Insurance is going mobile and a mobile-enabled business is essential for brokers to remain competitive and meet changing consumer expectations. As mobile technology becomes mainstream, the insurance industry is moving rapidly to embrace mobile solutions to gain anytime, anywhere access to people, information and applications. These days mobile solutions are not just an effective tool for the insurance industry, but an essential means of increasing efficiency or productivity.
According to Mike Donnelly, Managing Director at Donnelly Insurance Brokers in Adelaide, mobile solutions are important for brokers when visiting clients to review their insurance coverages or recommend new products to suit their needs. But while these mobile solutions create efficiencies, help productivity and provide on-the-go access, there are also frustrations.
Donnelly views the scope for mobile device usage by brokers as still quite limited, given that any solution must be available to all service providers. For Ross Hayward, Director at Premium Funding, one of Australia’s largest independent premium finance companies, it all comes down to the user experience.
Mobile solutions allow brokers to leave the paperwork at the office and still have client information at their fingertips. So is the insurance industry at the cutting edge when it comes to developing and embracing mobile solutions?
However Irene Kendall from Technosoft Solutions thinks that the insurance sector remains a little behind some industries when it comes to technology offerings.

The application of IT technology in the insurance industry has become a necessity, not an option for insurers, says Sear Insurance Brokers’ Shane Brady from VIC.
Brady adds that he believes most insurers are either adequately improving existing platforms, or launching broker-centric new ones, citing Zurich’s Z Stream system and Vero’s newly launched VeroEdge as good examples. For Premium Funding’s Ross Haywood, the key to providing a good mobile solution is getting out into the field with users in order to understanding their needs and challenges. The aim of the game with all these developments is to provide brokers with more in their armament to build better relationships and play the role of trusted insurance adviser wherever they are. Automating client on-boarding procedures is one way Premium Funding’s Ross Hayward foresees mobile solutions as enhancing the service experience.
Felicity Boath from Ebix believes that in the future we will see a rise in customer self-service applications. Mobile is, more and more often, your customer’s first interaction with your brand and increasingly becoming their preferred medium for content consumption and communication. In years gone by, employees saw the occasional executive wielding a Blackberry – a ‘nice to have’ perk that could be used to reply to emails on the go.
Walk into any office and you’re likely to see a majority of employees using smartphones and other mobile devices to carry out work-related activities.
It’s easy for brokers to confirm details back to the clients about the discussion, so there’s no confusion over instructions and errors or omissions are minimised.

Therefore it doesn’t make sense for us to be at the forefront of mobile solutions development,” she says.
Overall, he feels it’s a positive environment, and one that is set to keep improving for brokers.
This comes down to the complexity of the enterprise software that the app is modelled on,” she says.
Failing to develop marketing strategies and a seamless customer experience with a mobile-first mindset is no longer an option.
And reliance on these devices has resulted in huge changes to how companies leverage mobile solutions to conduct tasks, monitor workflows and communicate with customers and clients. So naturally, clients increasingly expect their brokers to be able to access any of their information with speed, wherever they happen to be. Dealing with the range of individual solutions provided by those insurers can be frustrating,” Donnelly admits.

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