.

These geoid heights are only reliable within CONUS due to the limited extents of the data used to compute it. BIM solutions are the most transformational ones today as it has changed how users approach their work. It could be words, pictures, places, material things -all put together on a poster board or electronically made into a single image. However, there are a few tips and items you should considering incorporating into your board. I’m going to let go of the fear of failure, and embrace my future with passion, desire and the expectation that those things will become reality. A BIM project model is an electronic database where an integrated system is in use to view, schedule or edit data and reports by different professionals at various levels of a project, giving way to an unlimited information sharing method virtually simplifying the entire process. AEC industry has started accepting the BIM technology, which offers great help for a range of services from design to construction management and building life cycle management. The purpose of a vision board is to realize your future, and to activate the law of attraction and move from day dreaming to living your dreams.

A vision board is simply to help set our intentions for the way we want to live, and for our brains to pick up on that and make it happen.
If you are sick, then gravitate towards pictures that are of people healthy, active, smiling, and well. Make this a really fun experience and let go of any expectations of what it should be, and ask yourself what it could be. Improved use of this technology at a time when overall development is tightening helps gain a competitive advantage in the market.
Let go of those generic images, and find what makes your dream different than everyone else’s. As you flip through the magazines, see what makes your heart race or evokes an emotional response and rip that out.

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