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All logos available here are the property of their owners and presented under the fair use policy. Working as a freelancer is becoming so trendy that regular jobs starts looking to be an old age thing. Names as one of the topmost freelance websites, Upwork offers work in multiple categories with a free subscription. More than a decade old UK company, PeoplePerHour is a reliable name in the world of freelancing.
If you’re into mobile application development or recruitment advertising, Simply Hired is the place for you. With free subscription and several other job posting benefits, Flex Jobs is the one of the top 100 freelancing websites where you can easily get work. As soon as doctors and psychologists began studying human behavior as a science in the late 1870’s, there began a revolution in understanding what triggers certain behaviors. Many of the tactics used by early 20th century marketers are still in use today, although neuroscience, the newest branch of psychology, has added some other factors, such as sound, visuals, and color. Here are 5 ways in which the psychology of advertising is used to trigger emotional “need” to make a purchase. There are a number of other emotional triggers with the words and layout, but these will be discussed later.
If a company is running a sale, for example, orange or red would be a good color – it also stimulates the impulsivity of a lot of purchasing behavior.
Re-visit the Prevention Magazine content above – this is an obvious appeal to joy and laughter – you can “dance it off” – look how excited the model is. On the other hand, consider this content from Basecamp, a project management software app for businesses. Surely, the target company wants to join the almost 5000 companies that enrolled just last week – it becomes part of an elite group of smart businesses. The additional emotional appeal of getting a great deal ad making the customer look smart is contained within the CTA button – a 2-month free trial. Today there is “heat map” technology which tracks the amount of time viewers spend on the elements of an ad page.
The heat map showed that most time was spent on the baby’s cute face, not on the text of offer on the right.
Now, there is a sideways view of the baby who is looking at the information that the marketer wants the viewer to actually see.
Other ways that marketers can “force” eye tracking is to put arrows on a page or a print ad, directing the eye to the important conversion.
Rounded corners on the button: Neuroscientists tell us that rounded corners make the eye track inward, thus to the message. Since there are so many companies trying to capture the attention of the targeted audience, it has become imperative for website owners to try different tactics and these psychological tactics are just awesome.
Obviously, when searching for a freelancer, we need to focus carefully on hiring the right person for the job we seek to fill. One such resource is UPWork (formerly oDesk), one of the largest online job portals, where one can find freelancers such as graphic designers, project managers and software developers.  Whether you have a short-term task or a long-term job, UPWork will help you find it at a reasonable price. UPWork allows you to either hire a freelancer to get a job done, or you can register yourself as a freelancer and make money by producing work for other people’s projects. To begin, consider reading this awesome guide by Srikanth, in which he describes how a virtual assistant works. In today’s UPWork tutorial, I will explain how you can get started with UPWork, with the goal of hiring someone to produce some work for you. Create your free account on UPWork: This is a simple step of filling in some basic details, and getting started with UPWork.
Create your job profile: This is where you offer a description of the job you are seeking to fill. Once you have listed your job description, weeding out the right person from a huge list of applicants is a daunting and rigorous task in itself.
Once you are satisfied with the freelancer’s credentials and work history, arrange a Skype call. You can shortlist 2-3 people based on your communications, and then assign them a short task which will allow you to evaluate their work.

After recruiting the right person, communication is an important aspect of maintaining a steady workflow.
You can also get support from UPWork’s customer care if you are not able to find the right person.
UPWork also manages all billing hours, allowing you to remain free of all the hassles of paper work and invoices.
Rather than keeping an in-house team, it is a great alternative to locate great talent online, as there are plenty of quality fish in the market. It is also good to get into the practice of designating some of your workload to people who can do it better than you can. So far my experience with UPWork has been excellent, and I would recommend UPWork or any other similar freelancing site to assist you in creating a virtual team for your work projects. If you find the information in this post useful, please share it with your friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. In your post you made mentioned the fact that no one should hire new freelancers but hire experienced hands. I started ShoutMeLoud as a passion and now it's empowering more than 432,000+ readers globally and helping them to make money with their blog.
There are plenty of websites available today offering freelance work in multiple categories. Offering reliable services in multiple categories, Ruprr provides free of cost registration for all users.
It specifically offers freelancing work for software engineers and designers across the world.
Considered as one of the top freelance websites, PeoplePerHour is highly popular among small companies who do not wish to hire full-time employees. The Australian online graphic design marketplace offers working opportunities for designers across the world. The website has different departments dedicated to services, gigs, community, resumes, discussion forums, housing, jobs, etc.
That nature, along with environmental and genetic factors, causes people to behave the way they do. With the advent of color in advertising, marketers scurried to learn what colors best suited both their customers and what they wanted to sell.
Depending upon the market message and the target audience, color selection can be very important. Researchers tell us that 85% of a purchasing decision is emotional and only 15% is rational. Marketers who can use humor in their ads can appeal to a very large range of target customers. National Beer Day is April 7 – this is the first day that Americans could drink beer legally after prohibition ended in 1933.
And, in the process, the viewers will remember the names of these brands because the humor triggered the emotion of amusement.
In the case of a web page, place the CTA buttons in a prominent place with white space around them. A marketers plan their advertising, they will take all of these factors into account and use combinations of them for maximum impact. However, with the advent of an online era, these demands are very easily met, and the opportunities are wide and varied.
You do not want to select someone who does not fit your profile or is not a quality (or genuine!) job- seeker. UPWork has a review feature which allows potential employers to read reviews of the clients who have employed a particular freelancer in the past.
This feature offers you a screenshot of the ongoing work as well as the work that has been completed to date, and also keeps track of the time invested in doing a particular task or job. They can help you to select the profile you are searching for, if you find yourself in need of assistance.
However, I highly recommend that you also maintain a financial work sheet rather than simply relying on UPWork’s customer support. This will save you time and energy which you can then invest in the things that you do best. These groups are important in the choice of products and services used in situations that are visible to others. You’re able to profit more and deal with far fewer employee and customer service related hassles.

