When working with two magnets, one pole, or end of the first magnet will attract a like pole from the second magnet but will repel the other.
If the magnet's poles are not labeled, can you still determine which end is North (A) and which end is South (B)? Before we do that, we need to learn some of the common words, or vocabulary, associated with magnetism. Let's look at some of the words and definitions we will be working with during our magnetism unit. Will you be able to predict which bar magnet pole will attract to the North Pole of another bar magnet?
Are all the sides, or faces of the first magnet attracted to the sides, or faces of the other magnet? Can you identify which end of a bar magnet will stick to, or attract, the north pole of another bar magnet? Successful demonstration of vocabulary comprehension, successful outcomes and journaling entries will determine if the essential question was met. The fact that people responded and took the time to write me long emails, for example, just to thank me for my blog and the way it made them feel, showed me that what I do matters to others, too. Writing is a habit, it takes time and willpower, needs to be practiced and is like a muscle. I also showed myself that I can stay consistent in something if it really matters to me, that I can dedicate time every few days to get a little better, and that I was developing the great habit of writing.
I believe that one day I can make a big income from my books, my blog can get a lot of traffic, and I can inspire and encourage people while working on my habits and improving myself at the same time. I had a vision since day one, but it was getting bigger and bigger with every little success on the road.

My posts are all a result of events in my life, thoughts in my head and dreams and realizations of mine. In the beginning, I was thinking too much before posting, choosing a category, answering a comment, the right picture, the perfect title, not making mistakes, etc. Most of the people who start a blog and stay consistent with it, are also the ones who have their priorities straight, have goals and dreams, have found their passion and are now working on it. Many times you’ll be looking forward to checking your dashboard, reading comments and seeing how many views your new post has.
Think of all the words you might use when you are thinking about magnetism i»?and type them into a Wordle using this connection!!
Be sure to be prepared by having your science notebook in class so you are ready to investigate and record your observations!
You will be taking a science vocabulary quiz at the end of this unit, so be sure to study the meanings of these words! You will be using different types of magnets in inquiry investigations to see that magnets have poles that repel and attract each other! I feel great every time someone tells me that a post of mine made him take an important decision, become positive about something, smile, stay motivated, etc. Technology is still not my thing, but I’ve learned how to do some stuff for the last two years. And honestly, what I learnt at university is nothing compared to that through blogging, reading, writing and researching (as it’s connected to my passion, I’m motivated, and no one actually makes me do it). People liked it, there was some traffic regularly, sharing in social media, readers were coming back for more.
After that Lifehack.org accepted me as a regular contributor and my posts were read by a huge audience.

But now I just write confidently, I try new things, I’m not afraid to email a successful blogger, or post something that will receive criticism. That shows us that it’s possible to follow your passion, do the thing you love, inspire people with it, and grow as a person throughout the process. And you’ll never find the perfect blog name, post title, theme, font or color, picture, or else.
I’ve been doing it for less than two years now, but it has changed me and my life considerably.
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