Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Overall since March of 2013, when I saw Tony Robbins at UPW LA, my life has dramatically improved.
And, as you go forward in life with whole new levels of intensity and passion, you can look forward to having so much more opportunity to celebrate.
You'll find tips and reminders of the amazing technologies and tools you have learned during your time with Tony.
And to help you maintain the maximum health and energy you need for a vital life, you'll find easy, delicious and energy boosting dishes and drinks for every meal and everything in between. If you were early enough to witness the preparation of the firewalk, do you remember what fear you wrote on the paper that you committed to the flames? Compare how you feel now with when you paused to consider what drove your decision in the first place, and what your committing objective was? How else could you fit a whole cucumber, two sticks of celery, handfuls of spinach, Kale, lettuce, bell pepper and more into one single serve. Respect was important to him but as Tina gained more control over Michael in the relationship, she was losing respect for him. Consequently, Michael’s energy was going somewhere else – but the standards he set at his workplace could never be met – he’d never be happy. When they first met, she had seen he was a funny, intelligent doer and he saw her great – er – personality.
We all knew the truth that the story we tell ourselves is the only thing limiting where we are today. Right now - remind yourself how you can put yourself back into a PEAK STATE (in an instant!) - remember how that feels.
Remind yourself of how your body feels when you're in that unstoppable state, and celebrate your day with your own standing ovation! As we learned with Tony on Friday night, “What controls our lives are the meanings we associate to the things in our lives”. When Tony asked if anyone present had issues with depression, Litsa uncertainly stood and sat a few times before Tony picked her out. Occupying her mind so completely were overwhelming concerns for her children – her limiting fear was of losing them.
Tony could see that he’d need to interrupt this pattern for Litsa to see that her life was not as bad as it seemed.
Changing your breakfast habits is one of the key, fundamental, life changing lessons emphasised by Joseph McClendon III – and he looks pretty fit, doesn't he? Hundreds of studies have proven that there is a direct correlation between an insufficient breakfast and the quality of your health – including your energy, excess weight and even aging.
Well, steamed broccoli for breakfast is actually pretty darn good – but you don't have to. Too many people skip breakfast and it sends your blood sugar and energy levels on a roller-coaster that will end up in snacking, poor diet choices and bingeing – sending your blood sugar and energy levels spiralling even further out of control. Obviously you need to ensure that you're drinking plenty of water - 3 litres a day keeps the acid away. It has been proven time and again that the simple act of writing down what it is you really want makes a massive difference to attaining your goals. Going back and reviewing your personal goals is a critical and powerful discipline for success.

Create a small reminder card for your diary or wallet - review your decisions from the weekend and create a visual reference that you will see every day a number of times. As you confront the challenges ahead, remember it's a perfectly natural human tendency to be dissatisfied with your progress - but there's also a perfectly natural way to beat any frustration. Aerobic exercise is absolutely vital to our health and energy.Diet alone can only get you so far! Aerobic exercise means performing exercise at a heart rate that is no more than 180 minus your age.
This zone that you should concentrate your efforts whilst detoxing in order to give yourself a work-out and to help flush your lymphatic system.
This is your opportunity to pass on Tony’s gift and take BOTH you and your friend or family member to join Tony and share the Ultimate Journey.
Your best way by far to stay on the fast track to success is surrounding yourself with those who share your passion and commitment to make life extraordinary.
Alkaline soups are a fast, easy, tasty way to get a whole heap of raw veggies into your diet. Brilliant for snacks, lunch and dinner a good alkaline soup is filling and satisfying and can all be enjoyed warm or chilled.
We’ve got some great recipes for soups that are 100% raw, even when warmed so you can make them in large quantities. Some tough-love words from Joseph – but the bottom line is that now is the time to start some real planning! You’ve come out of UPW on a high with your most insightful and motivating goals and beliefs but they are the launch pad, not the destination. Can you believe it’s already a week since you first raised the roof last Friday with Tony at UPW2013? And remember that as you head down your own path to an extraordinary life you can try changing too many things too much. Tony then took her to an intimate place that even Jo found hard to describe - but when she came through it she knew she was ready for the next step.
Date with Destiny is Tony Robbins’ crowning achievement and the program he is most proud of.
As Tony says, Life provides extraordinary rewards to those who give in extraordinary ways. This is your opportunity to pass on Tony’s gift and take BOTH you and your friend or family member to join Tony and share the Ultimate Journey.
After they enjoyed their fabulous buffet, other Diamond attendees asked Tony their personal questions.
And he stressed that you can’t be stable on a one-legged stool, you need to innovate. One of the basic ways, which I have ignore in the past, is to model successful business people.
This series of short emails has been designed to help sustain your momentum, keep yourself accountable and establish the habits that help you create your extraordinary life. There'll be easy tips, techniques and recipes that make this vital component to your health full of flavour and variety. Packed full of goodness, these alkaline superstars are quick, easy, satisfying, filling and are an incredibly dense source of nutrients.
He referenced the tragedy of Columbine then made a dramatic move that stunned us all – and definitely Litsa.

Breakfast eases your metabolism into action, keeping you steady and stable and reducing the likelihood of poor food choices. It carries nutrients to all vital body substances, plays a crucial role in maintaining body temperature and serves as building material for growth and repair of the body. And to make it more pleasurable, try filling an attractive jug and dressing it up with mint or floating fruit.
This type of diet allows your body to cleanse itself - consuming less than this percentage of water means you are clogging your body, not cleansing it. So, what you committed to paper on pages 20 - 22 in your workbook should be revisited again and again.
While anaerobic exercise like weight training is also very beneficial to our long term health, during the ten day challenge it is important to focus upon aerobic exercise as a way to help cleanse and detoxify the body. Sustained exercise in this heart rate zone will burn fat as your primary source of fuel as opposed to sugar, meaning you can exercise for longer and get in great shape.
In this spirit, and to celebrate your triumphant completion of UPW - Tony is making a very special offer. This means you can enjoy them anytime such as taking to work for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack.
Your workbook is the map with the signposts for your life’s journey – refer to it regularly! When a challenge can appear overwhelming, finding the right small thing to refine your strategy will make all the difference.
Jo knew she was someone who could truly benefit – and they embraced the experience together. In this spirit, and to celebrate your triumphant completion of UPW - Tony is making a very special offer. Imagine having your five daily serves of vegetables knocked off before you've left the house! For every ticket purchased you will receive one additional free ticket of the same ticket class.
I started by really tried to understand the Tony Robbins Ultimate Business Success Formula.  Once I committed to achieving my goals, I moved all my project work over to monthly retainers. If you are going to this event or if you have been to Tony Robbins Business Mastery before, please let me know. Come create a strategy and a plan that will get you from where you are to where you want to be.
If you think a business model is helping you, learn it over and over until you really understand it.
The foundation started when I created a morning ritual were I visualize my new life, emotionally flood myself with things I am grateful for.
I made a small change and a minor shift to get my small business into a system that can scale and grow.

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