Consider the colors pink and purple, for example – emotional triggers of femininity and beauty. Certain emotions do impact human behavior more than others – these are joy, love, excitement, sense of urgency, and humor. It posted the following picture of an employee “guiding” in a plane with turkey legs for lights.
When ad copy or a web page is being developed, marketers know that “weight” is given to certain elements based upon their size and where they are placed on the page.
When a company approaches me to design their logo, I always based my design on colors in order to attract the customers suitable for their niche.
No doubt Upwork is #1 and I am also using Upwork to post jobs and even do my own freelancing work. Luxury products, for example, should be marketed to the appropriate membership or aspiration groups and should choose appropriate testimonials, recommendations, and spokespeople.It takes time to gather sufficient information to classify reference groups of customers and prospects.
Negative emotions, such as fear of losing out on a great deal, can also be quite effective.
But my personal thinking is to search and get good talent from all over not relying on only one resource.
Choosing the right people to appear in ads or to provide endorsements can be tricky – particularly if the person is known to hold an opinion at odds with a critical value held by your prospect.
They know how your business can improve; listen to their ideas and implement those that make sense.
Below are two infographics which demonstrate how this science translates into what marketers do as they select colors for their campaign visuals. However, when you have the necessary information, your marketing team can craft very powerful marketing messages that strike the right chord with your target audience.Using reference groups in marketing can be done by a business of any size, in any industry or sector. Reference groups can help you develop powerful marketing programs that deliver the right message in the right packaging at the right time in the right place.Before you launch a campaign based on reference groups, it will be important to test it with representatives of the target market.
Experience counts, but you should give a chance to prove first and get it…… What do you think? An inappropriate reference or image in your marketing collateral, however, will be instantly obvious to the target market and will negatively affect your firm’s reputation. Give project deadlines and maintain accountability, of course, but otherwise allow your employees to dictate their own schedules whenever possible. What other tips are great for employee empowerment?
Understanding reference groups, and how they influence your target customers, will enable you to fine-tune your marketing messages and appropriately package the messages for delivery via the customer’s preferred platforms.Reference groups are people (or groups) used by individuals as a yardstick for self-assessment or as a model of personal taste, standards, attitudes, or behaviors. If not, you’re missing out on several opportunities to improve your business and your life. The Business Dictionary defines the term as: “People whose attitudes, behavior, beliefs, opinions, preferences, and values are used by an individual as the basis for his or her judgment.
The following presents ways you can empower your employees and why you should do it.Why you should empower your employeesEmpowered employees care more about the success of your company. These are:Dissociative group – This group is characterized by attitudes, values, or behaviors inconsistent with those held by an individual.
The individual wants to distance him or herself from this group.Membership group – The individual is currently a member of this type of group.
Among the obvious groups in this classification are fraternities and sororities, social clubs, social networking circles or groups. Employees are keenly aware of the effect their work environment has on quality of life, and when they feel important – even needed – they’re willing to compromise on salary without comprising performance.
Other groups may be somewhat less publicly obvious, such as one’s family, religious organization, residential neighborhood association, country club, etc.Aspiration group – This is a group with which the individual would like to be associated or identified. The individual might aspire to be a member of an elite business or professional organization with strict membership requirements. It might be an elite country club, an Ivy League school, a yacht club, a very expensive, gated community homeowner’s association, a Fortune 100 corporation, or the board of directors of a prestigious charity.Knowing the reference groups of your best customers and target audience provides a wealth of information about the kind of information prospects will want or need at each stage of the purchase journey, as well as how to shape the messaging and how to package the data. It might also provide insight into where prospects are most likely to want to find information. Knowing the appropriate reference groups will allow you to choose someone well known in the aspiration group to speak for your brand.

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