Triskelion Meanings + A Few Teen Wolf TheoriesI just decided to do a little research on Triskelions and their meanings because of all the use of them on Teen Wolf.
A triskelion or (triskele) is show either as three connected spirals or three connected legs. If the alpha pack is truly trying to recruit Derek, then they most likely want Derek’s old pack gone.

I don’t know a lot about Cora but I swear that every time some information about her comes out, it feels connected to Derek in a way. If the triskelion (especially the one with three legs) means forward motion, competition and a man’s progress, why would the Alpha pack paint that on the door of Derek’s home?
I feel like if he is going to be recruited by this evil force, then he must at least have some sort of protectors to fight for him and help him.

And although Derek said that Scott is an alpha of his own pack, it cannot work the way it’s supposed to.

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