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There were so many years between the launch of the 360 and PS3 and their respective successors, the Xbox One and PS4, it's been very easy to forget how different the state of console accessories is now from back then. The Turtle Beach Headset Upgrade for Turtle Beach Headsets aka Turtle Beach PS4 DAC, is an odd product, especially as its function is really to link two existing products, the PS4 and some dozen different Turtle Beach headsets.
What's not great is that the PS4 doesn't have analog audio connections apart from the little port in the controller. But what the Turtle Beach PS4 DAC does is to use the PS4's optical port to convert the system's digital audio to analog, creating a 3.5mm line out that is perfect for the powered X12 headset (among many other headsets). Beyond that, it offers an opportunity where just by going to the PS4 settings during a game, the user can test the difference between the passive wireless game audio that the PS4 can send through the controller to the amplified line out from console.
And though the PS4 DAC is clearly made with Turtle Beach headsets in mind, its audio Line Out connection can be used for just about anything you can think of. If you own a Turtle Beach P11, PX11, PX22, PX21, X12, X11, Z22, Call of Duty Ghosts Shadow, Call of Duty Ghosts Spectre, Call of Duty Black Ops II KILO, Call of Duty MW3 Foxtrot, or Marvel SEVEN and have frequently used it with a PS3 or 360, but are moving onto the PS4, the Turtle Beach Headset Upgrade for Turtle Beach Headsets aka Turtle Beach PS4 DAC makes sense.
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Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. Memory cards, wireless controllers, batteries, HDMI, fight sticks, steering wheels, light guns- some things have changed and some things have stayed the same. To really explain what the product is like takes just a bit of background meant to illustrate its less than obvious purpose.
For many gamers, the sweet spot between functionality and price hit the $60-$100 range, and in that range could be had headsets like the Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 for the 360, which is powered by USB, and connects to both the 360's analog audio ports and the 360 controller's mic ports. The headset's 50mm drivers can deliver an auditory experience that will crush a passive model, and there is a reason for that. Both the PS4 and Xbox One can deliver chat and game audio to a passive headset plugged into player's controller, but there are some drawbacks.
If you have the right cables (I have a few boxes of odd cables), and a somewhat reasonably features TV or receiver, you can make the headsets work with the PS4. The other side is even simpler, just plug the USB and 3.5mm cable of the headset into the USB out and Line Out of the DAC. Through sessions of 'Resogun' co-op, 'Assassins Creed IV' Wolfpack mode,' 'Killzone,' and even the 'Destiny' beta, I tested the DAC, along with several other headsets I had lying around. Even subtracting the $11 value of the Turtle Beach PS4 Chat Cable, and it's still boils down to a question of application. Puzzled by the technical jargon in our reviews, or wondering how we assess and rate HD DVD and Blu-ray discs? Updated daily and in real-time, we track all high-def disc news and release dates, and review the latest disc titles. Keep the  ’Winning Proposal Model’ in mind at all times and you’ll maintain this strong thread, this powerful selling dialogue, through all of your proposal correspondence. Recently I registered a cleaning company and now set for tenders.  Can i have a sample of such proposal from you? We want to collect a deposit of a certain amount and they would like to joint venture with us, we accept their terms and we want to collect the depositr when written offer is produce and signing . I want to encourage them to establish cooperation with my company- I offer them considerably cheap print of banners and other advertising materials . Can you separately help me to write a letter for starting Airline GSA business letter to Head Office ? I’m currently working on a project that involves young and aspiring musicians in my city and I have just gained access to the mayor. I want to take some part in percentage form, which such company billed to authorized person which look after the center.
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If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. As a fairly recent headset, it has a lot of features that easily beat the pack-in options for both the PS4 and Xbox One. Though it can be chat only, the idea is that this headset carries both high quality chat audio and game audio. Focusing on the PS4, it's already a wireless controller carrying chat audio, and asking it to carry game audio is fine.
On the other hand, if you've got a 360 focused model like the Ear Force X12, then you need to use the Turtle Beach PS4 chat cable that is included with DAC to connect the controller to the 2.5mm port on the cord of the X12.

If the user already decided to use something like the X12 or PX22 on an older console, the chance the to play a game like 'Destiny' on the PS4 is no time to downgrade. The PS4 DAC is quite compact, simple to install, easy to use on a regular basis, and delivers the performance of what I would expect if the PS4 had proper analog connections. A product like the Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 can work superbly with the PS4, but because the PS4 lacks proper analog audio ports, the X12 needs either your own workaround solution or the Turtle Beach PS4 DAC to make the connection. Ihe print in my country is much cheaper than in theirs ( maintaining the same quality- so i dont offer any poor quality with cheap prices:)) but i would like to write a professional proposal. But the main problem is that m not having words by which he impress from me & allow me to tell him what I m having in my mind for his company.
This is the first time for me never had experienced before how to make a success cover letter and proposal. I am experienced (15 Years) in Sales & Marketing of elevator and was involved with most of the prestigious projects in Bangladesh by supplying elevator and escalator. For many, whether they be hardcore FPS players or just those who like to game at all hours without blasting audio to others members of their household (parents, kids, friends, and neighbors, can all benefit), the "headsets" that come packed in with the new consoles just won't cut it. It can do it, but the quality difference is not something you need to be an audiophile to notice.
This is the one cable that I didn't want to piece together but needed, and it's inclusion in the kit is a big pro for me.
It's great that you can plug in any old earbuds into the PS4 controller and get game and chat audio, but it's not what I recommend doing on a regular basis.
If you have a PS4 that is mobile, that needs to move public demonstrations, tournaments, summer destinations, and work with analog only audio connections such as PC speakers, arcade cabinets, or receivers that lack HDMI or optical connections, the Turtle Beach PS4 DAC may be just the solution you're looking for. Likewise, for anyone wanting proper analog audio Line Out for the PS4, this is next best thing to it being built-in. The PS4 mono earbud might be better that nothing, but is that really a rational that should be used when purchasing and using a $400 console? While it is a stereo set, it's been designed with the demands of tournament FPS players in mind, and really makes the most of a stereo sound field. Beyond that, the Ear Force X12 has separate controls for game audio and chat audio as well as bass boost control, and a mic mute switch.
What's great about that design is that the user can keep their console hooked into their home theater through HDMI while the headsets use the analog audio out.
I also could have used the RCA audio out on my receiver or on my TV (that would taken some more drastic connection fiddling). Almost immediately, I felt like the PS4 DAC didn't really makes sense to buy, just something of superfluous product. I would like to write a professional proposal to a manufacturer to promote their brand in Bangladesh market.
While many passive sets and ear buds have mic mutes, the ability to control both the game audio and chat audio is huge, and the first time the user navigates into the PS4 settings to try to adjust the volume for passive set is like to be a frustrating one for several reasons versus just touching the X12's volume wheels. This all worked fine, though I would have to disconnect the headphones from my receiver whenever I wanted to use my speaker set-up. Using it left the rest of my home theater be, but it's audio quality was no better than the workaround. That's just the thing though, my workaround used quality parts as well as my reciever, and the PS4 DAC measured up just fine.

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