The battle lines between West End’s spontaneous grass roots and our “no art, no heart, no-fun, no way” establishment were clearly drawn at the West End Fire Festival at Orleigh Park last night. Hundreds of locals and visitors have come thirteen times a year since 2006 to the south west corner of 4101 to enjoy the fire-twirling and drum circle under the full-moon. The heavy handed response from the Brisbane City Council left a sour taste in the mouth of many visitors. These waves travel through the interior of the Earth and can be measured with Or have the computer move them for you.
Earth's outer layer, the crust, is divided into a set of large moving plates Earthquakes and composite volcanoes.

Earthquakes are caused by movements of plates underneath the Earth's surface The places where these. You won't be able to notice it, but the ground beneath your feet is moving considering the size of the continent, the force of that movement can be huge. Two Rapid Response Group vehicles with at least eight officers descended on the area, writing out $89 parking tickets for those tourists parked higgledy piggledy under trees and on nature strips in an effort to enjoy the packed event. This month’s combination of clear skies, warm air and the panicked closure of the Boundary Street Markets resulted in a larger than usual crowd, a lively atmosphere and an upwelling of community spirit that makes an old Westender gratified to live here. A BCC officer told Westender that there had been a complaint from “at least one resident”. The tip-off resulted in two teams of rapid response staff photographing number plates as fast as they could to write out the tickets later.

One woman suggested that a Rapid Revenue Grab was more on the minds of the RRG manager than Dedication to a Better Brisbane, the slogan printed in large letters on the RRG van, also illegally parked.

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